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Fall foliage forecast for Dixville Notch in late September

Everybody loves fall color reflections, and I just got a letter in my mail bag asking about driving across a 6 states to get reflections of fall colors. I’m not positive but there are millions of fall color reflections in New England. I’m posting 3 fall color reflections today.

What makes good fall color reflections?

Lakes and rivers are the first places that come to mind but bear in mind depending on the time of day, could create a fall color reflection in one spot at dawn and further down the same lake or pond’s shoreline, another might be created by the setting sun. Yes that means you visit a spot in the morning and then in the afternoon, coming back and walk the body of water again… 🙂

Another fall color reflection that is actually hard to predict and catch is the river reflection. I’ve posted two of them down below.

The beaver pond-Woodstock New Hampshire

beaver pond at full peak New England fall foliage

sunrise at beaver pond

I’ve been many times to the beaver pond and most times at dawn or in the early morning. Each time I had found a mirror like autumn reflection of colors. As the sun comes up and warms the air the wind picks up and your reflection blows away on the ripples. 🙁

I have seen sunset photos of this spot and the multi-hued clouds above the pond fight with the colors of the hillsides but I would take it. Don’t know where Kinsman Notch and the Beaver pond is? Click the link to read my article that has directions and a map.

Two river reflections of fall colors

Fall colors on a stream in New England

stream touring

First we have the south branch of the Piscataquog river. You can follow 114 west out of Manchester NH. As you pass Goffstown 114 will turn north and Route 13 will continue west. Please reset your trip counter at this point. Soon 13 or river road will be running along the river. Around 2.23 miles on your cars trip counter you should see a right-hand turn that crosses the river over to Parker road. *note, the New Boston rail trail is just the other side of the river and only 4 miles long!

I found this road on a cloudy day and pulled off on the side of the road in the dirt and then I went down under the Howe bridge (no, not a covered bridge). I brought my tripod because with the cloud cover I was going to shoot this river with a slow shutter speed. What this will do is blur the water and give you a soft fall color reflection. Here is a map to the location.
[mapsmarker marker=”22″]

My next fall color reflection is the swift river

Traveling along the very popular Kancamagus (also known as the “Kanc”) highway is the Swiftriver. If you come in from Lincoln, follow the “Kanc” (or Route 112) about 21 miles until you see the lower falls on the left, turn in.

If you see the Albany Covered Bridge then you went too far.

The lower falls is a great spot for getting the bright afternoon fall colors reflecting on the surface of the river. Fall color reflections

Fall color reflections on the Swiftriver

If you are coming in from Route 16 (Conway side) set your trip counter as you turn on to the Kanc and you will travel about 6.81 miles or if you see the turn out for the Lower falls, then go ahead and turn in.

Park and leave your donation for this State Park and I should mention that 3-4PM is a good time to do this because the sun will be coming in from the left but also reflected light from the fall foliage on the opposite bank will hopefully create fall color reflections on the water in front of you.

Bonus fall color reflections

Fall foliage forecast for Dixville Notch in late September

Dixville Notch in late September

Here is one more mirror reflection and again its best in the early morning. Dixville Notch and the Balsams Hotel is a lovely location.

The hotel closed down some years back and it looks like it may be coming back as time share condos. Time will tell if it looks as good as in past days.

The secret to mirror reflections is simple. Get up before the sun and get to the edge of the pond/lake as the sun comes up and you have a good chance of finding great fall color reflections.

If you liked this article and want me to do more locations, then leave a comment and if you want to more about these locations, let me know.

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3 locations for beautiful fall color reflections — 4 Comments

  1. Jeff,
    I’m new to your blog, having signed up just days ago. What really compelled me to sign up was after I noticed your foliage shot of Coffin Pond. Actually, the trees beyond the pond and the Gale River, up to the ridge, are likely pictures of my property.
    A few years ago we bought several acres in Sugar Hill that were subdivided from a large parcel. We will be retiring there soon (cant wait) and it was a special treat to us that you took the shot from the same dirt drive-in off of Route 18 that we park and gaze at on many autumn evenings. I look forward to your future updates and photos for this year.
    Please post some photos of the Sandwich Range (Osceola) from the turnoff just beyond the hairpin going east on the Kanc!
    Skip Redfield

    • Well skip, I’m happy to have provided a moment for you. I didn’t go very far up the river but followed the road a little ways then turned around. I loved the little “mini” islands in the pond, leading, I think to the river… Maybe not, it has been a while since I was there. As far as the Sandwich range and Mount Osceola, I shot this video from the first dirt turn out which is not a real turn-out but many folks, like me, stop there. Its just east of the hairpin turn and I prefer this spot to stop at versus the north “official” turn-outs further along but they are safer…

  2. I enjoy reading your articles! I open and read them as soon as they arrive to my inbox!

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