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  1. Thanks for all the images that you post along with great ideas in capturing the fall feeling in Maine…places to …people to see..foods to eat.

  2. Hi Jeff
    I am cooking a plan to visit New England in October. If I win the contest, I will personally take my prize and you don’t need to spend any cents shipping it to indonesia where I live

  3. Thanks Jeff. I found lots of nice scenes and items on the Vista site. Will have to take time to peruse all of them. Thanks for offering this beautiful site and information. teresa

  4. Hi Jeff,

    Here we are mid-June and already thinking about the best time of the year. Being in upstate NY we have some great autumn scenery but I’d love to take a trip to New England. It’s been a while since finding the Sleepy Hollow Farm in Vt.

    I enjoy your site – keep up the good work!


  5. Jeff–I have been enjoying your website over the last month as we research a trip for the fall. We plan to be in New England from about sept 24 to October 10. We will make a loop (avoiding Boston–that will be another trip!) from ct to the Maine coast as far as Bar Harbor to NH and Mt Washington area to Stowe and then south thru Vermont. Question–during this time period, in order to see good color SOMEWHERE, is it better to go counterclockwise as I described, or to start by heading up to Vermont and ending by coming down the Maine coast????
    Connie Jones

    • Well as I write all the time.. early and south, no to little color and the same for the coast. So I tell people to spend only a little time getting up north. But…
      Between 24 and 29 Sept the color will be light until you get way north (above littleton NH or the North East Kingdom). So you could explore either CT or the coastal areas.
      I might do the counterclockwise since the coast won’t have much color before the 15th (or later) so since there will be little or light color. You can go that direction and then start cutting across around 29 Oct for the northern White Mountains. I think you can go north to Errol NH and Gorham (Gorham has a bunch of old trains) Stark NH covered bridge and church next to each other.

      stop at my Scenic locations by state and that will get you a head start. Its late so I’ll let you do some research and see what new questions you have.

  6. Hi Jeff, would love to win a hat…….we visit New England every fall! So beautiful!

  7. Although I may be a native Californian, I absolutely love New England and am convinced I lived there in a previous lifetime. I truly enjoy your fall foliage reports Jeff even when it’s 100° on the West Coast. Thank you for taking time to share your travels and stunning photography with all of us who are unable to experience New England everyday!

    • Thank You Sharon, Maybe you were a Mainiac… If you aren’t familiar with that…
      this is from a urban dictionary…
      Derogatory term used by Massholes to describe Mainers who drive properly (i.e., without cutting anyone off or flipping off the state patrol).
      I’d rather be a Mainiac than a Masshole.

      🙂 and I guess that makes me a Masshole.

  8. Love fall and always look forward to our annual October trip to NH. Always enjoy your photos and helpful articles!!

  9. Just stopping by for some tips – planning my autumn trip to the Adirondacks (Lake Placid) this weekend. Your site is great, thanks for keeping it going over the years.

  10. Hello Jeff – love your Fall articles & pictures – looking forward to seeing your area this Fall,2015! Barbara from CA

  11. Love your helpful hints! We did our 1st leaf peeping trip last yr in Oct to MA and NH. Loved it! Gorgeous pics but nothing like yours! Keep sharing! Thinking about hitting NYC this fall and wanting to see some colors this yr too. Any predictions as to best time to try and go for maximum color in the NYC and surrounding state areas? Thanks!

    • Well Deanna, NYC and the nearby areas are late in October from what I hear. I have a guest blogger writing an article about just north of the NYC so keep your eyes open to see what she comes up with.

  12. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks so much for helping non-New Englanders get the most out of a visit. My 85 year old mom and I will be making our first trip to Massachusetts and Connecticut this October and hope to see a lot with your help. Just love your photography!

  13. Okay, I just realized that I did not leave our correct e-mail address. My daughter is Stacyweaver and she tried to help us with this lap top once and her name got in here. My e-mail is and I am Teresa. Thanks alot.

  14. Hi Jeff, I continue to follow your web site which I discovered while researching New England foliage season for 2015. We are NY/NH transplants to Florida. This fall we will rent on Lk Sunapee for a few days and visit family on Lk Winnipausaukee in NH. Even thought our dates in NH may be early (mid sept) we hope to see some beautiful countryside. My husband was a foster child for many years and lived near Lk Sunapee at one point. He went out on the mail boat with the postal person once but lost that job when he dropped some mail in the lake! He lived in many towns in NH as a child. I am wondering if you have mugs to sell? I did not find any listed in the art photos area. Thanks and hope you are enjoying summer. New England is beautiful in the summer too. Luckily we live in north FL so it is pretty here too but too hot! Thanks teresa young

    • Hi teresa, Got both comments and (but they only count as 1) 🙂
      You’ll see some color in the lakes region but it will be the tips of branches for the most part. Maybe a whole tree by itself…

      I do have mugs and it just depends on the image you’d like on the mug. My Vistaphotography site has them but while I find them high quality, they are a little pricy $26ea. if you pick out an image and a number of mugs, I can go to another supplier and see what they will do for me. Generally they will be closer to 12-15$ ea +SH depending on the number ordered. You can check my site Clicking the link takes you to my fall foliage site. I also have this site on Fine Art America where you can browse and if you see an image you like just leave me a comment here with the link to the image (copy the in a comment to me in other words, help me find your favorite images.
      Then I’ll see what kinds of prices I can get.
      I don’t seem to have much from the lakes region of NH at least not online but I do have some shots of the mount washington sitting in her berth on the lake and things like that. So if you don’t see what you want, most likely I may have it…

  15. I particularly liked your last transmission with the “reflection” pictures. I will be taking a short trip to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont this fall. Leaving Atlanta on October fourth and flying to Portland. I can’t wait!


  16. Our first trip from California to peep New England fall foliage was in October 2012. Due to the tips we got from your blog, we saw and photographed the most amazing sights! I still ALL your weekly updates as we look forward to another trip east one day. Thank you!

  17. Looking forward to our fall foliage trip. Research is fun, and you’ve been helpful! Janice

  18. Hi Jeff. Love your posts. They were a big help in planning our trip to New England last fall.
    Your pictures are fantastic.

  19. Hi Jeff – Thanks for your site. Your articles have some really great info. We live in Colo. and have enjoyed the turning of the aspen each Fall. This will be our first trip to see the colors in New England the first week in October. Thanks again, Elizabeth

  20. Jeff – been following your posts for a couple of years – as a transplant from the White Mountains of NH to California, I especially enjoy your photos and articles – I always get homesick during the beautiful fall foliage and head back to NH and VT to visit family the first two weeks of October with my camera in hand. I always follow your suggestions for color. Nancy from NH

  21. Hi Jeff, I look forward to going to VT/NH every fall. Your emails help me decide where and when to go. Keep up the good work.

  22. Hi Jeff! I have already won once so if you draw my number please move on to someone else but I have a question for you. I know you’re not a meteorologist 😉 but I’m a weather geek and I was curious if you knew how the potential for El Nino impacts the fall colors. We know that here in Southern California it means more rain (Thank God and hopefully happens!) but what does it mean for the Northeast? I was just curious for the “local” opinion.

    • Hi Jessica, nope, I have no claims to being a meteorologist but a weather geek when it pertains to fall foliage.

      El Nino is a major influence to our fall weather. the warmer the waters it seems the warmer our temps and the more rain we can get… so far last year was a mild influence and they said it provide more snow winter.. Boy they weren’t wrong there.

      So far it’s still there and while El Nino doesn’t directly affect the leaves it does affect the cloud cover and rain. And more clouds and rain mean less color and it will develop slower. Every monday (or two is I forget) I take a look at the NOAA alert for El Nino:

      If I understand any of this, it looks like a stronger El Nino for the foreseeable future and this could have us seeing more clouds, a little rain and it may be tough to get really strong colors…

      But I’m not ready cry wolf quite yet… 🙂 We’ll keep seeing what the reports say.

  23. Hoping to make a trip to the North East this fall but still tentative at this point. Thanks for your informative newsletters.

  24. Not sure what I enjoy more–your photos, your blog, or fall in general! Fall has always been my favorite season here in southern Delaware.
    Liz Talley

  25. Hello Jeff, I discovered your wonderful website while planning a trip to New England for this coming fall. Thanks for all the information; it’s very helpful and I can’t wait to visit New England! I’m a native Californian but lived in Michigan for 15 years and loved the autumn colors there. But I hear that the fall colors in New England can’t be beat!

    • Well I’ve seen some very pretty colors in Michigan and while we sometimes have a bad year due to weather 2005 and 2011 come to mind. All the rest of the year really did New England proud. Some years were brighter than others but all were nice. One of the reasons we have such spectacular colors is the bio-diversity of the trees (so many different types) Vermont has the most Sugar maples per-capita and NH is right behind them. but it because we have so many other variations of birch and black gum and sassafras and poplar and fire bush. You name it and if it changes color we have it somewhere here… 🙂

  26. Good morning Jeff. I’m so glad I found your website, I live in Brimfield, MA on a small lake and have never grown tired of the beautiful fall foliage. (Having grown up in dry California!) We are now renting our house next door out as a vacation rental and it’s wonderful to be able to forward people to your website when they are planning a fall trip! Thanks for all you do!

  27. I have gotten so many photographic ideas from your site! Great photographer!

  28. Hey Jeff. We are Southerners and want to plan another trip to The northeast. However, we would really like to come when fall color is abundant. Booking an airline is the obvious problem. I appreciate your updates.

  29. Jeff, I thank you for all that you do in trying to help us experience the most out of our New England vacations. I am so envious of you living there, in the fall anyway, you can keep the winters. Ha ha..
    Seriously though. I so enjoyed following your blog last year preparing for our Vermont, NH and Maine trip, I am following again in preparation for our CT, RI and MA trip in October. I get excited to read each time you post! Keep up the great work!

  30. Good Morning Jeff!
    Can’t wait til September. Sad to think it doesn’t last as long as we would all like.
    Keep up the great work!
    Skip Redfield the newbie.

    • But if the leave lasted on the trees all the way from mid Sept until after Thanksgiving… I don’t know if I would like it as much. We try to cram as much in as we can into those short weeks, so maybe it would be a good thing. I think I like the challenge of it..

  31. Good Morning Jeff. My dream job would be to take pictures of the beauty that Fall offers, of course it would be a part time job! Thank you for the wonderful pictures that you share.

    • Hi Regina, based on my take home pay… DON’T GIVE UP THE DAY JOB! 🙂 I have good days and and much slower days. But the part that makes it worth while… I get out in the fall colors, I meet all sorts of wonderful people in my travels both natives to New England and all the wonderful visitors and lastly the discovering of New England. I may not make 6 figures.. or even 5, but its so worth it… 🙂

  32. I am a travel agent in Spokane Wa and clients love the New England fall foliage! I would love to know your “must see” list

    • Well Jill, thats easy, everything! I’ve been working on that for many years and lucky for me there is so much more to see. But as a travel agent you know that you asked an impossible question. My must see or do list is just that mine. You may not love covered bridges like I do or standing at the fence as a cow or sheep or even a camel (yes a camel) comes up to the fence to see if you have a treat.

      Then you have the historical. From the building of the country starting in Historic Plymouth and Salem Maritime and all the towns that sprang up as we moved westward. Maybe you are an avid hiker and we have a bunch of 4000′ peaks you can come here to collect. Or maybe you want to walk the rail trails that crisscross the region. Many of the old abandoned rail lines are now maintained rail trails.

      How about eating a lobster roll in each of the 6 New England states… Yes I can find them all the way up in St Albans Vermont. So let me ask you! What do you want to explore in New England today?

  33. Hi Jeff,
    Can’t wait to photograph fall but enjoying summer nature pics for now!! I know you & all your awesome info is always here though when I want to start planning for fall!!
    Thank you for loving fall!!

  34. Hi! I really want to win I’m Dana Maddox down here in the great soggy state of Texas.


  36. We are eagerly anticipating our trip in October to enjoy your colors–but trying to enjoy summer first (if it will ever quit raining in Michigan).

  37. Hi Jeff and thanks for your site, very helpful for all of us leaf peepers! I hope this fall is spectacular and no storms to pull the leaves down early. Thank you, Debbie

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