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There is nothing like an autumn reflections of fall foliage in a still lake or pond. Today I’m going take you around to some of the ones I’ve found over the years. Take notes or write these down in your map book (mine are notated in my gazetteers).

Lake Chocorua, New Hampshire.

Little lake off of Lake Chocorua

Little lake  (I would call it a pond) is connected to Lake Chocorua. Both of which is in Tamworth New Hampshire. If you travel up Route 16 you will travel right by this set of lakes. If you hit Conway you weren’t paying attention and will have to go back. Late afternoon is the best time to get a great reflection shot. But dawn on the larger lake (Chocorua) can be breathtaking. Around 4PM is the best time for the smaller Little lake. Just go across the bridge and you should find a composition that makes you smile.

Link to map to take you to Little lake.

The Swift River, Conway New Hampshire

fall foliage reflection

Swiftriver covered bridge reflection

Near Conway New Hampshire, is the Swift River covered bridge. Here you see a fall foliage reflection of the bridge by climbing down the embankment. *note, there are no steps, so please be safe.  Just down the river is the Saco river covered bridge. Both within sight of each other. These are two bridges that are probably the first covered bridges that people find. Mostly because they are really easy. get a map book and they should be listed or you can go into many nearby businesses and they have those cartoon maps with all the local attractions. Another reason is that Conway is at one end of the Kancamagus highway. And lastly it a great place to pick up tax free purchases at the outlet stores.

Link to map of the Swift River covered bridge


The Lily Pond, Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire

The lily pond lies along the Kancamagus highway, also known as Route 112. The “Kanc” is the Grand Dame of scenic fall foliage rides in New Hampshire. There is a small pull off for four or five vehicles and early or later is better for a reflection. The day I took these images, it was overcast and there were low clouds as seen in the first image.

Link to a map of the Lily pond on the “Kanc”

This will be an ongoing series of fall foliage reflection articles that will detail where and when to visit the locations. There are literally millions of locations and all you really need is a good map book to locate the ponds, lakes, and rivers and from there it’s up to you.

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Location tips for great autumn reflections — 6 Comments

    • Thanks David, I try… But when Mother Nature provides such a picaresque scenic landscape, it’s hard not to get a few nice shots.

  1. Hey Jeff,
    Still tentatively planning a trip to the NE this fall, but waiting on a job before finalizing the plans to ensure that I can actually take the time off. My wife is the photographer, I’m just the driver.

    Ed S

    • Hey Ed, nothing wrong with that. I drive and my wife navigates. It’s hard to do this when you’re by yourself… And being able to share what is found makes it a special memory!

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