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Fall foliage & Rockwell fan itinerary

Well, you all know I love, full featured Itinerary questions with lots of interesting activities.This person had a very reasonable schedule and while I don’t know all the lodgings but I’m sure things will work out…

I answered this one down at the bottom. How would you answer? Remember if you would like to contribute! I just created the foliage forum at the foliage forum. This is your forum to ask, chat and answer to your hearts desire.

She Writes…
Hi Jeff, I love your site and have visited it several times, and am now looking for some advice.banner of dixville notch for zone planning

My husband and I are flying from the UK to NY on 30 Sept and staying in NY until 04 Oct. We are then getting the train to Boston and staying there for one night. We then have 5 clear days to tour New England by car before our return flight on 10 Oct (evening flight).
I have put together the itinerary shown below – do you think it is ‘doable’? is there anything we should skip in favor of something else?

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Jonathan Corwin’s Witch House in Salem MA

Our absolute must do’s are Salem, Portland and Stockbridge (my husband is an artist an a massive Norman Rockwell fan so we need to see the museum) but other than that we just want to experience the beautiful views and take hundreds of photos.
Your advice would be much appreciated – thank you

• Arrive in Boston Sunday 04/10
• Salem
• Portland/ Maine (Lighthouse cruise/Marine Maritime Museum)
• White Mountains (New Hampshire)
• Burlington
• Green Mountains Scenic Railway
• Benningtons Covered Bridges Museum (Southern Vermont)
• Stockbridge/The Berkshires (Norman Rockwell Museum)
• Old Sturbridge Village
• Back to Boston on Friday 09/10 ready for flight home on Saturday

My reply to Jackie

Hi Jackie, you’ve picked a lot of good items… I may copy that and paste it in one of my articles. Salem will take 3-4 hours at a minimum. Start at the Visitor center and they will give you a really good map. The three things I suggest are this: Count Orlock’s nightmare gallery (not real scary (except on weekends in Oct at night when the ghouls come to life!) but definitely worth a visit).

The Witches Dungeon. NOT to be confused with the Witch’s lair, the witches cottage, or the witches museum (WM), but the WM is pretty good also. The Dungeon is a one act play that details the trial of Sarah Good (I think) and a little about the witch trials and what spectral evidence was. Then you go into their recreation of the dungeons that the victims of the witch trials had to endure.

Last, visit the Friendship of Salem, a modern recreation of a 1797 east indies trader and the National park service runs this and their tours are free.

There is also the pirate museum but that will be pushing your 3-4 hours.

Portsmouth- tons to see. The Strawberry Banke village is the main thing that comes to mind. Haven’t done the Lighthouse cruise or the maritime museum but they sound fun. But that will be an all day schedule.

Saco river covered bridge

Saco river covered bridge

White Mountains… Conway, covered bridges, Jackson (go to Ravenwood and you will be sorry if you don’t), Pinkham Notch (on Route 16) and Joe Dodge Lodge and hiking trails. Mount Washington auto road is just past Joe Dodge lodge and you can drive to the top of Mount Washington (weather permitting). You can also take the cog railway ($99) to the top of the tallest mountain in New England.

View from the Kanc to see a tapestry of autumn fall foliage

View from the Kanc

You can travel across the grand Dame of scenic drives in New England: Route 112 also known as “The Kanc” The Kancamagus highway is the one of the best scenic roads for beauty and mountain views.. But there are others…

Burlington VT tons to see… But I don’t spend lots of time there. (Google it) 🙂 This is the one I would delete if you find yourself running low on time.

Chester VT and the Green Mountains Scenic Railway. I don’t know which way you are partial to but the route to Rockingham has the two covered bridges. The Worrel and the lower Bartonsville covered bridges. Also if you get back in the car and follow the same route you have the Vermont Country store in Rockingham. If you go down to Route 5 on the Connecticut river and head north a few miles you’ll find the Fort at number 4 which is a recreated 1700s fort, call to see if they have an event that day or any guided tours. (most of the place is self guided)

The covered bridge museum is interesting.

Stockbridge is 3-4 hours by itself…More if you do a meal there. Eat at the Red lion…

Old Sturbridge village has 2 covered bridges and one you will only see if you get on the boat ride. The first is Covered bridge at Sturbridge Village, the Dummerston Covered bridge at Sturbridge Village. and the other is the old entry into OSV.

Dummerston Covered bridge

Dummerston Covered bridge

I will say it’s a very busy schedule. And! You will probably want to make cuts where you can.

One other thing, at the start, you will be traveling up into the heart of the colors but when you are heading back south the fall colors will be light, but they should be pleasing…  

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Norman Rockwell fan itinerary… — 2 Comments

  1. Not sure I should weigh in, but, here goes! I agree with all Jeff says, but, mostly that he encourages
    your itinerary to skip Burlington, Vt. Only because of your time constraint. I really believe it is too
    ambitious and you will miss the joy and the beauty and the, “soak up the special ambience” of
    the rest of the plan.I am a transplant (more than 30 years) and a lover of all things New England, and
    still never feel I have given due time to the incredible spectacle of a New England Fall! Hope this
    gives another person’s perspective for you to consider. Enjoy! Priscilla Carlson, E.Kingston, N.H..

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