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Can you “wing it” on Columbus day weekend? — 11 Comments

  1. thanks mucho, Jeff. I’ll plan on a drive North after our Sufi retreat in Garrison.

    best, Fred

  2. Jeff, do you have a recommended route for seeing the fall foliage in Vermont, New Hampshire, & Maine? We will fly into Boston & rent a car. How many days do we need to plan? Thanks so much for your input. I really love your blog & your beautiful photos.
    Joyce Masters

    • That is a real tough one. You will need to look at my planning section. Read anything that sounds interesting on the right side of the page.. 🙂 Ok start with anything that has planning in the title then read the rest…

      Generally if you allowed 3 days per area (you’ll notice I did not say state because it’s almost impossible to do an entire state in one season. You might do northern VT, then Northern to central NH, then southern to coastal Maine… between 6 to 9 days…

  3. Jeff I found my issue with camping we are leaving Missouri in Oct 9th for a two week stay. Most of the campgrounds I find are closing on Columbus Day. We need an electric site in the Acadia NP area any suggestions to check out?

  4. Jeff, speaking only from my personal viewpoint, I’d venture to say that one’s chances of successfully “winging it” can depend on one’s finances — e.g., if at 4 pm you start ringing around for a room for that night within, say, a 30- or 40-mile radius of where you are just then and the only rooms available are $200 and up, can you afford it? It’s why I tend to plan everything very carefully, whether foliage trip or otherwise. It’s why I told a friend yesterday who’s recovering from an operation, “Sure, I’d love to come see you later this month, but can you fix me a room at the guest house? Even my usual crappy motel [in R.I.] is too expensive for my pocket in the summer.”

    • That sounds about right.. When I’m out by myself I’m looking for cheap, sometimes I find it and sometimes I don’t. I usually end up spending 90-120 per/night…
      Maybe you could look at Fred’s question on this page and see if you can tell him about the hudson valley.. I’ll answer it but I but you’ll have more experience on NY than me…

  5. I will be in Garrison, NY Oct 10-12. Will the leaves there likely have changed by then? If not where might I drive further north after Oct 12 to enjoy the Fall colors, brother?
    Uncle Fred fischer

    • Well Fred I’ve asked Nancy to chime in on this because she lives in NY. But if my 2 cents is worth much over on that side of things… I would say that you may be a little light on strong colors. I think you may have to go north 50 or so miles from the standpoint that NYC gets peak or strong color around 1 Nov. Garrison is only 54 miles north of there and I’m thinking peak for 24 Oct.
      The should be 25% – 40% colors in that area… and that is real pretty. But I think you’ll want to try a bit further north to find 70% and above fall colors… That week the colors will be approaching Garrison and as I look at the map I see the Catskill mountains N by NW and I would head there. From what my NY photographer friends tell me, that is really pretty in the fall.

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