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Maybe you would like to be sitting on this porch, in a rocking chair, where you can look out on the fall colors of New Hampshire changing right before your eyes.

The photograph “Watching the autumn leaves fall” can be purchased by clicking on Fine Art America.

The fall colors of New Hampshire fall gently down and into our memories

Memories of raking the autumn leaves and rocking as they gently fall to the ground.

Watching the autumn leaves fall

The orange and gold autumn leaves slowly make their way to the ground and create colorful piles of leaves which at some point will have to be gathered up and removed. The mounds of leaves will serve to remind us of a day not so long ago that we would do the gathering only with the intention of jumping into the earthy scented fall colored leaves and scattering them far and wide.

Only to rake them up again to repeat as needed. All of this would take place after school or on weekends when the late afternoon sun would come in low on the horizon. Our parents would watch from the windows wondering when we would finish up this chore once and for all. But over and over we would play with siblings and friends, finally only to lay there winded in the multi-colored autumn leaves, staring up at the leaves still hanging onto the tree.

As we got jobs and started our own families, we watch our own kids repeating the process and we remember those days not so long ago when we went running out into the yard to jump into those fall colors of New England.

Escape today

This photograph was found while exploring my destination. The destination was the Canterbury Shaker Village. After I got done there I Drove down the road from there and stopped at this house with a farmers porch. The rocking chairs look comfortable and I can imagine taking a break and sitting on the porch to enjoy a warm afternoon only to remember that chores have to be down and work has to be finished before I can relax.

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