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Have you picked out a place to stay during this foliage season?

This is just a quick “Good Morning”! to talk about lodging during foliage season. As I often will tell all of you I don’t stay very often in hotels/motels, B&Bs or Inns, so I’m not big on making recommendations.

Stowe Inn Vermont In a comment, Misty asked me where I would recommend finding a room for her fall foliage vacation?

Stowe Inn Vermont

But! This doesn’t mean I don’t do research. 🙂 I just added a new affiliate to my site B& and I wanted to see what benefit it might be to those of you doing research for your autumn jaunts to New England.

I clicked the Ad in the left side of the page and then I chose Vermont and let it make recommendations. First, you need to remember not every place that you can stay is a part of their site. So if you don’t see a place or none of the B&Bs have the prices you are looking for, then try TravelocityTrivago, or Hotels combined which can be found on this page, here on my site.

You will see the banner Ads like this one from time to time, And yes, I apologize about Ads on the site. I will try to keep them at a minimum.

I clicked my Ad to see what they offered.

I chose Vermont Sept 25th to 28th and I found a place in Stowe for $68 a night!! I was ready to book at that price but when I went and clicked the link, I saw $135 a night and up?? So I called Michael Seaberg at the Northern Lights B&B which is on the Smuggler’s Notch road.

2 Oct at 6:31PM on Smugglers notch Vermont.

2 Oct at 6:31PM on Smugglers notch Vermont.

He told me that B& does that alot and when I asked him about the price, he said sure, its a real price. “it’s our mid-week in April price” and B& will always show the lowest offered price.

So rule one is check very carefully before you book since you may get drawn in with the low season price. I called because I was in disbelief over that price and I interviewed Michael on when his busiest part of the foliage season is (1 Oct – Columbus Day weekend).

Also he said the summer has taken over as his busy season, even more than the rather short foliage season. Hiking and climbing, and mountain biking are taking over from leaf peeping as what sustains their business.

Rule number 2.

This will keep me from making money when you click the Ad. I’m recommending that you click through to their website and talk to them personally because what the booking sites don’t tell you is that many of the B&Bs will over discounts for AARP, AAA, and military discount which at the Northern Lights is 15% off.

Maybe they can still offer the discount after you have booked it, maybe not. Just keep that in the back of your mind. The autumn season is the high season for many Inns, hotels, B&Bs and they survive or go out of business based on a few short weeks. So I don’t expect to find real cheap prices, but you can check around as long as you don’t wait until 4PM on the same day you need the room. At that point you take what you can get… 🙂

Questions? drop a comment…

Coming up Friday is a Guest blog post by Chris Whiton of White Mountain images. You’ll have to wait a couple more days to find out what about but! The images he supplied are making me want to travel with him this fall… You will be blown away.. 🙂

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Picking a B&B during foliage season — 4 Comments

  1. I have been traveling to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts every year since about 2003 – I have quite an extensive list of BB’s, small inns and lodgings that I personally have stayed at-
    TripAdvisor, Yelp, and the BB sites are all good starting points for locating lodgings- but often a phone call and talking to a live person has found me some hidden gems- and sometimes good prices!
    Jeff has excellent suggestions- thanks for your informative post!

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I enjoy your informative posts. I’m looking forward to our trip to NE this fall. Yea!!!!

    I do have another suggestion for lodging. We are staying for 7 nights in a place in York Harbor, ME. It is a one bedroom studio apartment in a private home over looking the harbour for $1000 total. I found this place on a Vacation Rentals by Owner website or It is a great site with seemingly limitless options, sizes and locations around the world actually. Each place posts lots of pictures and there are reviews from previous guests.

    Thanks for what you do, Lisa

  3. We have made several trips to N.E. during foliage season and are planning another in Oct. this year. Related to the B&B posts…we travel in a motor home and find that after Oct 15th many campgrounds and RV parks are closed for the season. We try to plan accordingly.
    Ed & Carolyn from San Antonio

    • I used to have a 26′ 5th wheel and I had noted the same but I just had a question about this from Tshelton and they were looking for a camping spot with electric and I found a place in Bass Harbor ME that says they are open until Oct 30th
      I didn’t call to check availability.

      Also for camping near Salem the Winter Island campground stays open through Halloween and closes on the 1st of November (for camping). There are so many I can’t keep up with them. Maybe I should see if there is a digital edition of woodall’s online?

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