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Early October scenic fall color explorations — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff we are arriving Boston 9/29 going up coast then inland to N. Conway, SugarHill (have reservations for these stops) through the 8th of Oct. Where should we head from there for sightseeing and foliage to bring us back down to Boston on the 21st. No other reservations as of yet. Are we crazy to just wing it rest of the way? We want to go into Vermont, NH and maybe even CT. So enjoying your blog

    • I would not wing it on Columbus Day weekend! but after that you should be ok, especially Sun through Thursday. Fri/Sat may be a bit tough but not impossible. You will be heading south all the way Meredith NH in the lakes region taking a ride on the Mount Washington paddle steamer. Woodstock VT and it covered bridge and the Billings farm museum. Down to the Quabbin in MA where you will find Petersham and New Salem which are picturesque little towns heading back to Sturbridge village and then do Boston last for a day or so with all it’s history…

  2. ok – I’m a truck camper (F-250 & Northstar Adventurer), so I do not need hotel recommendations. As a low-lander from Virginia, suggestions on best views & camper possibilities (I do not like commercial campgrounds – prefer national/state parks, etc).

    • I hope not but we’re staying above 80 for the next 10 days (warmer than I expected) but as I hoped it’s also staying sunny (mostly) for the next 10 days… That can lead to a very bright late Sept…

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