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The common questions that I receive in the comments on this blog are usually asking one simple question. “I’m coming in early September or October, what should I see?

Errol NH on 28 September for early fall color

Errol NH on 28 September

I almost always invariably have to answer with more questions.

  • First, what scenic fall color do you want to see or things are you interested in?
  • Second, what kind of travel you like to do? How many miles in a day are you comfortable with?
  • Third, I don’t know you or what you like to do so it’s very difficult for me to recommend one thing or the other. I’m not a travel agent so I don’t get paid to create itineraries for everybody. Maybe I should do this IF everybody’s willing to pay money for it.
  • Fourth, you need to give me some dates to work with so I can tell you what you might expect to find.

my job on

Scenic hotel in Camden Maine, scenic fall color , #Vistaphotography, #JeffFolger, #JeffFoliage

Norumbega Inn in Camden Maine

What I do, do, is write articles on  about scenic fall color locations and scenic travel routes that you can build into an itinerary.  For B&Bs and hotels, I know of one or two that my wife and have stayed at like the Norumbega in Camden Maine and that was very nice and we did an article on them. But We don’t make recommendations unless we stay there.

For lodging, I created a page on this site which currently has three lodging services. Click my thrifty lodgings link and you can explore services like, B&,, and hotels All of these services will help you make reservations for your trip. You can also utilize this page while you’re on the road which is how I use it. On many occasions I will use hotels combined and put in a town near to where I plan to stay overnight, and then book a room. This works best during the week as weekends usually are booked ahead of time.

I’ve got over 300 articles on this site and it does make it difficult to find information sometimes. that’s why I created the scenic locations by state page. all you need do is click that page and go to the state that you are interested in and read the articles that I’ve written for that particular state.

Here are a few articles that outline some nice places to visit or scenic fall routes that should be included on your bucket list of New England.

That is just the tip of the iceberg and if you hit my scenic locations by state page you can explore even more and of course if you have questions, leave a comment and I’ll try to get it answered in the next day or two.


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Early October scenic fall color explorations — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff we are arriving Boston 9/29 going up coast then inland to N. Conway, SugarHill (have reservations for these stops) through the 8th of Oct. Where should we head from there for sightseeing and foliage to bring us back down to Boston on the 21st. No other reservations as of yet. Are we crazy to just wing it rest of the way? We want to go into Vermont, NH and maybe even CT. So enjoying your blog

    • I would not wing it on Columbus Day weekend! but after that you should be ok, especially Sun through Thursday. Fri/Sat may be a bit tough but not impossible. You will be heading south all the way Meredith NH in the lakes region taking a ride on the Mount Washington paddle steamer. Woodstock VT and it covered bridge and the Billings farm museum. Down to the Quabbin in MA where you will find Petersham and New Salem which are picturesque little towns heading back to Sturbridge village and then do Boston last for a day or so with all it’s history…

  2. ok – I’m a truck camper (F-250 & Northstar Adventurer), so I do not need hotel recommendations. As a low-lander from Virginia, suggestions on best views & camper possibilities (I do not like commercial campgrounds – prefer national/state parks, etc).

    • I hope not but we’re staying above 80 for the next 10 days (warmer than I expected) but as I hoped it’s also staying sunny (mostly) for the next 10 days… That can lead to a very bright late Sept…

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