Welcome to the First day of Autumn

Last week we were wondering if the cooler temperatures of autumn would ever arrive. But just in time for the first day of fall the summer temps have broken and it feels like autumn. The fall colors can’t be too far behind these cool temps!

Today we have 3 discussion items up:

  1. This coming weekends events
  2. This image of the week and…
  3. The winner of the comment to win contest for Sept

This coming weekends events

The Portsmouth NH Fairy House Tour
Portsmouth, NH
September 26th &  27th, 2015
Read “Portsmouth NH Fairy House Tour is a Magical and Imaginative Weekend

Vermont Pumpkin Chuckin’ Festival
Stowe, VT
Sunday, September 27th, 2015

What the Fluff? Festival
Somerville, MA
Saturday, September 26, 2015
(Raindate Sunday, September 27th)
Read “Somerville’s Fluff Festival is Sticky, Campy Fun for your Bucket List

Also I want to point out that I have a listing of Harvest and fall fairs here on the site. So last weekend was the Tunbridge fair and the Northeast Kingdom “colors of the Kingdom fair”.

This week you have the Big E fair out in Springfield Mass and this weekend on Saturday is the the 27th Annual Burke Fall Foliage Festival! (go half way down the page to find the listing). Check the bottom of that page for horse back riding through the fall colors in Burke… This has my attention!

Next weekend is a big one with the Deerfield fair, The topsfield fair and the Fryeburg fair starting. Check my Festivals page to see what is running. I’m going to create a calendar of events this winter to make this easier to scan… Sorry…

Fall colors photo of the week!

What makes this fall color photo unique is that it has never been published on Facebook or my blog before… I’m going through my thousands of photos to find one that hasn’t seen the light of day!  This location is easy to find, see below for details.

#JeffFolger, #Vistaphotography The reflection of the afternoon fall color is bright and colorful

Reflection of the fall color in the afternoon sun.

This is an easy view to photograph. Head to the Swiftriver covered bridge (this was October 5th) I had walked around the covered bridge and then I walked across the road to the other side (careful traffic flies by!) and looked at the river as it comes to the covered bridge. The channel flowed in from around the bend and the trees were lit up with the afternoon sun and they reflected off the river’s surface. Oh! this is 5:28PM, so don’t arrive to early.  If you know anything about me you know I love foliage reflections! Good Luck!


The Comment to win winner!

This weeks winner is, Elizabeth Reed! Now if she will contact me, I will send her a personally made tote bag with an image of my Flume Gorge covered bridge (seen below) and on the other side it says I (heart) New England…

Early fall color? Franconia Notch is a major mountain pass through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Dominated by Cannon Mountain to the west and Mount Lafayette to the east#Vistaphotography #JeffFolger, #JeffFoliage,

flume Gorge covered bridge on 1 October 2013

This is my favorite view of the Flume Gorge covered bridge in Franconia Notch. And bring your high boots because yes you have to get in the river to get this shot! 🙂 Or you can click the image and go and purchase this on Fine Art America.  Please enjoy your day!

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