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The Fire tower in Milan State park is a favorite of mine to visit. #Vistaphotography

Foliage Report for 30 Sept…

Fall colors over Emily's covered bridge

Emily’s covered bridge, is reputed to be haunted.

The cool September nights’ are having a big impact on the fall foliage colors throughout northern New England and the colors are moving south. But! we have weather issues to contend with. Lisa and I went up north to Vermont and New Hampshire this past weekend, as you know from my Monday article.

I’ll let you see some of my images from this weekend and while not real colorful I think it proves you can still find a lot to enjoy in New England, even if the colors aren’t there yet…

The Good news

You might be wondering what the good news is and I might agree but until the tropical storm off the Atlantic coast makes up its mind on where its going to go, we won’t know what the effects of it will be. Also it may run out of rain and wind before doing much damage in VT/NH/and ME. ( I try to think positive)

Stark covered bridge and church

Stark covered bridge and church

Also this week I’m seeing possible sun in Vermont on Wednesday and Thursday in Dixville Notch which could make for some spotty but better than average viewing. I got a report in from Bob and he says the local radio stations are saying light rain Wed/Thur with periods of sun so I can think of worse outcomes.

The Bad News

Well here is where I tell all… I don’t know what will happen with the tropical storm pointing at New England and I think, if it hits us, then it will bring down a lot of the already turned leaves. This is the joker in the deck that you heard me talking about in my predictions all year. The one thing I never know what we will get is the last-minute weather.

So as I’ve been telling you all year, bring your umbrella and something to cover your camera (or phone) through the weekend of 2-4 October. After that we’ll have to see what we have to work with.

The Fire tower in Milan State park is a favorite of mine to visit. #Vistaphotography

The Fire tower in Milan State park is a favorite of mine to visit.

Ideas for this weekend

If you need some ideas to work with, stop in the nearest decent sized town and google that area. If you are in NH, and you have kids. Try Clarks trading post. Smaller kids? Story land. Vermont? Ben and Jerry’s factory and free tours. How about the Cabot Creamery? and don’t miss the Cold Hollow cider mill on Route 100..  Did you read my guest post article a few weeks back by Chris Whiton? Waterfalls in New Hampshire? Well now is the time since there could be some very robust waterfalls to find and photograph.

The Topsfield fair starts Friday, the 2nd of October and Also for points north you have the Fryeburg Fair starting on the 4th of Oct, in Maine (Just east of Conway NH.)

Also follow the links below to New England Fall Events as they have a tone of listings on their website.

Fall foliage weekend events

Vermont Autumn at Gates covered bridge

Vermont Autumn at Gates covered bridge

Brought to you from New England Fall Events

Harpoon Oktoberfest
Boston, MA
Friday, October 2nd & 3rd, 2015

Ringo Matsuri (Apple Festival) at Shelburne Vineyards
Shelburne, VT
Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

Mushroom Walk at Canterbury Shaker Village
Canterbury NH
Sunday, October 4, 2015


Fall Foliage contest on FAA

I just held a contest last week on my Fine Art America gallery and the winner was Douglas Berry. You can see his image below and if you would like to see some more incredible fall foliage imagery in different mediums from hundreds of artists then please follow this link to my fall foliage contest.
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Foliage Report & Weekend events — 14 Comments

  1. Colors are starting to pop in Stowe, VT area – ride the gondola there, it’s pretty cool!

  2. Any idea what the leaves are looking like in The Finger Lakes Region of NY currently? We are headed up this weekend on the bikes and are hoping for great sites!

  3. Thank you! Appreciate reading all you’re posts & keeping people updated – it means a lot to people on the west coast (Washington state).

  4. Just a quick question. We are flying in to new York on Oct 6th – Oct 12th, renting are car to drive to Vermont (up to stowe), then over to New Hampshire heading south to Boston arena then back to New York. Here’s my question … should we stick a rend round New York for a couple days or head straight up to Vermont (just don’t want to miss the colors)? Thanks so much for keeping get us updated.

    • Head straight up and do NY when you get back. Remember Columbus day weekend means sharing the roads with a Million + close friends who happen to be leaf peepers… 🙂

  5. Thanks Jeff. Didn’t expect to see any colour in RI but as you say it is meant to be really pretty and if I’ve come this far then feel the need to see as much as I can.
    I’ll talk to the people taking me (private tour) and see if they can extend some time to go further north if need be when in VT. We drive on the other side of the road in Aus so I dare not try to drive myself and try to admire the scenery at the same time. That’s a disaster in the making! 🙂

    • Yup, I call it distracted driving of the worse sort I have driven on the other side of the road and know how much concentration it needs at first. 🙂 Good luck!

  6. Jeff
    Am totally freaking out. Coming from Australia to see the foliage (we don’t have any thing like it where I am from) and from all reports I may have picked the time or maybe even the wrong year! 🙁
    Oct 9 I’ll be in Boston.
    Oct 10 plan to go to Rhode Island
    Oct 11 – 12 taking an overnight road trip through NH and VT to the Quechee/Woodstock Area.
    Oct 13 back in Boston.
    Any thoughts, suggestions, calming advice … ???

    • Well maybe you did or didn’t and time will tell… Now take a deep breath as I look over your itinerary… If you read the blog I’ll be publishing in a short while… Cloudy and then about 7 days of mostly sunny weather. and then you arrive… No downside there… but Rhode Island? Well at least its darn pretty down there (wrong direction) but Quechee and Woodstock should have some color by that weekend 10/11. and if you have a smartphone or tablet you should be able to get updates in wifi at the B&B or hotel. You may still have to take a little bit of a drive north of Woodstock but I believe if we get the sun all next week you “should” be in the thick of it.

      There is a lot to do around the Woodstock area.. OH! they also have a covered bridge in town there… and in Quechee and in Taftsville on Route 4… I hope this helps…

  7. Good Morning Jeff!
    We were staying in Twin Mountain from Friday thru yesterday and in that time the colors went from spotty to VIBRANT by the time we were headed home via Rt. 3. It doesn’t take very long, as you know, once the turning begins. My only concern for people coming up this weekend is, as you stated, what the rain and wind will do to the landscape.
    My advice is to hit Rts. 3,302, 2, 26 and the Kanc. ASAP as they’ll be very close in my opinion. As long as the leaves hang on, this could quickly become another great season!

    Skip Redfield

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