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Finding New England fall colors by hiking

Today’s article, as you can guess will cover:

  • hiking gear that you should have with you, some optional, some not.
  • A few hiking locations for beginners

I had a talk with Jeff Sinon, who is a New Hampshire photographer. He is also one of those folks who has scaled many if not all of the 4,000 footers in NH. He has many image of the Alpen glow of one mountain top while sitting on another mountain top at dawn. You heard me correctly, dawn. That is when the Alpen glow makes its appearance. Follow this link to view one of Jeff’s mountain shots in Alpen glow.

Hiking gear

Now I realize that most of you will not need half of this stuff when you go looking for New England fall colors but other items are needed no matter what kind of leaf peeping you are doing. Below you will find links to Amazon and a company that offers free shipping on orders above $49. Jeff S. tells me that he buys his hiking gear from them except for things he feels, need to be bought in person like a good, well-fitting backpack.

Here are Jeff Sinon’s top 10 list of things to always have with you on a hike in Fall foliage!

  1. Map and compass.A GPS is good but that pesky battery is always needing a charge. Unless you are getting a solar panel to keep it charged during the day (Click here)
  2. Sun protection. Hat, sunscreen, lip balm, etc
  3. Insulation. If you’re hiking in the mountains the weather can change quickly. A warm fleece or other light weight insulating layer is a good idea to bring along.
  4. A headlamp or flashlight along with spare batteries.
  5. First Aid kit.
  6. Fire starting supplies. You never know when you might be stuck out over night on a cold evening.
  7. A multi-tool and repair kit with extra bits and pieces to repair a pack strap, duct tape, etc.
  8. Food, preferably healthy snacks with a lot of calories
  9. Water, bring plenty or bring a filter or other means of treating water in the field.
  10. Emergency Shelter. Doesn’t have to be fancy, one of those shiny mylar space blankets can be enough depending on season and location.

To me several of these are “should have” items on all trails. Even if you are just heading a mile in on a prepared trail. To me Number 1, 2, 3, 5,8 8 and 9 are must haves. I usually have most of these in the car and I could throw them in a day pack as needed.

This list also doesn’t mention good lug soled shoes. Sneakers are OK but ankle high shoes that are laced up, above the ankle help to provide support on uneven ground.

Next you will want to layer, so I prefer to have on me a t-shirt plus lightweight fleece pullover then depending on what the weather is looking like I bring with me a rain jacket that doubles as a shell to protect against rain and wind. North Face has many good products in this area so check this link for up to 50% off outer wear.

If you are one of those who has to stay connected, they also have a line of travel solar panels and charging devices, click here to check them out.

Some easy hikes for the fall colors

Mount Major in Alton NH.

View from Mount Major #Vistaphotography #JeffFolger

View from Mount Major

Mount Willard in Crawford Notch.

View of Mount Washington from Crawford Notch

View of Mount Washington from Crawford Notch

The Welch-Dickey loop

I don’t have an image of the Welch-Dickey loop so here is one of Lisa on a rail-trail near Enfield New Hampshire

Hiking a rail trail. Fall foliage walk along a rail trail in Enfield NH #Vistaphotography #JeffFolger

Hiking a rail trail.

The biggest thing to remember is to explore new places each time you come to New England. I’m bad at this because I will keep revisiting my old standbys because they are familiar and I know them. Lisa is great at reminding me to take a different route and see what we find!

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