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Maine Fall Foliage in Grafton Notch

Grafton Notch with route 26 in Maine

Grafton Notch

Guest post from Maine photographer Stephen Beckwith of an outdoor enthusiast and photographer for the past four years. A champion of all things Maine and capturing his state in all its pristine beauty. You can purchase print and talk to him on his Facebook page

This is the second stop along Route 26 and my second favorite fall foliage stop. If you missed my first article please click the link for {Maine Fall Foliage in Grafton Notch pt 1}.


Screw Auger Falls by Stephen Beckwith #JeffFolger #Vistaphotography

Screw Auger Falls by Stephen Beckwith

Shortly after leaving Step Falls and continuing North on Rt. 26 you will formally enter Grafton Notch State Park Maine, designated by a big wooden sign post. About 1/2 mile after this, you will come to Screw Auger Falls on your left. There is a large parking lot and a very short walk to the falls.

Screw Auger is along Bear River and is pretty much the total opposite of Step Falls in its appearance. Screw Auger is a thunderous fall plunging into a gorge of granite, and is quite the sight to be seen and heard. There is a wooden fence for your protection along the falls edge, which offers great close up and personal views of the gorge.
The best view however, and the composition you see from most photographers including me, is at the end of the wooden fence. You must go around the fence and scamper up on an outcropping of rock that hangs over the gorge and gives you an unobstructed view of the falls and very colorful rock walls. This is not for the faint of heart and great care should be taken if you venture out on this rock. There is just enough room for one person and a tripod, but can often be wet from the spray of the falls during high water flows.

 Grafton Notch by Stephen Beckwith #JeffFolger #Vistaphotography

Grafton Notch parking by Stephen Beckwith

A warning about Route 26. This is a highly used trucking route and the big rigs are not sight-seeing, they are driving with a purpose. If you find yourself wanting to pull off the side of the road to take in a sight or snap some pictures, do it on a stretch of straight road and pull off as far as possible, keeping kids and pets safely away from the black top.

Stephen Beckwith

Stephen Beckwith

I am a landscape photographer living with my wife in The Friendly Village of Harrison in the foothills of western Maine.
A life-long outdoor enthusiast, I am especially drawn to the beauty that Mother Nature creates, whether it be a stirring sunrise on the rocky coast, or a stunning sunset over a pond deep in the Maine woods.
With my photography, I try and capture that fleeting moment when Mother Nature shines the brightest, and hopefully do Her some justice as I share these scenes with you.

I offer prints for sale in many mediums at and also have a Facebook page in which I share images on a weekly basis at

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