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Maine Fall Foliage in Grafton Notch

Grafton Notch with route 26 in Maine

Grafton Notch

Guest post from Maine photographer Stephen Beckwith of an outdoor enthusiast and photographer for the past four years. A champion, of all things Maine and capturing his state in all its pristine beauty. You can purchase prints and talk to him on his Facebook/website

This is the third stop along Grafton Notch’s Route 26 and my third favorite fall foliage stop. If you missed my first article on Step Falls Preserve please click the link for {Maine Fall Foliage in Grafton Notch part 1}. If you want to read about my second article, then follow this link to, {Maine Fall Foliage in Grafton Notch part 2}. All these three locations fall just within 7 miles of each other on Route 26 in Maine and the Grafton State Park.


Moose Cave #JeffFolger #Vistaphotography

Moose Cave by Stephen Beckwith

My final favorite location is found just two miles past Screw Auger Falls you will come to Moose Cave on your right.

One of the most impressive views of this stop is right from the parking lot, as there is a large rock and wooded hill serving as a backdrop. From the parking lot, there is a short loop trail system that leads back to a 600ft long gorge and Moose Cave.

Grafton Notch Pond

Grafton Notch Pond by Stephen Beckwith

Walking down the trail it is easy to forget about the roadway you just left, the woods are dense, dark, and picturesque, with the ground, rocks, and trees covered in various species of moss. One specific and extremely beautiful section is covered with Reindeer moss and is marked by a wooden sign describing what you are seeing. Once you reach the gorge, there are several wooden steps, walkways, and overlooks to take in the view. Moose Cave gets its name from one particularly large section of granite that broke away from the rock face and formed a cave which legend has it a moose fell into.

Stephen Beckwith

Foliage Report for 25-27 September

Across Northern New England the late summer temps that extended into Spetember has slowed the advance of the fall colors. As of this weekend I’ve found no place where you will find “peak” fall colors. This is not to say you won’t find color! You are just not going to find whole hillsides covered in red, orange, and golds

Here are the reports I have in so far.

  • Smugglers Notch-light color this weekend. Peak may be seen by the 2-4 of Oct.
  • Jay peak resort, the front desk says about 2 weeks until full peak.
  • Photographer, Linda Baird-White said the color is light in Barre Vermont with spots of color but “the Milkweeds have half-turned bright yellow”.
  • The town clerk (Holly) in Pittsburg NH says maybe around the 2-3 of Oct. Holly said there were nice views now and a great view would be had from Mount  Galloway which you can drive part way up and walk the rest. But for a great view AND fall colors you will have to wait at least a week more.  Also this is the last weekend for ATVs 25-27 Sept.
  • Photographer, Chris Whiton, another of my guest bloggers mad a report on 23 Sept that you can read below.

Birches and the beginnings of color on Maplewood Hill in Bethlehem this evening at sunset.

Posted by Chris Whiton on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Foliage report by Jeff Foliage

Stephen Beckwith

I am a landscape photographer living with my wife in The Friendly Village of Harrison in the foothills of western Maine.
A life-long outdoor enthusiast, I am especially drawn to the beauty that Mother Nature creates, whether it be a stirring sunrise on the rocky coast, or a stunning sunset over a pond deep in the Maine woods.
With my photography, I try and capture that fleeting moment when Mother Nature shines the brightest, and hopefully do Her some justice as I share these scenes with you.

I offer prints for sale in many mediums at and also have a Facebook page in which I share images on a weekly basis at

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