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  1. Absolutely beautiful capture of the New England I love. This native NH girl appreciates your photography!

  2. I have been reading your blogs and enjoying your photos for years! I always know when the colors are brightening because the frequency of your posts increases, and your annual travel adventures begin. Sure wish I were coming northeast again this year…hopefully soon! Thank you always for celebrating my favorite season!

  3. Hello Jeff, Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and the beautiful photos. I’ll be flying out from San Diego on Sept 29 and will travel around New England for a week or so to catch some fall color. I grew up in Iowa and miss the fall so I can’t wait. Hopefully the weather will cool down and the colors will start popping! Thanks again!

  4. Hello Jeff, first time here for me but definetly not the last. I like this picture very much, the color of the frame links very well to the color of the bridge. One could almost hear the sound of the leaves in the breeze. Lucky you to live in Salem, Mass.

  5. As always, your blogs are interesting…This past week I was in New Brunswick and photographed the longest covered bridge. It was sweet but doesn’t have the charm of the smaller ones. Hope for better weather this season. We went to the western part of MA last year for a week and it rained every day.

  6. Do love this picture. My Dad was an amateur photographer back in the day – and did his own framing. One huge
    poster he framed with barn board from his family’s farm. Love New England Fall – bring it on!

  7. Can’t wait to come visit in a couple weeks and check out some of your photo spots!

  8. This is my first visit here….learned a good bit and am thinking about planning a trip to VT with my husband….37 years and we’ve never been away alone together!

  9. Hi Jeff,
    I’m hoping you got my message above. I would love to talk with you about the Washington Post piece. Please let me know if you’re interested!

  10. Hi Jeff — my husband and I (coming from San Diego) will be leaf peeping mid-October; thank you for your blog and other content, it’s been such a help and so much fun to read as we plan our trip.
    Much thanks!

  11. Hi, Jeff! You take beautiful pictures! My husband and I are thinking of taking a trip to the Berkshires the week of October 18-24. Do you think there will still be color then?

  12. Loving the posts, the suggestions and the photos! Can’t wait to get to New England in October but in the meantime, I get my fix on!

  13. Covered bridges are New England, just like red maples and Shakers..
    Been coming up there for 21 years fro”hotter than Hades Texas”.
    Even won a photo contest with a pic of lighthouse at Acadia one year.
    The thought of coming there in October is what gets me through our summers in Texas (Houston area).
    #Love this website!!!

  14. Awesome photo Jeff. I love covered bridges and barns – both need to be preserved for future generations to enjoy. Thank you for all that you do and I look forward to reading your tips, etc.

  15. Thank you for such a useful website! It’s been extremely helpful in planning our route for visiting New England next month.

  16. I’ve loved finding your site and have been enjoying reading about Vermont. We’re planning our first trip up north in a few weeks and I check your site daily to see what is going on!

  17. Hi Jeff: I just joined your blog & FB page recently & I love reading all your posts. My husband & I are planning a trip to Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine for the first time in a few weeks. We will be leaving on Oct 9th to stay for a week to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Your photos are gorgeous & really have us excited about seeing the fall foliage in New England area for the first time. We are coming from Arkansas. We will be staying in North Conway & taking day trips from there. I hope we can catch the foliage at peak during the week of Columbus day but I know we’ll see some beautiful country even if it’s not at peak while we’re there. Thank you for keeping us updated. I look forward to your updates & photos.

  18. Love that covered bridge picture! Thanks to you and your directions I will be seeing five(!) covered bridges within a short distance. I can’t believe it’s almost here. Leaving October fourth!!

    Marietta, GA

  19. Beautiful photograph! We will be traveling to VT and NH soon and hope to see similar bridges and lots of gorgeous color!

  20. I love all of New England, having been in all of the New England states at one time or another. Last spring we were in South Boston for a workshop and spent a couple of days over on Cape Cod. As beautiful as it is, wherever you go, Vermont has my heart. My dream as a Texan was to go to Vermont one day, and while our friends were going on cruises to the Bahamas we were spending our hard earned vacation time in New England. Our first trip was perhaps the most magical and was around 1992. We stayed in a 2 bedroom cabin on a dirt road somewhere around the Tunbridge area. We had to go through a covered bridge to get to our cabin. Our host left hand picked apples on the table for us and we rose next day to see the fog lifting over the beautiful red, orange and yellow trees. The cabin had a wood stove, and it was a cold fall that year. We used the cabin as a base and created tours each day, but returned to the cabin. We went as far over as Bangor, Maine and had lobster at a restaurant out on a wharf. Went back through Portsmouth, New Hampshire and while visiting an outdoor museum got caught up in the middle of a wedding procession. One day we went over to the Kankamangus highwayin New Hampshire where every turn was simply breathtaking. Stopped at a pumpkin patch with no one around, but a sign that read “Pick your pumpkin, look at the price, and leave your money in the cigar box, where you will find change.” We couldn’t believe that there were still people who trusted the public to be honest. (And we are in ministry). We stayed away from the bigger towns, and the outlet malls etc., but spent our time cruising the countryside and in the rural villages. We loved the cemeteries and going into the local hardware/grocery stores that looked like they hadn’t changed since the day they opened their doors. We loved that the people we met, and who waited on us were fascinated by our Texan accents. Though we had heard that New Englanders are not as outgoing (we say obnoxious like we Texans can be) and can be quite taciturn, we found the opposite to be true. They were quite willing to talk to us if we started the conversation, and very helpful with anything we needed. Last of all, we loved the history of the area, the fact that this is the area where our nation was first being settled. Our second trip was almost 10 years later and we went with 3 other couples and stayed in a large, old farmhouse in the little village of Cavendish. Again we took day trips, train rides, and did the touristy things like Ben & Jerrys, Trapp Family Lodge, and the apple cider mill. Our third trip, in 2012, we stayed in Brandon, Vermont in a 200 year old house belonging to friends. We loved the french bakery and waterfalls downtown. It was after the big hurricane the year before and we saw the damage that was done which was heartbreaking. We went to help with a church but we had time to leaf peaping, and a drive over to the first place we ever stayed in Tunbridge. It is now privately owned and as we stood and looked at in awe, the dog alerted the owner who came out to see what all the fuss was about. She graciously let us take a picture when she found out we had stayed there years ago. The trees that year seemed to turn quickly, were perhaps the prettiest we’d ever seen but it was rainy and cool, and it seems like the peak lasted only a few days before they were falling to the ground. This time we ended our trip by going up to Lake Champlain, staying in a Cape Cod type establishment with a beautiful view of the lake. We continued up to the Canadian border and crossed over into New York, heading south through apple orchards and villages. We drove up to Lake Placid and it had to be their peak because the trees were just unbelievable in their beauty, as was this charming little town. We could have stayed there for longer, but didn’t have the time. Last but not least, we had a trip down to the Rutlant area, ate breakfast at a Sugar Shack (?) restaurant on Highway 4 close to Mendon. The maple syrup was fabulous, and the shop had plenty of Vermont trinkets to take home to family and friends. After that we ventured on up to the Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden, and what a magical place! Maybe we will stay there one day, but we tend to stick to little eclectic places that have some history. I forgot to mention that on our way up to Lake Champlain, we went up through what I think was the Smugglers Notch area. Curvry, narrow road, but beautiful. We were about to ride the ski lift up which was suppose to have a beautiful view, but they closed the lifts due to heavy fog and snow on top. We are coming back next week for a church event in Castleton, and sadly only for a few days, leaving home on the 28th. This time we will be staying in a little cottage on Lake Bomoseen that was once a horse barn. Love that history. Though not coming for the foliage, we hope that some of the trees will be turning by then. But, in the end it doesn’t matter. A trip to Vermont is always magical, no matter what the reason, nor the season. I have shared way too much, but you can see that this Texas girl has a heart for Vermont. Blessings, and thanks for the work you do. Love reading about the places, and wishing I was there!

    • Those are the sort of magical memories that are wonderful to hear about. I hope you get some trees turning where you are at. I’ll cross my fingers…

  21. Hi Jeff. Thank you for your website and foliage reports; we are excited about our upcoming trip to your area this fall and your articles and photography add to the anticipation! I know you live in a beautiful area of the country and appreciate your sharing the beauty through your foliage reports and beautiful artwork. We can’t wait to see it all in person!

  22. I’m a huge fan of your photos and blog! Always love seeing the gorgeous pictures you’ve taken to plan my next trip or the next beautiful place to takes photos. I grew up in Central Massachusetts but have lived in New Hampshire the past 10 years, my husband and I just got married in Vermont so you can say I’m definitely a true New Englander. I’ve lived other places and traveled quite a bit but my husband and I both agree there is no place like New England to see the seasons change and Fall season is most definitely our favorite, such a beautiful time of year. There is no place like home in New England 🙂

  23. Jeff,

    Thanks for all the hard work and due diligence you do to help those of us “newbies” learn about New England as we look to spend time in this beautiful part of the United States. It is greatly appreciated. If I happen to see you during my early October vacation, a handshake is in order.


    • You have a very interesting name and you may or may not find this funny but I’d like to introduce you to my one of my Wife’s old bosses, Jay Hole… 🙂 somehow you two go together. 🙂 Sorry I had to go there… And that is really his name…

  24. Hi Jeff! Just found your blog and facebook page last week and I’m thrilled! My parents and we visited Acadia Nat Park last October, and absolutely fell in love. We’re repeating nearly the same trip again this year – in September – to enjoy hopefully better weather and more services still active. But we also plan this time to drive some scenic by-ways, so your foliage reports will be key in helping us determine where to go. Thanks!!

  25. Jeff, I’m so excited to have found your site! We’re working our way north to Canada in our motor home and then down through the northeast. I’m looking forward to picking my route based on your recommendations!

  26. As I was saying, I am leaving for my first Fall Foilage trip on Sunday and reading your blog is making me very excited! Thanks for all you do!

  27. I’m preparing for a trip up to VT in a few weeks – coming from your rival foliage state – AZ – hahaha ! Very much looking forward to your foliage updates !

  28. Even though we can’t make this year for all the colors, sure like reading your posts & seeing your photos.

  29. Excited to be there soon! Loving all the updates. They are very helpful. My husband is now even counting down the days till we’re there.

  30. All I can say is that I am ready for fall weather–goodbye summer! Temps here have been too high. Ready for fall and fall foliage!!! Dunkin’ has their pumpkin line out and that means it’s fall :).

  31. I do enjoy this site. I will be in New England for a week in 3 weeks and hope to see good color.

    Jack Eaton
    Winston-Salem, NC

  32. Good Morning Jeff!
    We’ll be up Sept. 25 for a longgg weekend. Hope the weather and the leaves cooperate.
    Looks like a stop at Polly’s one of those mornings!
    Skip Redfield

    • Hi Skip, The color may be a little light at Polly’s for that weekend but if so, I think you’ll find some in Franconia Notch or on Route 2 just North of there. Keep your eyes open for a white 4door as that is what I travel in these days…

  33. I just finished planning my first Fall visit to New England to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. You can’t imagine how excited this Florida girl –who is really a transplanted-Oregonian — is to enjoy a week of your stunning sights. Now I can’t wait for October! Thank you more than I can say for all your tips, suggestions and forecasts, Joe. You made it so much easier to plan while I sit in the soggy heat of Florida!

  34. Not sure if there is a word cut off or enough time in the day to tell you how much your photos mean to me??! I’ve lived away from New England since 2000 and there’s no place I’d rather be, ever! My FB page is filled with autumn pictures, mostly sharing yours and all my friends and loved ones know how much I miss it! My son is on the autism spectrum and he and I do a special mommy son trip EVERY fall and always stop in Salem! I have to come see your shop this year! We visit my dear friends farm in VT and just this year he has actually begun REQUESTING the “farm”! I couldn’t be more pleased that I passed this love on to Stephen! I know I’ve written you before because I love your and your wife’s page! They honestly keep me going! God willing we are moving soon and my decor plans involve your prints!! Your photos are amazing and each one warms my heart! Thank you for your amazing talent and just know that near or far you are touching many!!

    • You may think this is a long post but Nancy’s comment above is waaaay longer. 🙂 But I don’t give longer or shorter comments any bonuses. I treat them all the same. I really appreciate all the responses and I wish I could give everybody a prize each month. I’m very happy that you enjoy my photography travels and God willing i’ll be doing it until I’m old a grey… 🙂 Say Hi to Stephen for me…

  35. I totally enjoy your comments, foliage updates and photos! My husband and I will be visiting New England in a couple of weeks.

  36. I can’t wait until our trip the first week of Oct. this is a 50th Anniversary gift from our children. I know I have awesome children, right?

  37. Thinking of taking a foliage trip to Vermont the 5th of October. Reading your information on the leaf conditions . Thank you

  38. Hi Jeff, I’m putting together a piece on fall foliage on Cape Cod for possible publication in the Washington Post Magazine. I would love to include you. Can you please give me a call at ? Thank you, Margaret Rankin

  39. Lord willing, we’ll be leaving for Maine Sept 26… Taking our time with the journey there, and spending the week of 9/29/15 – 10/7/15 based with relatives in the Waterville, Maine area. I’ve gotten so many ideas for day trips from you – and inspiration for pictures. Just wanted to say thanks – and that is one glorious picture you have there!

  40. Hi Jeff, enjoying all this info and pictures….we will be leaving TN on 26th heading to VT,NH, and Maine on our annual foliage trek!

  41. Thanks for great info. always.
    Sooooooo looking forward to another fall colors visit to Vermont (live in California) for 10 days, beg. Sep. 26. Rejoicing in anticipation!

  42. The featured photo of the covered bridge in Maine is so beautiful! I live in Pittsburgh, PA and the state of Pennsylvania has more covered bridges than any other state! I really love them, especially when there are beautiful fall leaves around them. It’s picture perfect! My 4th wedding anniversary is September 24th & I’ve been looking forward to the autumn season for over a month now. It’s my favorite season and time of year! 🙂

    • I had to look that up and you are right. I thought Vermont a 100 covered bridges led the way but at 197 PA is the leader.. I guess I should come back to my home state and photograph some covered bridges but I’m not even close to all of Vermont’s so I better finish here first.

  43. HI Jeff ,Lovely photo once again,The color of the frame matches up perfectly to the brdige,,and what else you gotta always the the fall foliage color to make it more fun to look at ,p.s.I’m liking these cool nights and warm sunny days

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