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What do you want to explore in New England today? The fall colors are why you are coming, right? Well as I have been preaching to you for years. Come with a plan for enjoying New England and where you plan to be. Got kids? then storyland. How about the Highland games in Lincoln? Did you go to the fall colors harvest festival in the Northeast Kingdom?

Well for those who came up this past weekend you would have had a good time and seen a tree or two in color. The temps and the lack of rain have made the fall colors slow to show up. (This weeks guess is below)

Haskell free library in Derby line VT

Haskell free library in Derby line VT

The only thing I’ll say about the current foliage trends, is that since 2012, I and other folks have been say each autumn that “the colors are early”, earlier than what? Earlier than past years. well we have gotten used to nice fall colors around 23 Sept in the northern-most areas and now we’re a week late and guess what? this is the normal time to get foliage.

It took high temps and drought to put us back a week and I hope it doesn’t happen again! But you know know why I constantly tell you that “every year is different when it comes to the fall colors.

Places that we saw a little color

We went up to Derby line VT and visited the Haskell free library. This library is one of the few buildings to staddle the American-Canadian border. More info will be on our blog. Even on the border there was only a little color but by this following Friday I would hope to see 50% or better color there. (see my concerns below)

Emily's covered bridge

Emily’s covered bridge

We drove down Route 100 to Montpelier and we saw a few bright areas but nothing that I would say “Hey take 100!” but Route 100, north of Stowe, this weekend (2-4 Oct), should be looking nice. We ate dinner (pizza) at “Positive pies” in downtown Montpelier which was fantastic. Then we left the next morning for St Albans/Highgate and we again only saw a tree here or there.

The next day we came across Route 15. This route doesn’t get much publicity and I need to make a list of scenic drives of Vermont and this will be on it. We even found a Covered bridge that used to be in the books and is now on Private land. The gates farm covered bridge or “Little bridge” is just before Jeffersonville.Plus there are a couple more along 15. Get your Gazetteer because that is how we found them.

The sunset falls quickly over the hills and as I stand on the porch at the Stark village Inn, I can see the color that will soon be in the trees across the river.

The sunset falls quickly over the hills and as I stand on the porch at the Stark village Inn, I can see the color that will soon be in the trees across the river.

There was another spot on Route 15 that both before it and after it Lisa was seeing really bright reds of sugar maples and since in the middle was the Rowell Sugar House and gallery, it explains the sugar maples. Then we switched to Route 2 and around Lunenburg we again saw very nice colors. but by the time we hit Lancaster the fall colors were again muted. This was the way of it for us. Yes I captured many more covered bridges that I didn’t have and when we arrived in Stark NH, I captured a shot of the Stark Church from the Stark Village Inn.

(***Note***), Nancy only has room this Monday (28 Sept through the 1st of Oct) at $59/night. Lisa and I stayed here and we recommend it. It’s not a luxury hotel or even in great shape. It’s an old building that is full of “character” and I would stay here again and plan too next October. If you like rustic and comfortable for a B&B, I give it top marks.

What I expect to see this week 28-4 Oct

On the plus side we saw 40 over night here and I can see out the Inn, window at the Stark church and I see a bright red maple tree branch on the hill above the cemetery. I would expect across northern NH/VT and ME to see the fall colors coming on fast this week. I also think we’ll see some development in the central areas but not like up north.

What I worry about is rain!

Looking across the Northern portions of New England the weather this week is calling for light rain or a possible shower in Rangeley Maine and Franconia Notch on Tuesday/Wednesday and more bothersome is Stowe with thunderstorms on Tuesday and showers on Wednesday… This will most likely have the effect of bringing down the developed colors and only leave us with Wed-Friday to move the colors from green to color.

So if you are staying in Stowe or Smugglers Notch this weekend you may want to take a drive east to Franconia Notch and the White Mountains if you are not seeing great color on Route 100 or 108. If the rains are not to bad there may not be as big an effect to worry about.

These three areas are supposed to be in the mid 30s each night to the low 40s depending on elevations. And hopefully we’ll see really nice color by next weekend.

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  1. Weather in New Hampshire not very cooperative today, however things are looking up for tomorrow afternoon and Thursday. What difference a day makes. Went north into Whitefield which is north of Bethlehem and saw some areas of really nice color. Was going to head to Dixville Notch, but the rain turned us back. I noticed much more color today. Don’t know if it’s because everything is wet, but the trees do change quickly at times. Hopefully we’ll be able to head north tomorrow to see how things are going up there.

    • We’ll have to see what Mother Nature leaves on the trees and the big item is sunshine. I see a lot of cloudy days between now and November. But I’m hopeful

  2. From Franconia Notch to Twin Mountain to Bethlehem, NH mostly green, but you can see some color scattered throughout. In the Sugar Hill / Littleton area some beautiful red maples showing, but still early in the process. Heading north to Dixville Notch area tomorrow. Hoping to see much more color if the weather cooperates.

  3. From our rental in Jackson NH lots of yellows. Driving to Screw Auger Falls in ME today (before the rain) will report in later!

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