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Danbury general store

Danbury general store

I realize it was only yesterday but I wanted to keep those of you who are looking for more new England fall foliage to view.

Lisa and I drove up in to New Hampshire but I got diverted from Franconia Notch which was my intended destination and we got off on Route 11 and then Route 4. The colors were incredible and I realized that it had been 11 years since we had been on Route 4 towards Enfield.

We stopped at the Danbury NH general store topping off coffee and maple cookies and other local made items. If you get to this area of route 4 look for the height of land road. It is an awesome drive up and over the hills and brings you back on Route 4 between Canaan and Enfield.

I won’t say there isn’t leave drop but if you take in the whole scene it’s wonderful. We continued up into Vermont’s Woodstock and explored Pomfret and the surrounding hillsides. This is quite the farmtastic area. (yes I just made that up)

New England fall foliage across Vermont hillside

New England fall foliage across Vermont hillside

Today the 17th we’re heading over Route 2 (The Mohawk Trail) to Erving to gauge the fall colors and stop at the Freight House Antiques. We love to stop in and mull over all the wonderful things they have found there.. I can’t describe it, you have to stop and visit it…

Lots more pictures on Monday and I hope you have a great weekend peeping the leaves!

General reports from the New England foliage Facebook page!

New Hampshire reporting Good

  • Beaver Pond, North Woodstock, NH.
  • New England Scene in Stark, New Hampshire
  • Ragged Mountain Ski Resort in New Hampshire.
  • Bretton woods along route 302 (reporting also leaf drop)
  • More areas than I can put her but the lakes region south is also great!


From Stowe south through to Massachusetts (EVERYTHING) 🙂


Maine is reporting peak most everywhere except for Acadia and Boothbay but that could change by today.


Reports of fab color along the highways and western farmlands (I’ll see what I see today)

CT and RI

I’m getting reports of really good color and peak in these area may be this week… Jury is out on that…

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17-18 Oct New England fall foliage report — 13 Comments

  1. Coming from California, I and wife would be reaching Burlington for 3 days to try to see whatever is left with the colors. we will have a rental car. Can you help us guide where to go best use the 3 days primarily in seeing fall scenery. And which places to spend the 2 nights. We are able to drive a lot.

    • Read my post as of Friday morning and that will give you some good ideas of where to go. Burlington may have some color left by virtue of being close by to the lake but I think you best be is to head south. Let me know if that is doable for you.
      I don’t have to many places that I have stayed at but I think if you try the
      We stayed there and liked it but unfortunately I don’t have too many place I’ve stayed at so it’s hard to recommend. Try this page where I have my affiliates From hotels combined to B& you should be able to find a place to stay at.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    We followed your advice and it was great. Thanks again.
    We will stay today (Monday) in Woodstock VT.
    Any suggestions for tomorrow?
    The green mountain?
    Or any other place or road we should drive?



  3. I will be in Newington on Wednesday (21st) for a mid-day meeting with hopes of shooting before an after the meeting. I am hearing that a lot of leaves came down this weekend in the southern NH area. Would you agree that a lot of leaves have come down and if so, any suggestions as to where I can find good color/scenes anywhere in Southern NH between I91 in the west and Portsmouth in the east?

    • From what I see the only snow that fell in the south was over in Vermont and in the higher elevations around Keene NH. If you concentrate in the lakes region and Merrimack valley, you should be good all the way to Portsmouth… But I have heard any color reports for the Portsmouth area.
      Over all at this point in time I think you are still safe. I also won’t say leaves haven’t come down, they will continue to come down with every puff of wind and drop of rain. All you can do is hope nothing serious comes through between now and Wednesday. I’ll be heading out Monday morning after an interview with TWC and after that I will be heading north into NH and or VT… Will let you know.

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed. We arrive in Burlington this coming Saturday (24th) for five nights. DO we have any hope left of seeing anything????

    • Well if we don’t get too much wind you should be ok. in Massachusetts I see sun all week and cloudy next but this means no rain so we have a chance of developing some good color this week (fingers crossed)

      Vermont and New Hampshire are showing off and on sun this week and mostly cloudy the next. There is a little rain on 2-3 day this week but none forecasted next. So you should have a dry if not bright sunny trip here. I don’t think the leaves will go away in the next two weeks unless you have your heart set to go up into the mountains. You are coming late as you know but due to this season breaking records for being slow to develop you will see lots of color that “should be” bright and colorful.

      I’m assuming you mean Burlington VT and if you can’t change your reservations as far as location you will have to drive east by south each day.. Route 7, 100, Route 4 around Woodstock, ROute 106 south out of Woodstock… etc… There will be lots of little roads to try out and explore (I assume you brought your Gazetteer that I tell everyone to buy) Visit this page to read about NH and VT for ideas…

  5. Yesterday I drove Rt 2 and saw some great color near Orange. Lots of oranges and reds. I continued to Routes 9 and 100 in Southern Vermont. Colors are bright with minimal leaf dropage. Even enjoyed a short snowstorm that left a coating at Hogback Mountain lookout.

    Jeff, as usual your reports are great!

  6. Hi Jeff and all others,
    We need your help please. We came all the way from Europe to see the foliage and we are now in NH.
    We plan to spent the days till Wednesday in the area. Can you help us plan the best route to see the foliage?
    Do you thinks its good to go tomorrow to the white mountains and today to Acadia?


    • Hi Anat, You can take a ride across the Kancamagus (Route 112) Travel up into North Conway and visit the two covered bridges there. Click this article which will detail the two in North Conway.
      I have no idea where you are but you should find great color through the lakes region which is south of the White Mountains. Route 113 to 109 will take you down the east side of the lake and route 3 will take you down the west side.
      Also you should look at Route 4 and 4A in NH as I found them to be very colorful on Friday but it was windy so I guarantee there was some leaf drop over the weekend.
      Route 202 down through Hillsboro to Peterbourgh is a lovely drive and you can take 101 east or west and then jump off on any and I mean any side road to explore.
      I don’t know where you are based but this should keep you very busy for several weeks…

      Visit this page and click on the state in question to get ideas.

      Acadia is still not fully turned yet but if you dirve south of it you will be very happy with what you find. I would hit Acadia and see Bass Harbor lighthouse and Cadillac mountain which from the top (drive up) you will be the firsts to see the sun in the US at dawn. Once you get done exploring Acadia explore all the little fingers of land south.
      Visit this page listing of Maine articles that will give you lots if ideas on potential trips to take in Maine…

      Best of luck and I hope you check back in and let us know how your trip went.

  7. I’m enjoying your foliage reports sitting from my sofa in the UK. Have been home from NE for three weeks now and saw bits of colour emerging as we left Boothbay and drove over to Burlington. Wishing now we had delayed our trip by three weeks and got the best of colours but hey we had beautiful sunshine and we imagined we were there in the height of summer.

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