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First, I want to thank my readers who have stopped back in to tell me how much my research and my miles (currently 3475 as of 12 Oct) means to them. It lets me know that I’m helping and not wasting my time. Also I want to thank those folks who have donated to “keeping Jeff on the road” You may have seen an “AD” pop up in my articles and these folks have straight out, donated. I am quite humbled when I get that notification from Paypal. If you look on the menu bar up top there is a page for it also. 🙂

Next I am happy to announce that two art buyers (Orlando FL. and Marlboro, MD) purchased three pieces of artwork from me this week. One person bought two images of the Jenne farm in Reading Vermont and the other bought the Fire pond.

Out of all the thousands of images of the Jenne farm for sale and they bought two of mine… I’m again humbly thankful. One request for those who might be blocking ADs in their browsers. I am self-employed and my affiliates along with Google ads are how I get paid. I understand why you do it but it would help me it you would visit those advertisers via my website that you find useful. Note* clicking a Google banner doesn’t require a purchase to help me.

Is the foliage over? Not yet!

Sabbathday Shaker village meeting house

Sabbathday Shaker village meeting house

This weekend from what I saw on Facebook and in blog feedback was outstanding. Lisa and I went to Maine on Saturday to the Sabbathday Shaker village.

They had a small festival going on with Vendors and demonstrations of Iron forge work and wood turning the old fashion way. Apples and cheese and food was plentiful (and good!)

But as you look at the Shaker Meeting house on the left you would say “Jeff is crazy! There are no fall colors there!” And you would be right on so MANY levels…

Fall foliage reflection on a Maine brook. #foliage_Reports, #JeffFolger, #JeffFoliage, #Vistaphotography

Maine fall color reflections

Now I’ll post an image from just a few miles away and you will be reminded why I say, “The colors can go from green to great in the space of a few miles, so just explore a little and you will find some”…

Stowe and Smuggler’s Notch, Vermont

I have been planning to get back up to Stowe and Smuggler’s Notch for some time now. I have been waiting for words from anyone saying the fall colors had “Really” arrived but all was quiet. My worry is always that the foliage will be over before I have a chance to visit!

So Monday morning my alarm was going off and I didn’t know why so I turned it off but before I could drift back to sleep (it was 4AM), a dim thought came forward to remind me that I was going north this morning. So I stumbled into the dark hallway to pull my big boys pants on and try not to wake Lisa up who had to go to work a few hours later.

I started to see hill tops poking through the low lying fog on 89 as I exited onto Route 100. I arrived at Smuggler’s Notch with few people there. I had been inspired by a photograph by a past Guild member, Matt Stearns who photographed the “Notch” at dawn and four years later I got there on a sun drenched morning to tackle the bright contrasts.

Fall foliage in Vermont's Smugglers'Notch make it difficult to navigate these turns

panoramic of one of the many turns in the “Notch”.

I’m not a hiker and no one will mistake me for one but I’m not afraid of walking up a hill.And what a hill that is, whew! I can also demonstrate that in no way, is the foliage over in Smuggler’s Notch.

Taking a ride through the fall foliage in Stowe Vermont

Stowe’s Gentle Giant sleigh rides. check their website at

I stopped at the Gentle Giant Sleigh and Carriage Rides which is just south of Smuggler’s Notch. They have buggies and buckboards for spring through fall and sleighs for when more inclement weather arrives in Stowe Vermont. (call ahead to make a reservation).

The Gentle Giants refers to their beautiful draft horses. I only caught the one ride going out and it looks to be a very comfortable ride through the covered bridge and into the woods. I bet that is an awesome way to see the fall colors in Stowe Vermont!

Iconic Vermont view of the Waits River church

Iconic Vermont Church

I drove down to Moretown VT and took the Moretown mountain road over to Northfield Vermont and stopped to photograph a couple of their red covered bridges (some of my favorites in New England)

Vermont scenic locations, Vermont fall foliage

How to Find (and Photograph) the Photo-scenics in Vermont

I slowly made my way over 302 and Route 25, ending up in Wait’s River where I caught one of the classic Vermont scenic Icons. If you want to locate this scenic Vermont view then pick up one of Arnold Kaplan’s (How to find and photograph Photo-scenics in Vermont)

Well I drove 516 miles on Columbus Day and that is what I always tell you not to do but when the fall colors are this glorious, I won’t blame you for doing a lot of miles.

Here is where it gets tough

The reports are showing hit or miss in Massachusetts and CT/RI. In Fact, my foliage spotter in central Mass, (John Burk Photography) says the Mohawk trail is still very green in a lot of areas and while color is coming in, it’s coming slowly like it did up north.

I expect the colors to take their time unless the cooler temps that we get over the next few days, speeds up the turning of the colors. This morning the weatherman mention snow in the Berkshires and upper elevations of the White and Green Mountains… I’ll let that sink in…

This snow is a double edge sword. It may speed things up and can take the leaves down and out. It sounds like it’s a very light dusting and only above the alpine level and IF this is the case it could bring cooler temps to the lower elevations and then we’ll hopefully see a movement towards turning color soon.

The Question is this, will we see it by this weekend? We also are seeing weather reports of wind and rain. and if you’ve heard me say it a thousand times this is the last thing we want to have now. The leaves are very vulnerable once they have turned color and they don’t need more than a nudge to head for cover on the ground.

Where to look for the fall colors this week

Your best bets are in the lakes region (where I’m heading in the morning) and southern Vermont and much of southern Maine… Massachusetts? well hopefully it picks up soon or I’ll be writing fall foliage articles about getting color in your Christmas wreaths! 🙂

New England fall Events

Old Sturbridge Village presents Dig In: A Field to Table Festival
Saturday and Sunday, October 17th-18th
Sturbridge, MA

Pumpkins on the Pier Festival
Milford, CT
October 17th, 2015
Read more about Pumpkins on the Pier and find family tips:

Halloween Storybook Hayrides at DeMeritt Hill Farm
Lee, NH
Saturday and Sunday, October 17th & 18th, 2015

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Columbus Day Weekend ends glorious but is the foliage over? — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m going to finalize my plans this evening and would love to hear your comments about the northern white mountains’s colors, especially along the Kancamagus Highway, before I make my final plan. Also, is the Kittery area, and Kennebunkport area considered in the southern ME area that should be be “popping” with color this weekend?

    • I have a feeling the Kanc will still be good this weekend (I can’t believe I’m saying that) 🙂
      I heard that Stowe was very good today and Woodstock area and back into NH along Route 4 and 11 was excellent.
      I have a report that Bethlehem and down into Crawford Notch is still showing lots of grey color but be prepared for leaf loss due to winds. That is the battle we are fighting right now.

  2. Thank you for your reports! We drove from Louisiana to Vermont & just arrived last night. I depend on your reports a lot to help us determine where to hit first. We are here until the 26th, so keep ’em coming!
    Thanks again,


  3. Back from a week (Oct. 5 – 11) mainly in New Hampshire, some in Massachusetts. The best color we found was in the Franconia – Sugar Hill – Littleton – Bethlehem area of NH. Three nights at the Inn on Golden Pond in Holderness where the colors were just beginning to show around Squam Lake.

  4. Jeff, If you had to pick a few places where you think the foliage will be “FANTASTIC” this coming weekend, October 17-18, where would that be? I live in Lexington, just northwest of Boston, and can drive anywhere in NH, ME, VT or MA. My plan will be to drive there Saturday, stay overnight and drive some more Sunday, ultimately finding my way home. What would be your suggestion? Thanks so much!!

    • I’m in Salem so just a jump away.. central VT and NH and southern Maine should all be great. There are holes in the fall colors in the northern white mountains but that is where I’m heading tomorrow… Good Luck! Read my article in the morning for NH lakes region route and ideas… All shots are from Wednesday

  5. Hi Jeff ,
    Amazing coverage .. astonishing … and I really appreciate the tremendous hard work that you are putting into this.
    Now, I have promised my wife to take her to see the fall colors in VT this year ( we live in Edison, NJ ), and we are expecting our first baby in the last week of NOV, so I would need your immensely valuable input to decide on a VT foliage trip .. we are planning to go to VT this coming weekend… AM I TOO LATE to witness the fall in VT, are we past peak already ?
    If not please give me some outlines as to where all I can possibly go where we can witness some amazing colors..

    Much Much thanks in advance !!


    • From what I hear Groton Vt over to Stowe and south along the green mountains to the southern Vermont border is looking good. We’re getting rain on Saturday so bring your rain coat!. Plan on hot cider south of Stowe on Route 100 at cold hollow cider mill (can’t miss that and you could try Ben and Jerry’s tour… maybe the walking will trigger something and they will name a flavor of ice cream in honor of your early arrival… 🙂 (kidding) Sunday look sunnier or at least less rainy. There is a sleigh ride place that I named in the article and they are $39 ea. Could be very relaxing…

  6. Went West into the Berkshires. Along the Masspike Route 90 thru Westfield to Lee – there was a lot of color…Really Vibrant Yellows and Reds. As we drove to Great Barrington, Stockbridge and then up Route 7 to Pittsfield and then over to Route 9 and then thru Northampton and then to Deerfield, Sunderland and back down to Pioneer Valley – The colors were changing but were very dull and there was a LOT of Green. I think the next 2 weeks will be nice as it will be Peak then.

  7. Thanks for all the posts Jeff. Finishing up our trip and found some great foliage – but I am from the South so note this all new to me. We are staying in Wolfboro on the lake and while it is pretty we saw so many colors on the Kancamagus highway today – just amazing. Seemed to be a bit more muted near Lincoln but near Conway the colors were wonderful. The trees near the lake re still pretty green in comparison. Safe travels.

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