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The question of the day is: The foliage is dead, or is it?

After 1-4 inches of rain you would think it would all be on the ground but the foliage is proving more resilient than I was thinking.

I talked to photographers in Rhode Island and Connecticut this morning. The general consensus is that while no longer peak, the colors weren’t hurt that badly. I even saw a post from photographer Jeff Newcomer up in Spofford NH and he says “they still have some color up there in southern NH.

Case Mountain Waterfalls in Manchester, CT

Case Mountain Waterfalls in Manchester, CT

Butch Lombardi of East Bay Images says: “Still plenty of good color down here, even after the storm. There was a lot of leaf drop but many trees that were in full color still retained a lot of their leaves. Still full color reflections in ponds and along country roads. With the fairly mild temps into the end of next week it should last for a while.”

Jonathan Steele Photography says: “Case Mountain Waterfalls in Manchester, CT Shot was taken early this afternoon. Manchester is about 10 miles east of Hartford.”

And also: “lake pocotopaug east hampton ct showing leaves still on the trees but past peak. This shot was taken about 4 pm today. East Hampton is about 20 miles southeast of Hartford.

And… “Tuesday, I traveled through the central part of the State along interstate 91 from Hartford to Cromwell.
In Cromwell I traveled down Country Club Road on to Hyde Road towards Durham. There was very strong color, to the east of Route 66.
Continuing on into Middlefield towards Lyman Orchards the foliage was back to a mix of peak to just past peak.

lake pocotopaug east hampton ct

lake pocotopaug east hampton ct

Driving on Route 157 to Route 68 and on into Durham the foliage was more to the side of past peak. Following route 79 towards Madison
it was a 50-50 mix between peak and past peak. Heading east on Route 80 I saw pretty much the same on into Deep River.

Wednesday I traveled Route 9 between Middletown and Old saybrook and with the rain having soaked everything I noticed
very strong color the whole way.

With the remnants of Hurricane Patricia passing through the state with heavy rains and strong winds I expect a lot to be lost.
One thing I will say is that all the waterfalls that had turned into dripping faucets should be
flowing strong for at least a day after the passing of the storm.

Here in Salem Massachusetts, I found good color but a lot of bare trees all through the downtown.

Golden leaves on Chestnut street in Salem

Carpet of yellow on Chestnut street

Although if you are coming to Salem I figure you are coming for the haunting good times and not as much the leaves. I did drive down the very scenic Chestnut street which is a very wide and historic avenue just outside the downtown (where the craziness is) and you can also ride the trolley through there.

For this weekend through next week

There is far less fall colors ahead of us than behind us but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find any on a weekend drive. The are farm stand full of harvest goodness and Pumpkins will be cheap now if you want to make a pie or three, the old fashioned way.

I have a couple pies to make myself today from apples that I’ve been collecting. Some were “free range” apples from the ground around apple trees that have been apparently abandoned.

Salem is expecting a banner day tomorrow so take the train in (or the ferry) from Boston. I would not try to drive there unless you have a lot of patience. (Really!!) I don’t drive down there unless I have to…

Next week I’ll have more to share as we wind down and start to prepare for Thanksgiving. I want to express my thanks to all of you who have asked questions and sent donations to “keep Jeff on the road”.

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Ding, Dong the foliage is dead, or is it? — 3 Comments

  1. Jeff, I was shooting at Ringwood Manor (Passaic Co., NNJ) this morning and it’s a mixture of just-past-peak and bare trees. Same with Harriman State Park, where I ended up after that. It’s a season with a beauty all its own, I find; I love shooting the thick carpet of leaves on the ground. Got some nice shots outside our office bldg. in Mahwah (Bergen Co., NNJ) this week; my boss, whose 6th fall this is with us, said it’s the first time he’s ever seen the foliage because it was so late this year; usually his visit to the Frankfurt Book Fair coincides with the peak foliage! I’ll be posting some of these images on FB.

  2. Even here in Maine,we have color! I have been taking senior photographs and the foliage is just such a nice addition to their portraits. We primarily have yellow and orange leaves left, not so many reds anymore.

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