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Today we have a quick New England fall foliage report, a short list of Fall Events that are upcoming this weekend, and the Comment to win! 

Farm equipment on a hillside covered in New England fall foliage

Vermont farm on this side of heaven

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BIG! New England Fall Events for the family

Please visit New England fall events website for more listings by state.

Fall foliage report for New England

I still have a fall foliage report or three to publish so don’t go too far especially if you are going to be on the roads looking for New England fall foliage hot spots!

I don’t know about all of you but I’m plum worn out! I’ve driven 4,256 miles this season (so far), and I’m now driving much less distance (Yaaa!). The beautiful fall colors took a big hit from the freezing temps on Sunday night and this video is my Monday morning quarterback session with the Weather Channel, Do you think I got it right? (leave a comment or three!)

Here are some of my southern New Hampshire fall foliage shots from Monday afternoon. I drove up to Manchester NH and caught 101 west and south. I hit New Boston (very scenic) and Greenfield and Old Coach road. These shots were taken on Monday the 19th of October.


For those wondering about the Mohawk trail and the Berkshires. John Burk photography submitted this image.


Western MA by John Burk

Hillside on the Deerfield River just off the Mohawk Trail in Charlemont by John Burk Photography


I also drove out on Saturday, along the Mohawk trail and I only got as far as Barton pond and found some swans swimming in the reflections of the fall colors.

a couple of geese swimming through the Reflections of fall colors.

a couple of geese swimming through the Reflections of fall colors.

Lastly, it’s that time again! Comment to win!

Which means if you want to win something from my grab bag of goodies that I’ve bought in general stores around New England, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post and that will enter you into the contest. Next week I (on Tuesday night I will assign everybody a number and then pick a number from a hat. The email you use needs to be a good one that you check… I will email that address to contact the winner.

I usually include a few pressed leaves from a previous year so there is a bonus. There is some guy going out in his yard and pulling leaves off the trees and for $19 he’ll send you three! Wow, that makes the value of my pressed leaves that I’ve been sending out, rise in value…

Escape today

Questions? leave me a comment…

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Fall Foliage report and Weekend events! — 27 Comments

  1. Agree! We still had a great time. But we won’t give up until we catch that peak time so we’ll keeping back. See ya!

  2. I’m still in it to win it! I love your posts…in my heart it’s fall, even though we are still quite warm and dry here in California. I would love to receive your Fine Art newsletter. Please sign me up!

  3. Hi Jeff, I have thoroughly enjoyed your fall foliage reports.

    I went to NE twice this year and the colors took my breath away. I am a southern girl and this was my first good experience with the fall colors. My photos, taken with my phone, don’t do then justice.

    We didn’t make any of the festival’s you mentioned, but we did go to The Big E in Springfield, MA, which I don’t think you mentioned at all. What a fascinating event with so many states represented. In the south, each state has their own state fair. I’m headed to the one in my home state of NC tomorrow.

    Thank you for what you do. I’m not that interested in fine art, but I’m game to give it a whirl, so you can add me to that blog as well.

    Take care and safe travels, Lisa Fallon

  4. Hi Jeff, Well, we are here in New England and have been for the past week. The colors are absolutely beautiful! I understand from our tour director that we are very lucky to have such widespread beautiful colors this late in the season, so we are very thankful. Thank you for keeping us informed with your foliage reports!

  5. Thank you for your blog and all of the great information! We were on a fall foliage photo workshop in the Poconos, PA this weekend and colors are better here in MA. Please also add me to your fine art blog! Thank you Jeff for everything!

    • I added you to my Fine Art newsletter and you’ll receive it momentarily. If you don’t, check your spam mail folder and make those emails from me as safe. Mine has html in it and the regular newsletters have tracking cookies to see if anyone is opening them. (lets me know how I’m doing. 🙂

  6. We just got back from the Berkshires over Columbus Day weekend. It’s our annual trip. We drove over to Quabbin Reservoir and it was just beautiful!

  7. I love all your pics, gorgeous! Been to Vt this year but we were weeks early from peak, hope next time we get the right timing.

    • Well Clea remember I always will say, “timing it is tough!” I try to time it and I live here and some days I do good and someday’s not so good… Always create a plan for visiting a foliage spot and then do a event or other harvest festival and then a foliage spot. This way if you are way early or way late, you still have a great trip!

      See ya next year!

  8. Thanks for your observations and sharing your awesome pictures! I’m always sad when the foliage season is over. I’m going to try and see some tomorrow here in PA. Just not the same as New England. But I guess that’s what makes it special! (Brigadoon)

  9. Hi Jeff,
    Every 4 years or so we make our New England swing which consists of 4-5 days in Vermont, an equal amount in New Hampshire, 10 days in Maine split between Bar Harbor and the Portland area. Our best decision was to return to Southern N.H. and Vermont for the third week in October. Loved the Bennington area as well as 7A in Vermont up to Manchester. Thanks for all your help in navigating the beautiful New England foliage season.
    Hope to see you next year!
    Ed & Carolyn Gruber
    San Antonio, TX

  10. Liked your interview on tv.
    What fine arts newsletter? Haven’t heard of it or I’m maybe not reading carefully enough. Sign me up! Or tell me how to sign up.

  11. I read every email you send and have enjoyed your reports so much as I am missing New England fall foliage
    this year. I am traveling and taking in the color in Maryland (some so far) and down in Kentucky and Tennessee.
    NOTHING compares to New England. Next year, I will have 10 guests arriving from all over our country hoping
    to catch a glimpse! Am already looking for lodging in the Whites to accommodate this crowd – right after Columbus
    Day 2016. Well, my comment here is really about your ‘colorful’ and very informative reviews after each look-see
    drive. AND, your gorgeous pics. The above, ‘This Side of Heaven’ took my breath away. Thanks for spreading
    the joy of it all.

  12. Really enjoy your posts from here in Michigan. We where blessed to visit last year and your pictures and insight about where to travel in New England were priceless. Keep up the good work!

  13. You’ve got it right Jeff! Drove the lakes area today on Route 3 and Route 11 and there was some nice color there and still some green. Mountains were mostly past peak with exception to some nice color in the Bartlett area. I am going to take your suggestion and check out the Maine seacoast in the next few days! Great to see you on the Weather Channel! 🙂

  14. Love your pics and posts! I headed up to Jim Thorpe, PA on Sunday and they were close to peak. Lots of color.

  15. My wife and I traveled through NH and VT in late September, unfortunately too early for the colorful panorama. But we have enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your magnificent photos. Somehow you are able to capture the exquisite beauty of the NE landscape, something I have almost given up trying to do. Thanks.

  16. Jeff, about your fine art newsletter. Please may I offer some advice. You’re making it difficult for people to do these things. You have a very busy page here and the note about that newsletter is buried in the midst of it. I’m not sure that the directions are all that clear. You want a box on the page that JUST invites readers to subscribe, tells them the benefits, and contains the link to subscribe. And you may want to have a specific FB post about it and even perhaps an email dedicated to that. Your latest email was the first I even knew about it. Now, after all that, will you please subscribe me — is that how it works? I’d love to get that newsletter. And I’ll tell others about it.

  17. You’re the best Jeff. Polly’s Pancakes started our New England trek off right nice Oct 3rd-10th this year. We visited several spots you’ve recommended from NH to VT to Maine. Can’t wait to return next year! Until then we enjoy your photos and reports, adding to a growing list of places to discover on our next trip. Thanks for all the miles driven!

  18. Thanks Jeff,
    Don and Kathi back at Boston today after following colts with you blog help. It was 2100 miles zig zagging coast to northerly inland Stowe a “10”, Sugar Hill, Lancaster, Mad Creek-Tucker Hill, and the 100 So from West Dover was crazy beautiful down that narrowing valley and vertical slope a blaze with color.
    Terrific memories for first timers to the NE colors.

  19. You do seem to have a pulse on the “colors of New England”. I live in North Carolina but was in New England from Oct 5-12 (actually went to Salem one afternoon). Best colors I saw were on the Kanc.

  20. I have really enjoyed your posts. Looking forward to many more years as I just don’t get these colors in South Texas!

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