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Fall foliage update and weekend events

What we’re seeing so far is seasonal temps and sunny days but the fall colors are slowly appearing across Northern New England. A lot of you have heard me and others talk about how this season is late. Here is a secret, none of us really know what is normal as far when the fall colors show up. Since 2012 most of us have been saying they are early so maybe these are the normal dates for the colors to show up?

New England fall colors greets Peacham Vermont

Peacham awakens to the promise of New England fall foliage

Also I’m picky and like my fall colors a certain way but one mans peak is another’s Blah! What I want you to do, is try to not focus on whether what you are seeing is “PEAK”. If you are from Oklahoma you may have an idea of what peak is but you are probably relying on someone like me to tell or show you what peak is. What I want you to do is forget the word “Peak” and substitute “colorful”, as in Colorful fall colors.

I can say that since dawn this morning I saw “Colorful” fall colors all day some brighter and darker. One maple a dark wine red and another was almost pink, Yes, they vary that much and that is the fun!

“Colorful” Fall Colors found in Vermont

Today I drove 531 miles between Salem and the Canadian border. As you can see from above I met the sunrise in Peacham Vermont and all too soon Mother Nature decided I was enjoying myself too much and the sun rose above the cloud deck, not to be seen until I was down in Crawford Notch (Route 302). I headed up to Danville, St Johnsbury and Lyndonville where I jumped on Route 114. From this point until I got to Norton Vermont I was seeing the colors really pop.

Then between Norton and Caanan the intensity declined. As I headed south on Route 102 to Guildhall I could see the hills are still pretty colorful but the intensity had gone from the hills. All the way back down to Route 302 through Crawford Notch I saw very colorful trees with differing levels of intensity.


Weekend Events by New England Fall Events

Check out the New England Fall Events Website

Fall Festival at Dog Mountain
St. Johnsbury, VT
Saturday, October 10th, 2015
More Dog-Friendly Fall Events:

New Hampshire Fall Festival at Strawberry Banke Museum
Portsmouth NH
Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Escape today

Annual North American Wife Carrying Championship at Sunday River
Newry, ME
Saturday, October 10th, 2015
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Fall foliage update and weekend events — 18 Comments

  1. Well, I DO have a question. We ended up here in Quebec City after driving thru the Northeast Kingdom yesterday (gorgeous!) We have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday free and I want to see more beautiful fall foliage scenery BUT the weather report shows most areas rainy. Where do you recommend we spend those 3 days?

    • I show most all of the Atlantic seaboard to be sunny tomorrow so you should have no troubles. I would check for local state forests and trails to explore. I don’t know Canada so I’m afraid I’m out of my league up there… 🙂

  2. Wanting to head to the Berkshires tomorrow (Columbus Day) – I have read that near water is the prettiest – can you give any suggestions? We live in the Springfield, Mass area and will be heading along the pike (i assume)

    • I’m not sure but heading to route 7 and traveling up through the valleys would be best and then look for any road in the Gazetteer that says “old main road” I’ve found those to be great for color.

  3. Jeff,
    We spent last weekend roaming around all the golden spots from Barton to Barnet and Cabot to Killington and ended up not even taking the camera out of the bag. It was 850 miles long (from NYC and back) disappointment. What places do you suggest for the coming weekend?


    • Boy you sound like a tough to please customer. Most of the color has been coming along road ways. The hillsides above the places we’d like to see haven’t really developed great color. I’ve been posting reports to my Facebook page and you should check the Yankee foliage page as well. This weekend will have so many on the road that I’m thinking of going to Acadia.

  4. Hi Jeff – we are visiting Vermont (Waterbury) from 9th-12 Oct and would like to capture morning shot of pond/reservoir covered with fog and mountains as backdrop.. I have seen some pictures online and also taken by my friend last year and loved them.. Could any one suggest are there any other places similar to below (pond/reservoir covered with fog and mountains as backdrop and small trees in middle of reservoir) near Waterbury? I dont know how to attach the photos i have seen here 🙁

    Has any one visited Chittenden Reservoirs lately? How are colors coming there? we are planning to visit for morning shots of reflection and fog..Any tips what time we should plan to visit for morning shots with fog and camera settings/tips 🙂 ?

  5. Hi Jeff – Were can i find farms with hills filled with fall color as backdrop and cows feeding? We are visiting Stowe region on coming weekend and would like to view and click some pictures of VT Farm with cows feeding and hills filled with colors of fall.. I have seen some of those pics online and would like to capture and view in person. Any help or tips would be appreciated?

    • Stowe is the place to be. Head out on 100 either way and then take the nearest dirt road and you will find a farm… the barn and cows… well that will depend on the cows and farmer

  6. I didn’t freak out and cancel my trip. Arrived late yesterday in White River Junction and spent today in Woodstock and Rt. 100 north to Montpelier. I found everything very COLORFUL and very beautiful. I’m loving it here! Thank you for all your help, Jeff!

  7. Sounds like you were in my neighborhood, Jeff 🙂 I’m surprised at how far behind we are here in the NorthEast Kingdom of Vermont. Those ponds on Rte 114 between Island Pond and Norton are always the first to turn. Hopefully we see some sun tomorrow so I can get a couple of photos that I have been after this year.

  8. Hi Jeff, Thank you for your posts which I find helpful and entertaining as well! I took my 87 year old Mom for a little leaf peeping ride yesterday (she is in Mechanic Falls, ME) up through South Paris and over Paris Hill. Colors are beginning to be lovely though not intense but it was a wonderful crisp, sunny day and it got Mom out and about!

    • That sounds great I wish I could get my dad out for a similar trip but he wouldn’t make it to far… Maybe when the colors get down here in a few weeks…

  9. We are headed to Ogunquit, Bar Harbor and then over to White Mountains and Franconia Notch. Colorful?

    • When is my first question… Most likely the White mountains will be more so that the coast until after the 15th or the 20th… Everything is slow to turn so far this year… but not equally…

  10. So far It’s been quite a challenging year for chasing peak foliage around the state.
    My area (southern Washington County and Northern Orange County Vermont received a lot of rain during early summer to mid-late summer which helped a lot. I’m sticking with areas that are peppered with fir trees mixed with the maples in because firs typically grow well in areas with a lot of ground water or areas near large streams, rivers, ponds or lakes.

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