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As my friend and foliage colleague, Jim Salge (Yankees foliage guru) says, “Mother Nature hasn’t been kind to us”. We can deal with a little drought, which we got, but what we never want to see is summer, extending into September. There is nothing we can do, except to deal with what Mother Nature sends our way, so as my wife tells me, “Stop whining about it”. 🙂

Where to go looking for fall color this weekend?

The good news for all of you who are arriving today, is that in many areas the fall color is arriving also! I found really great fall color on Tuesday in Northern Vermont but my photographer friends and my fans on Facebook that send in pictures with locations and dates, have a better picture of whats out there. (literally)

Autumn fog flows over farm and Vermont fall foliage

Farm in valley surrounded by autumn fog

For you Pat’s fans… The Fall colors are on the 3 yard line and they need the help of the linebackers (cold temps) to get that final push across to the end zone (peak fall foliage colors). Where’s Gronk when we need him??? 🙂


From Stowe North into the North East Kingdom. Scenic roads to follow are as always, almost any road you want to try. I assume you have a map book since I DID recommend it… I had one person report that they had no cell service in Peacham so no navigation and she said no GPS service and I don’t know if you meant on her phone because I use a “real” GPS and it will find a signal if the overhead canopy isn’t too heavy. (Many of the roads do have heavy over head screening of leaves).

Vermont fall foliage

The Green mountains crossing over Route 125 near ski area

Disregard what I suggested earlier this week about Route 125. My foliage reporter in that area is saying that it’s not good right now but from Lake Dunmore road or Route 7 looking at The Green mountains is looking nice Also you could try Route 30 across the Greens to Peru VT, But I don’t have a report for there… Unless you go and want to leave one?

New Hampshire

From the White Mountains North. The Kanc and Franconia Notch are being reported as really good color. Also this shot from Chris Whiton Photography of the Valley of the East Branch Pemi Wilderness. Magical colors. Taken 5PM on Thursday.

New Hampshire fall foliage

valley of the East Branch Pemi Wilderness. Magical colors.

Other places to check are Errol and Gorham in the Northern area of the White mountains. Stark NH is being reported as Peak as well.

Maine fall foliage report

Rhode Island fall foliage from roadside. #foliage_reports

roadside fall color 7 October

I got a report in from Heather at the Cozy Moose cabins in Greenville Maine, saying the color is between 35-55%. Read her article here.

Also in Camden Maine Teri posted to my fall foliage page on Facebook.

Even in Camden Maine the colors are "Bursting out" as Teri Z. says…

Posted by New England Fall Foliage on Friday, October 9, 2015

MA, RI and CT

Also pictures are coming in from Acadia but it’s very early color there with single trees or groups of trees. The same goes for Rhode Island and Connecticut. I was in Rhode Island yesterday afternoon and I snapped a shot of a beautiful maple as I was stopped in traffic and lastly we were heading to the Roger Williams Zoo for the parade of Pumpkins.

The pumpkin show is a walk through event and once you get past all the vendors it darkens up with few lights. They don’t allow tripods or mono-pods??? so all mine were hand held. The first is from my camera, the second is from my cell phone.

Also color reports are showing that the lower three New England states are coloring up. So the fall foliage is moving south!

Dan added his report just now:

I left Stowe, Vermont yesterday and probably 90% of the trees are complete color. We rode the Gondola in Stowe and they said they were about 2-3 days from ‘peak’.

We drove to Lake Placid and took the fairy from Vermont to New York. Once we started driving in New York towards the Adirondack Mountains the color was unbelievable. I would say they are at ‘peak’.

We are going to leave for Manchester, Vermont on Monday and see if the Green Mountain National Forest will be at ‘peak’ then.


Escape today


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Finding fall color on Columbus Day Weekend — 17 Comments

  1. Jeff, we are on our way back to Kansas. We have spent the past 3 weeks in ME,NH,VT,& MA. We have thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Even though the colors were late in coming, we enjoyed finding the many covered bridges, visiting cheese dairies and eating samples of cheese–and touring Ben and Jerry’s. We left VT on Columbus Day Weekend. Never having been in the New England States before and not knowing what “peak” is, we thought the foliage was beautiful!! One sign we saw that added humor to our trip, “BRAKE FOR PEEPERS”. Keep up the posts and thanks again!!

  2. Thanks jeff. We will start our journey Saturday morning from Ottawa October 24th and we have to be in New York Sunday evening October 25th . can you please help us plan our trip. Where to sleep , etc.

    • I don’t help plan where to sleep because I rarely stop to sleep. I’m not really a travel agent 🙂 So I don’t spend all my time researching B&B’s (unless my wife is with me then I try to find some place nice) But on Route 7 is the Silas Griffith Inn. We stayed there and liked it.

  3. Dear Jeff
    I fully agree that this September has not been kind to us, fall foliage lovers.
    I am planning a trip to New York,and Philadelphia at the end of October (24th- November 2nd) from my home in Ottawa, Ontario. We plan to travel slowly via Vermont/ Upstate New York to admire the fall foliage. I know that this is usually too late to admire colors but I am secretly hoping that this hot September is a blessing in disguise and the region will be peaking around the end of October. Am I right? Could u please recommend me the best route for us and where we should stay to get the most viewing experience?
    Thanks very much
    Kat and Adam

    • I think you’ll see some color but how much is up to Mother Nature. I think also by hitting Route 7 you will go down by the lake in VT and that will be the later color. If you are seeing too much green then by all means head to Route 100 and try there.. If all bare? then head back to 7 as green is a color versus bare branches. What determines quality will be a storm between now and then.. We’ve been very lucky so far… Also do a bit of research on 7 as you have the Shelburne museum and you could if desired in St Albans wick op route 2 and travel down the islands in lake Champlain and then back to 7. lots of farms and such and St Anne Shrine.
      In Manchester is a college town and just south of that is Hildene, the home of Todd Lincoln. (son of Abe)
      I hope this helps

  4. Hi Jeff,

    I am from CT. Planning to drive around VT on Saturday Oct 10.
    This would be my tentative route:
    Montpelier —> Stowe ( rt 100) —> Smugglers Noth ( 108) —-> Hyde Park —> Wolcott —> Craftsbury —–>Peacham —> Ricker Pond —-> back home.

    Would this route take me to most coveted peak foliage areas? OR I need to make any changes?
    is it worth going to the Top of Mt Mansfield at this time?

    Would gladly welcome any suggestions for this trip.


    • I don’t see why those areas won’t be good… Some peak some not but all should be near… Smugglers still has green in it but I just posted a shot from yesterday from there that looked awesome…

  5. Jeff, I am at the airport in Portland waiting to fly back to Atlanta. Due to your excellent instructions, I was able to find the five covered bridges. We went to Bar Harbor then to Jefferson, N H and on to Waterbury/Stowe, VT. The colors on the drive west were few and far between but the further west we got, the more color we saw. Then As we worked our way back to Portland, the colors had burst. Just in the space of five days. Oh so beautiful!

  6. I left Stowe, Vermont yesterday and probably 90% of the trees are complete color. We rode the Gondola in Stowe and they said they were about 2-3 days from ‘peak’.

    We drove to Lake Placid and took the fairy from Vermont to New York. Once we started driving in New York towards the Adirondack Mountains the color was unbelievable. I would say they are at ‘peak’.

    We are going to leave for Manchester, Vermont on Monday and see if the Green Mountain National Forest will be at ‘peak’ then.


  7. One more comment from Gary and Cookie White; before heading back to Pittsburgh on October 6, I decided to take one more side trip so we headed west on route 9 from Brattleboro to Bennington and we saw the best colors of the week. I would say they were close to 60% with some vivid. Also at the top of the mountain there is the Hogback Mountain Country Store which is a nice friendly stop.

  8. Hi Jeff – we are planning for a day drive starting Waterbury – Groton State Park (check out Kettle, Noyes and Seyon Fishing area) – St Johhsbury (Rt US2 and US5) – Newport (I91) – Lyndone (US5) – Jays State Forest (Rt 242) – Montgomery (Rt 242) – Waterbury covering around 210 miles and 5 hours non stop driving timing… my questions ate –
    1. Are any of these routes at peak at the moment?
    2. If we start driving from early morning around sunrise do you think we can easily finish with photo stops and food etc by sundown? We are going to drive in this area for first time so would like to understand and estimate better.
    3. Are there any area/paths you would recommend us to drop/add in the itinerary?
    4. I have seen pictures of Jay’s peak area but i am unable to find directions how to reach same, guidance please?
    5. Any particular Barn, Ponds, Bridges you would suggest stopping for photos on the route as per this years reviews & talks?
    6. Should we squeeze in Pichemen village as well?
    7. Any suggestions for restaurants/local on the route?

    Thanks a lot for your inputs.. Appreciate a lot.

    • Jay peak is off Route 242. Follow it north and then follow the signs up to the resort. The do not have gondolas running this season so maybe just drive 242 to 105 and follow that over to Newport. I haven’t had any reports on Newport.
      Lyndonville heading north on 114 was peak and you can take that north to Norton and east to Caanan. You will find a stop in Island pond with several places in there to catch a meal. I ate at a restaurant on the lake (Onion soup was a little too much cheese but very oniony…

      I think most places north and east of Stowe should be far enough along to be pleasing. (according to comments I am seeing… Peacham is always worth a stop and I wish I could be there this weekend. Head to the breakfast place in town for a sandwich or quiche and other items. Limited hours but good food.
      Near there places that are pretty with farms and things to see are Groton, Marshfield and Barnet. (Hell any small town in there should be nice.
      Covered bridges
      Orne Covered Bridge irasburg VT
      Hutchins Covered Bridge in Montgomery
      Gold brook covered bridge just south of Stowe also called the Emily’s haunted covered bridge

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