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Well the weekend arrived and I only went out once. I was ready to say the colors have been retired but I was wrong. I’ve only seen a few fall color reports on the Fall foliage Facebook page but for those still roaming the backroads, there is still a lot of late fall foliage to be found.

Big old orange and red maple on Frost farm

Big old maple on Frost farm

Lisa and I drove up to the Robert Frost farm just outside Derry NH. The house is closed for the season but we walked one of the trails behind the house.

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View of Robert Frost farm

View of Robert Frost farm

Along I-93 the trees are mostly bare or faded. but when we got off the highway and made our way over to Route 28 and the Robert Frost farm, we were seeing past peak color but very nice color all the same.

Mary Ann’s Diner in Derry

After we left the Frost farm, we headed into Derry for lunch. Lisa and I are drawn to old style diners. We found Mary Ann’s Diner. Fifties and sixties music is played and when we got in there, we sat down, in a big comfortable booth, to the Beach Boys. They only serve breakfast on the weekends  but the breakfast menu is large and we gave our afternoon breakfast, high marks.

Mary Anns diner

Mary Anns diner


Everywhere we went today. from Derry to Atkinson NH we saw amazing colors. we stayed on Island pond road and then Providence road, Sawyer road.

small covered walking bridge

small covered walking bridge

When we passed the Atkinson Country Club, I had to stop and photograph the covered walking bridge they have between the back 9 and the front 9 holes. The colors were quite bright across the golf course.

Farm driveway lined with maples

Then I came to something I’ve been waiting for years to happen. Near my sisters house a farm that raises beef cattle and they planted years ago, maple trees along their driveway . When I first saw it, it was just a white fence and not much to look at. but when they planted rows of maples, I got interested. So for the past 10 years, I’ve been watching them get bigger and each fall I waited for them to turn color.

Rows of colorful maples

Rows of colorful maples in Atkinson NH

They are just about peak but even if they haven’t all turned, they are quite beautiful, all the same..

Where to look this week

If you are out this week, wandering the backroads of New Hampshire, Massachusetts or Connecticut and Rhode Island, I would look at areas near water because those areas turn later. from there work your way out until you find color. Also get a good map book (As I always tell you) and look for things that interest you.

If you get to a promising area, stop! Yes stop. Look for a general store or anyplace where you can talk to someone who lives around there. I guarantee they will be happy to tell you about the history of their town and great places to view foliage.

Possible damaging rain coming

It looks like we’ll be seeing a good bit of rain move through the area on Wed/Thursday so after that we may lose a fair bit of the colorful leaves. I may have to try to sneak on more trip in this week, so we’ll see what happens

I’ll be up in Vermont for Halloween so I don’t think I’ll see much in the way of fall colors, so be sure to hit the Facebook page and post what you find!

My Article on Wednesday will be when I announce the comment-to-win winner (If you don’t know what that is read last Tuesdays blog post), Good travels my friends

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Subscribe to my Newsletter - If you would like to sign up for my Fine Art America Newsletter (click this link and a window will open allowing you to sign up). Why sign up for the newsletter? Contests, discount codes on my artwork, maybe an excerpt from my book "Exploring the back roads of New England with Jeff Foliage"... Yes you heard me right... (Damn now I have to start writing it!)



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Late fall foliage is still being found — 4 Comments

  1. We finally arrived in Vermont! Took the 100 route from Burlington to Weston and absolutely loved the drive on Sunday October 25. Lots of yellow and gold mixed with bare trees until we got to Ludlow and the ski resort (Okemo) and found some red as well. What a fantastic trip even without color but we were so excited to see the color we saw. Thanks for everything!! I will donate to your cause later today.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    A friend and I just returned from our first ever trip to New England last night. We were on a tour of all six New England states, and we were afraid that we were going to be there too late in the season to see really great color. But we felt so fortunate; the tour director said several times that it was unusual to see such vibrant colors this late in the season—-the colors were absolutely beautiful! We loved the small towns that we visited and the history that we learned about. We spent a couple extra days in Boston and saw our nation’s history “come to life”—–it was a truly wonderful trip that we will remember always. Thank you for your informative posts that helped us prepare for the trip of a lifetime!



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