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Surprise! The fall colors are still here! You should plan to come up this weekend and check New England Fall Events to see if there is an activity that you want to do while you are up here!

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New Hampshire fall foliage is making its arrival… STILL!

For those who arrived early based on last years dates, remember what I said all year-long:

  • Trying to time the fall colors is like timing the stock market, seldom does it work
  • Always plan for interesting things to do and catch-all the fall colors in between destinations

For those of you who are arriving now in October, we are seeing great fall colors! The only problem I see, is if you listened to me, you made your reservation in southern VT/NH and ME or even MA. While this weekend should be great in most of those areas Massachusetts is just starting to show good color and CT and RI are also in their upswing of fall colors. The real fall colors are up in VT, NH, and ME.

So for those with reservations down south, you will be heading north, to visit the New England fall colors. Depending on where you are starting this means planning on 30 minutes, up to 2 hours travel time, to get up north. If you are wondering, the colors are great up into Franconia Notch and over into Vermont’s Green Mountains.

The upside is for all those folks who were hoping to find fall colors up in the White Mountains in late October and I told you that, you probably wouldn’t find much color up north… Well surprise! you should find beautiful autumn fall colors up into the all those areas… There are still holes in different areas where winds have taken the fall colors down. If you just drive a mile or two further, you should find great color.

Mount Chocorua in autumn fall colors

Mount Chocorua in autumn fall colors

I was in the Lakes region on Wednesday (14th) and I saw beautiful colors from Mount Chocorua, down to the lake, on through Eaton, Tamworth, North and Center Sandwich. Yes I had a sandwich in North Sandwich. (well I did!) 🙂

The fall colors of autumn arrive in New Hampshire to enjoy the New England fall foliage

The Summer ends in a fall color reflection of docks and canoes

I made a special stop to locate the Durgin covered bridge which I hadn’t photographed in the fall colors. There was still a lot of color but you can see that wind and rain has taken down much of the leaf cover. The upside to that is I could see more of the bridge.

Fall colors over the Durgin covered bridge

Fall colors over the Durgin covered bridge

Then I continued into Moultonborough, down 109 along the eastern edge of Lake Winnipesaukee to Wolfeboro and then down to Alton Bay.

From there I went down Route 11 for home. I saw declining amounts of fall colors all the way to my driveway. This isn’t to say there wasn’t bright fall colors, it just means there was a higher ration of green to the bright colors that I saw up in the lakes region.

Remember to stop and visit the New England foliage Facebook page  for up to the minute updates.

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Surprise! The fall colors are still here! — 9 Comments

  1. Concerned we won’t be seeing anything along route 100 – or anywhere. Arriving this coming Saturday (late) and planning on the 100 drive on Sunday. What do you think our best bet is to see color Londonderry and north.

    • Well from everything I’m hearing is much of the northern color has been knocked down but I saw a shot of Smugglers notch from this morning and while closed (probably for the season) it still looked pretty. Mt Mansfield all white above and a little color on the trees but by Sunday??? I think you’ll be enjoying a hot cider at Cold Hollow and a cider donut and enjoying the color in little swatches. There will be some maples late to the party and they may have pretty color this weekend but depending on your reservations you might do better looking at Massachusetts or Connecticut or even Rhode Island…

  2. Thanks for the tip on the Durgin bridge; the drive to it was AMAZING. We spent Thursday night in Jackson, NH and saw good color. Drove Hurricane Mountain Road – BEAUTIFUL. The drive from Grafton, VT to Walpole, NH was colorful yesterday, but a lot of leaves were falling.
    Heading to Woodstock for a couple of days.
    Was wondering if you have any reports on Bar Harbour….heading there Tuesday.

  3. Hey Jeff,
    We have had a wonderful trip through Northern VT, NH and near Bar Harbor in Maine over the past 2 weeks.. But we have found the greatest color over the past 2 days on Rt. 9 from Brattleboro to Bennington, VT. Looks like 80-90% to us. On our way to Thomaston, CT Tomorrow.
    Ed & Carolyn Gruber
    San Antonio, TX

  4. Hello Jeff,
    It is great to hear this!
    Will Stowe still be a good place to go this weekend?

    Thank you,

    • Well if you meant last weekend, you already know.. SNOW! this coming weekend? then I would say not if fall color is your main goal. MA, RI and CT will be the areas with the best chance of fall colors. But Stowe will be quiet and I would be a few trees might still have colors… If nothing else the Larch will be turning golden very soon! I always try to see the bright side. Visit a couple covered bridges, get some cider at Cold hollow and take a tour of Ben and Jerrys! See all sorts of things to do… 🙂 Sorry if I missed this but it for some reason went to spam and I didn’t see it till now.

  5. Yer killin’ me! I’m already back from Mt. Washington area and Stowe area. I live in Georgia. I CANT go back!!

    Marietta, GA

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