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Weekend fall foliage update 3-4 Oct — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff – We are heading to Stowe on coming weekend, hope to find some good colors.We need your advice/guidance on were to take the pictures we see all the time in Stowe with fall colors and Church?

  2. Thank you, Jeff, for that good advice. But now, I am getting scared: I’ve been reading on this site that people are reporting leaves going from green to brown with no colors. Do you think that this is a year of dull or no color?

    • I could be a dull year except that I have seen bright colors along many road sides. 2011 was a very dull years and usually results from too much rain… Not our problem this year. Mother Nature is going to have to give an extra push with cooler temps and frosts and sunshine to make it happen… It may just all be delayed or it may still happen or not more than it is now.. One note is that my wife feels except for the most critical (like me) most everybody will be very happy with what they find… Ask the question on the FB page, I’m hearing happy reports so I don’t think you’ll miss out on too much. Just do what I always say.. Have a plan for a festival or an event or a covered bridge or museum.. Once you’ve done these and you are on the way to the next one you will probably see very nice color and that is the way of it. If you come with the only thought is to go from tree to tree… I hate to say it that is both boring and not the point of coming to New England.. You come for the whole package. Visit the birthplace of America. Walk on the Battle road in Lexington. Visit a apple orchard and taste the harvest textures that autumn brings to us… These are what autumn is all about… 🙂 I’ll get off my soapbox now…

  3. Hello Jeff, after much thought, I booked a motel in White River Junction for Oct. 7 – Oct 15. I feel this is the perfect base for doing day trips in any direction. I printed out TONS of possible fall foliage scenic drives in Vermont & New Hampshire but my question is: how will I know each day which of all these drives has the best fall foliage scenery? Do I check with the Visitors’ Center? Will I get this info on your website? Or something else?

    • If you have wifi you can check my facebook page and see what is being reported by “others” on the page. I try to get the reports up on the “front” on the page as soon as I see them. But once you are in place you need to realize that not much is going to change while you are here… It will not be like someone turns on a light buld in one spot and everybody screams, There is peak!!! 🙂 Well it may seem like it.
      This season is going to be a slow to develop so which ever road you are on IS the right road. There are no real wrong roads. If you find a road that is all bare threes then continue elsewhere because most likely it’s only that short stretch of road is like that and a few miles down the road it will be much better.
      Also I think right now you will be heading north each morning as the colors are being very stubborn right now.

  4. Thank you for your detailed updates, I can’t tell you how much we enjoy them, including the inspiring photos, My husband and I will be traveling from Long Island to Lower Waterford Vt to Jackson NH,,,Can you recommend a scenic route? We will begin our travels on Wednesday the 7th,
    Thank you,

    • It depends on your time frame. more time slower routes and less time take highways.. That said leave NY and catch route 15 near White plains the pick up route 7 north. Follow 7 up through CT into MA and into VT. You can crossover to Route 100 and head north. NOTE!!!! Be off the road by noonish on Friday because a million + people will be heading north on Friday afternoon and evening. Then Sat to Monday stay on dirt roads like around Barnet, Thetford (barn museum there) and similar places.
      Hit 302 in NH very colorful but could be crowded so you can hit a bit north of that and Routes 2 and 110 near Jeffersonville and Stark and Milan and Berlin.. Also hit Ravenwood in Jackson.. 🙂

  5. On Oct. 2, I drove from the Berkshires up Rt. 100 in VT as far as Stowe. Was surprised (but very pleasantly) that the trees a little more central (especially Killington and Rt. 4 E and W) were well on their way to bursting with color. Many areas near brilliant. Would gladly attach photo but not sure how.

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