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I’m sure you are way too busy to read this but if you are relaxing from running to the malls and dodging traffic, just a reminder that we have passed the  ground shipping deadline and between now till the 18th you will have to express ship artwork from my art gallery in order to get it prior to Christmas day.

To circumvent these dates you can simply go to FAA and buy a gift certificate and give the gift of ART! All you do is go to this gift certificate link and put in how much you want the GC to be good for and then you can download a PDF and print it (or email it) to the recipient. I would prefer that you send them to my gallery but the GC will be good for all art on FAA. (more than a million pieces of art up there)

Fall Foliage Calendars

2016 Photo Wall CalendarI made up five calendars for 2016 and I have to say those five flew out the window. So, if you would like one for 2016 let me know as I made up another small order of 5. Other than that Next summer I will start taking pre-orders for 2017 and a November delivery. The cost will be $16 stateside with no shipping charged. The size is 11W x 8.5H (folded) and you can click the thumbnail to the right to get an idea of the images I picked for this year.

Giveaway winner for December

My Give-away winner for December is Roberta Trabish. Between now and mid-May I’m using my newsletter subscriber list on Fine Art America for choosing my winners. When mid-May roles around again, I will start up the comment to win, here on the blog. But! if enough people are visiting my blog in March or April I may do it a little earlier… So if you want the comment to win to come back to the blog earlier, then make sure you share it on your social media and get your friends to read it.

2016 Fall foliage forecast!

I’m looking at the El Niño (maybe a La Niña) report for summer and fall 2016 and the next report comes out on the 17th of December and after that I will make my Fall foliage forecast, probably just around Christmas. But I think we’re going to be looking at conducive weather for this next fall! NOW! on to the 2015 recap!

2015 autumn Review in images

Barns on a hill in Peacham VermontWell I went back and looked at my January 2015 predictions, Boy did Mother Nature put one over on me, or maybe I didn’t want to admit that the warm temps would slow things up so much.

Slow and steady was the order of the day. I started driving up into New Hampshire and the Northeast Kingdom around 18 September and while I was seeing some color, it was at least a solid week late. I started to see the fall colors get nice near Peacham around 1 Oct(as seen to the right), along with the White Mountains but it was still developing a week later.

The breakdown of what I saw…

Man running up Smugglers notchIt was both slow to start and it was also slow to progress. In some instances I was seeing color at least a week or two after I would usually see colors in an area. A good example was Stowe Vermont. I got there, with a plan to walk Smuggler’s Notch on Columbus Day (the weekend I tell you to avoid it because of crowds and the colors should be fading). Well that sure didn’t pan out this year. I parked my car up above smuggler’s Notch and walked down it and back up again at dawn.

Someone commented, saying it still wasn’t peak… Maybe, but if I say this a hundred times!! If you find the colors at 85% towards peak color or anything above that will knock your socks off. I will also say this for the record, green is a great counterpoint to red, orange and yellow. (Hey! green is a color also…)


Sleepy Hollow farm or the Gray farm

Should the farm name now by the Aerosmith farm?

On the 16th of October, I finally found the time to visit the Sleepy Hollow farm just south of Pomfret Vermont. Even with all the new buildings that Joe Perry put up to house the Aerosmith bus and the music studio, if you compose your shot just right, you don’t even notice the new additions. Of course as I stood there at the gate, I day-dreamed about Steven Tyler and the gang coming by and saying hi… 🙂

fall colors around Tamworth New Hampshire

Mount Chocorua in autumn

Down in Tamworth around Mount Chocorua, I explored some new back roads. I saw Mount chocorua from different sides and saw the dappled sun race over the flank of the Sandwich mountain range.

All in all I drove 5,500 miles from 18 September to 5 November. I also want to thank all the folks that donated to keep me on the road making New England fall foliage reports. If you are someone who hates advertisements and your browser blocks ADs from Google, you may be seeing big spaces in my articles.

An autumn Review of Mount Chocorua through golden birch branchesI understand why you do this but please remember this, those ADs are what pay for my gas (and coffee) so please consider donating directly (click this link) if you want to keep these reports coming for free then I need to find a way to support my fall foliage habit. (I lived on a fixed income this year and needed everyone to chip in)

Even if you allow ADs on my blog and just click those links to affiliates ( and B& or Google Ads) then you will do me a service. Also you can click the links to my Fine Art America gallery and purchase a nice image to remember your fall foliage trip by or maybe you don’t know when you’ll get here, then this piece of art (I have totes and throw pillows also) can hold you until you do get to New England.

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Jeff "Foliage" Folger  You can purchase images by visiting my Fine Art Gallery websites
Subscribe to my Newsletter - If you would like to sign up for my Fine Art America Newsletter (click this link and a window will open allowing you to sign up). Why sign up for the newsletter? Contests, discount codes on my artwork, maybe an excerpt from my book "Exploring the back roads of New England with Jeff Foliage"... Yes you heard me right... (Damn now I have to start writing it!)
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  1. Jeff, Hi again. I never received an invoice for a calendar. Am I too late?

    • Hi Eric, I replied before and sent an invoice to your Hotmail address. I assume that it was a good address since PayPal populated you name before I could

    • Hi Eric, I will send an invoice via paypal to the email address you listed in this comment. Once you recevie that and you can pay it via credit card, I mail out a calendar.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    A friend and I made our very first trip to New England in the fall of 2015 to see the fall colors. Due to varying reasons, the only good time for us was October 15 to 22. So for us, it was a good thing that the colors were slow to develop. We were worried that we would miss the best colors, but the colors were beautiful! Our tour guide even said that he wasn’t used to seeing such great color so late in the season.

    You live in a beautiful part of the country, and we appreciated your blogs telling what to expect—-your reports were so helpful and added to our enjoyment of planning and making our trip! Thank you so very much. Our New England tour was the “trip of a lifetime”, but we are hoping to make it back there again some day!

    Kathy Rossler

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