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Fall Foliage Forecast 2016

Welcome my fellow leaf peepers! I have been recuperating from an exhausting fall foliage season (driving 5,500 miles). The 2015 year brought us an almost historic level El Niño that caused many of us troubles. I looked back at my 2014/2015 foliage forecast and saw that my forecast should have looked more closely at the El Niño effect on temperature.

I was amazed at how late the foliage season came in and all based on one factor, Temperature. The northeast may have had a drought which is also a big factor to consider (Boston is 8″ behind where we should be) BUT! Temperature played a bigger role in my opinion.

Sleepy Hollow farm or the Gray farm

Sleepy Hollow farm or the Gray farm

This resulted in a slow start to the fall foliage season and also a slow but steady development of the fall colors. We, here in the northeast are still feeling the results of the El Niño effect on temps. We are just now approaching temperatures that can be considered normal.

Overall I was finding 75% or above fall colors around Columbus day when the same areas would have been peak or at least near peak by 1 Oct.

Looking ahead and the foliage forecast for 2016

El Niño and La Niña are peaks in the ocean water temps. We have been at just below a historic high El Niño and this will hold through the spring. As of this time the NOAA climate prediction folks are saying after this, we will be slowly heading towards a ENSO Neutral condition.

I sent them an email to ask what this means exactly for us but nothing has come back. In the meantime, my take on this balance between El Niño and La Niña will provide us with temps going into August-October that are only a few degrees above normal and near average rainfall for the season. (Note we are seeing below normal rainfall in eastern Mass and many parts of New England) (as of 14 July…)

This “should” mean that we will see a cooling down in Sept (in line with historic norms) and we should see the beginnings of color developing in the White and Green mountains by mid September. (18th) and about a week later good color should be showing up north of the Greens/White mountains and North of Greenfield Maine, (think WAAAY North).

The Peacham view as I call it is the Church and barn in Peacham Vermont. I've been photographing it for some years now and this view seems to be one of the more pleasing ones.

The Peacham view as I call it, is the Church and barn in Peacham Vermont.

Areas like Peacham VT,  Stark NH, and over into Greenfield ME should be looking good around 1 Oct 2016. With the color progressing south quickly from there. I think the colors may develop quicker this year so planning to to arrive late (mid October) in the White mountains, northern Green Mtns or northern Maine are not what I suggest.

IF, the colors come in fast then they will be easily taken down by wind and rain. October has been, historically speaking, a time when we start to get weekly rain showers. I wish I could talk Mother Nature to keeping late Sept and Oct dry but she does what she wants.

2016 Fall foliage Reports
In this section you can read the headlines of my Fall foliage reports. I have photographer friends all over New England who make reports and allow me to show you their images and this way you can get an idea of what the autumn colors are doing. Click any of the headlines below to see that full article.


Fall Foliage forecast section

Under here you will find links to all my newer fall foliage forecasts. If you bookmark this page, you will be able to come back and check what is happening  with the New England weather and how it may affect the 2016 fall foliage season. Or just go to the top of the page and subscribe to my blog and you will be notified when ever I write a new article.

2016 fall foliage calendar

I have a couple calendars left and if you want to look at 12 months of the fall colors in New England then you may want to put in for one. If you are interested send me note with a good email address to my contact page. I will send an invoice via paypal. The cost is $16 and I pay the shipping. It will be on a first come basis  but if enough people request, I will create another order. It will take about 2 weeks for me to receive another order and ship them out.

Factors that we may see going forward into 2016.

  • We’ve been under El Niño for 3+ years and we may be swinging back towards La Niña with conditions heading  cooler and wetter???
  • Wet and warm winter in New England (means lots of snow) Boooo…
  • Warm and  possibly a dry spring going into summer but after that???

Wondering where my comment give away is?

I have temporarily moved it to my Fine Art newsletter on Fine Art America. If you go to my page and sign up there you will automatically be entered in the contest. In April 2016 the contest will come back here to my foliage blog and once again be a comment to win.

Escape today

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Fall Foliage Forecast 2016 — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff

    we are planning to visit Vermont October 15-16 is this good time?,could you please suggest some places.

    • You can try central VT down to Southern VT But as of today you could go up to St Albans as they are having great color up there. Anywhere along the lake in VT will provide a warmth that slows down the process. You could take Route 2 which goes out onto the lake via many different islands like North Hero…

  2. Hi, we are flying to Boston on October 17th and will be in New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island) for 10 days. Are we likely to see any good Fall colours?

  3. Hi! I just had a quick question. My boyfriend and I were thinking about taking a road trip to see some foliage but the only time we can go would be Oct 6th-13th. We would probably focus mostly on Vermont rather than any of the other New England states. Do you think we should be able to see some during that time frame? Thank you !

    • I sure hope so, we have had a couple frosty nights but there may not have been enough of them so plan on heading to northern VT and up into the Green mountains to see really good color. (hopefully Mother Nature hears this…

  4. Jeff’s calendar is BEAUTIFUL; it’s like having 12 of his best photos to display all year. If you love Jeff’s photography, jump on this calendar…you will be happy all year long! Thank you, Jeff, for sharing your work and fall foliage passion with us! Happy New Year 2016!

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