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A Vermont scenic drive with covered bridges

This scenic drive covers all 6 of Montgomery’s covered bridges. You can start at point A in the east or start at point G on the western side. If you want to print out my Vermont scenic drive covered bridge map, then click the link to download it.

The Longley covered bridge in Montgomery Vt Longley Bridge Road, Montgomery Village. Construction is town lattice built by Sheldon and Savannah Jewett in 1863. Crossing is over the Trout River. The bridge is on Town Highway #4. which is Longley Bridge Road

Longley covered bridge

This Vermont scenic drive can be done in a morning or an afternoon. You can drive into Montgomery and explore there. If you got here and it really colorful, I saw a post card in a grocery store that was from one of the B&B’s with a row of Adirondack chairs lined up with a hill in the background all covered in fall colors (No, I never found it myself) but you could look… Or you could stay at a B&B/Inn like the Phineas Swann Bed and Breakfast Inn, in town and take your time to really explore the area. Tell Darren I sent you!


You can click the the red pins and get a sample image of the respective covered bridge.  If you come in from the west you can do each of the covered bridges and then you stay on 58 to hit Hazens Notch. Details are below the map.

Vermont scenic drive points and CBs (Covered Bridges)

  • A. Hazens Notch. The notch is a narrow pass between several peaks and the long trail crosses Route 58 near Hazen’s Notch State Park.
  • B. The Hutchins covered bridge. May or may not be driveable. When I saw it last it was looking a little rough but may have been renovated like the West Hill CB.
  • C. The Creamery covered bridge or West Hill covered bridge. I’m making the West Hill CB next and just off 118 in Montgomery you will hit the West Hill road AND the Hill West road, side by side, both go to the same place. I wrote an article on the Guild website that covers what happens if you miss the Creamery bridge road. Read this article on the Hill west covered bridge.
  • D. The Comstock CB. The Comstock is more in town and is in a peaceful little section and there is lots of parking on both sides with room to walk around and appreciate it.
  • E. The Fuller Covered Bridge is across “town” (a little stretch of the legs) and you can park at the post office or near the bridge. It’s a very simple bridge and a very nice rustic grey with white painted front and back ends.
  • F. The longley CB was one of the first that Lisa showed me when we made our first journey’s to her Vermont family. I haven’t been by in a while and the last time they had moved the road to by pass the bridge due to structural safety.There was also a guard rail across the front to reinforce the “do not try to drive across it”.
  • G. The Hopkins CB is the final in this tour. The Hopkins is a grey with shingled roof CB. There is parking on the near side as well as the far side. I even drove down the farm road a little ways to get out into the water (4×4 full size truck only) and caught a side view.

I will be trying to do more of these scenic drives that include the PDF maps so you can download them and print them for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this drive through the Vermont countryside, and to think its only a little portion of what’s out there… Next month we’ll revisit Montgomery and the return of the Hectorville Covered Bridge.

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