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Iconic Vermont locations

We’re going to take a Scenic Vermont drive in central Vermont near Woodstock VT.  Today we are going to hit 3 of scenic/iconic locations with a couple extra stops thrown in for good measure. Today’s route has been saved as a PDF of a central Vermont scenic drive map so you can download and print it for your collection. I’m not sure how much of a wireless signal you’ll have along this route so having a good paper map or offline digital maps will be necessary.

Our Vermont scenic drive takes us past the Gray farm or Sleepy Hollow farm

Gray farm or Sleepy Hollow

Today we’ll hit the following Vermont scenic locations. Woodstock, Jenne farm, The Sleepy hollow farm. plus some stops along Cloudland road and Galaxy road which are in the highlands of Vermont.

Depending on which way you attack this is up to you. I will start in Woodstock Vermont and allow you to pick your own route.

The Woodstock covered bridge

Normally I come in on Route 4 from I-89. And the first thing most people will do is hit the Woodstock covered bridge or the middle bridge as it is also known. I would spend some time with this one because, depending on the time of day you may find one side or the other is looking nice. I’ve even photographed it at dusk and found that to be very nice. There are different flavors to every scene and never have I gotten to a scene the first time and smugly said I don’t have to come back, it will never be better. It always changes and Woodstock is no different. Fall or winter, morning or even dusk provides a different feeling for everyplace we visit.

The Jenne farm

Now we will turn our attention to the Jenne farm. You will leave Woodstock on Route 106 heading south. You will travel about 9 miles and on the right you will see a dirt road (and possibly a sign for Vermont maple syrup being sold) turn in here. Travel up and over the hill and (most likely) take your place in line. You see at dawn, in autumn, this is one of the most photographed farms in Vermont if not New England. What’s not to love, a winding road down to the farm, 3 or 4 red barn buildings, and cows in the fields around the farm. All of it, very photogenic.

Sleepy Hollow farm

From Woodstock, you will travel 2.8 miles up Route 12 north and continue onto Old River Road and then onto Cloudland rd. You know you’ve hit Cloudland road when on the south side of Old River rd is a bright white barn and silo (possibly an American flag hanging on the side) and across the street is a cemetery and Cloudland road heading north. It turns into a dirt road pretty fast but is in good shape.

You will find the entrance to the driveway on the right ¾ of a mile up and while the drive has a bar across it, you can get many views of the farm alongside the road. Just make sure you pull over as far as possible.

The road to Pomfret Vermont

The rest of the road up to Pomfret is only a short distance but I really would suggest walking the whole thing (I’m not kidding). I hate, not being able to stop and really explore a scene and I found that about every 50 feet or so, I wanted to jump out of the car. Plus there are several interesting side roads off of Cloudland road that beg for our attention. Two such roads are Galaxy Hill rd. and Old Kings Hwy. Here are several views from  Cloudland rd. and I’ll discuss these two roads in another article.

Now I came in on Pomfret road to the north and then turned onto Stage road before hitting Galaxy Hill rd. and then Cloudland road. This fourth image is from Old Stage rd. and the coordinates are 43.7199009,-72.50304. I was facing North alongside the road and I needed a longer telephoto lens for the shot. So I used my 70-200 here. The clouds were darting overhead and this painted light on the hills below. I would much rather have interesting clouds and light like this than a bright blue sky kind of day.

This ends my Scenic Vermont Drive on Cloudland road and a view of a couple Vermont Iconic locations. Here are a couple of links to suggested reading materials. Yes, by purchasing these you are helping me pay the bills.

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  1. Wow, Jeff! Thank you so much for these maps of Vermont scenic drives. I am saving them in my New England Fall Foliage file for the next time I am lucky enough to travel east in autumn. These maps, with your beautiful photos to accompany them, will inspire another fall photography odyssey. Thank you again for sharing your work and suggestions.

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