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Capturing 6 covered bridges on a scenic drive

Welcome my fall foliage friends. In the last article I started the day at 6:57AM at the Jenne Farm and we only got to the Dingleton covered bridge and that included 3 of today’s covered bridges. We ended the article at 10AM and today we’re going to go from 10AM to 1:33. Ending the article at… well you’ll just have to see.Blacksmith shop covered bridge

Blacksmith covered bridge (10:03)

New Hampshire covered bridge in Cornish NH

Blacksmith covered bridge link here.. This is a link

The morning is bright and cool, just the way you want your fall vacation to be. Lisa has the Gazetteer out and points out our next covered bridge. Just follow Town House road up and around to the right for a short 2.7 miles and don’t get going too fast because the Blacksmith bridge will be almost hidden on the right and it’s easy to miss it.

There is a fair amount of room to pull over and park your car and then walk down the path to the bridge. I like a couple things about this bridge. First someone has hung an American flag over the opening, though if they were real nice they would get a flag with the correct number of stars/states for the early 1800s. But who is getting picky here? 🙂

My favorite shot is on the path as you come down the path. I shot this in portrait aspect meaning I turned the camera 90 degrees so I can get the path leading the viewer’s eye down the path and to the opening of the bridge.

I will admit to some artistic license here as you will notice as you stand in front of the covered bridge that there is a wooden barricade across the front and back. Here in my pictures you will see that I removed the wooden beam in Photoshop. In fact, only horses cross it now and even then, I think that may be pushing it. I walked across and it felt safe to me but some boards felt a bit soft so watch it if you venture out across it.

I didn’t feel that the view from the other side was really worth it and looking back toward the bridge wasn’t near as nice as from the front side.

We left the covered bridge and back at our car another couple had pulled in behind us and they asked how we found this covered bridge (it’s hard to spot from the road). Lisa showed them the Gazetteer and what to look for on the map. We continued on Town House rd and made a right on Route 120 and another right down in Claremont. Head NW on Spring St. then turn right on Main St. which takes you back over the Connecticut River into Vermont and out next stop.

Cavendish historical Society

Cavendish historical Society

Cavendish historical Society and Universalist church (11:10 AM)

We were heading to Ludlow but before we got there, I spotted this old stone church and a more modern wooden church just down the road on the other side. This is the Cavendish historical Society and what was at one time the Cavendish Universalist church. I talked to the curator and she suggested the Cavendish Connects website for more information on the area.

Lunch at the pot belly pub, Ludlow Vermont (11:28 AM)

We continued down Route 131 into Ludlow and being lunch time we decided to stop at one of the restaurants. The one with a really great name was the Pot Belly Pub. Now we thought the food was good but it took a while to get to us (Maybe because they were just opening up. So if you try this place, let us know what you think.

Maple Hill Rd., Belmont, VT (1 PM)

After you have a bit of lunch in Ludlow, you can head west to Belmont Vermont.

This is a cute little town and worth your time to visit. They were having a Columbus Day celebration but as we were there on Friday, nothing had started yet. We headed South out of Belmont and a short drive up the road you will find a turn off to the right (west) which is Maple Hill road.

Belmont Vermont maple tree lined road

Maple tree road

You may have seen images of a country dirt lane that you wish you knew how to find… Well this is it. Someone planted sugar maples along both sides of the road and no matter what time of day you should be able to make a really nice image. Foggy? No problem, sunny lovely, cloudy? Moody? All would be good to me.

You can leave here either by retracing you steps to Belmont road or continue through to Route 155 and continue south.

The Vermont country store (1:33 PM)

Our last stop for this article is the Big dog! The Vermont country store in Weston Vermont. Yes everybody goes there and for a good reason, “made in Vermont products” (at least most of them). You will find clothing of many types and descriptions to artisan cheeses and from toys to things that just say Vermont at its best.

Now that you have walked around; you might be feeling a need for a snack or a full lunch. Depending on whether you stopped in Ludlow for lunch or held out till you got here, you’ll find something tasty. They have a full restaurant if you are up for that but if a snack is what you have a hankering for, and I suggest a maple creamy!

If you are asking what a creamy is? Basically it’s a soft serve ice cream. But here in Vermont you can get a maple creamy made with Vermont maple syrup. I need a bumper sticker that says “I brake for maple creamies!”

Escape today

Well the day goes on from here, “I told you it was a long day”… Next week more covered bridges and onto Deerfield…

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