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Welcome to part three of six covered bridges in one day.

The day started early with a visit to the Jenne farm for a Dawn shooting and then Lisa and I proceeded through several covered bridges both in Vermont, into New Hampshire and back into Vermont. If you missed the first two articles, you can read part one here or part two here.

A diner in Townsend Vermont

The Dam Diner is just down the road from a Dam so I guess it makes sense to call it this.

Dam diner, Townsend Vermont (3:02 PM)

Today we’re continuing the journey at the Dam diner in Townshend Vermont. After the Maple creamy I had back at the Vermont country store I didn’t need anything to eat here but it looks very interesting. The biggest reason I mention this place is that they have a convenient parking lot and that across Route 30 is a bed-and-breakfast. (You might double check this before walking up the driveway)

The bed-and-breakfast is an old farm and they have this wonderful barn on the Hill. I stayed on the driveway and photographed this weathered gray barn with a nearly bare ash or hickory tree next to it. As you can see with these images it’s very photogenic. You might continue up the driveway and say hi to the owners, heck this might be a good place to stay!.

Scott covered bridge (3:20 PM)

Covered bridge in Vermont

Longest single span in Vermont

We turned south from the dam diner and continued a short distance down route 30, (2.2 miles) until we passed the Scott covered bridge (No. 5) where I pulled over immediately. The Scott bridge has seen better days and hopefully it’ll get a good renovation soon. Kids had been using the bridge to jump into the river below so the town closed off both ends of the bridge. You should be able to get a good side view of the bridge which is still photogenic.

Newfane Vermont (4:03 PM)

New Fane church

New Fane church

We continued down route 30 for another 30 or 40 min. and we pulled over in Newfane Vermont. I only have one critical comment for the town Council and I wish they would put all the overhead wires underground. There is much to explore in Newfane and I highly suggest making this a overnight stop if possible. Several churches and local buildings that are just wonderful and by the 10th to 15 October the color should be popping.

Dummerston covered bridge (4:24 PM)

Another 20 min. down route 30 and we arrived at the last covered bridge (No. 6) which is the Dummerston covered bridge.

West Dummerston Covered Bridge

West Dummerston Covered Bridge

Depending on the time of day that you arrive you can photograph it from either and or either side and you should be able to make a very nice quintessential Vermont covered bridge.

Historic Deerfield Massachusetts (5:31 PM)

We drove for over an hour south into Massachusetts picking up route 91 to speed our way because it’s getting late. We got off the highway and Greenfield and followed the local signs into historic Deerfield Massachusetts.

You could spend an entire day just visiting all the different places in Deerfield. Many of the homes are open for tours as well as galleries and local shops. You can also go out on the main road and find the Yankee candle store. Yankee candle is at least an hour all by itself, if not two or three hours to shop and even grab a bite to eat.

After we made a court very quick trip through historic Deerfield, we were on our way, East to Salem and home. These three articles that make up this very long day, are an example of what I don’t want you to do.

As I demonstrated in this article you CAN drive from morning until dark and you will find tons to explore. But as you look down the headings in these articles you’ll see that I’ve included a timestamp to give you an idea of how long I was at each location and arrived at the next. At no time did Lisa and I get out and really explore a feature as thorough as I would like to.

So while you can drive all day I really hope you’ll take the time to explore and appreciate the New England locations that I’ve pointed out for you.

To view a two part map that you can download, 6 covered bridge day-1 and here for part two. Below is a Google map you can explore.

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