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Welcome my foliage friends, this is the close out of March as we progress into April. There is no April fools here, just a warm remembrance of a walk in autumn through the Ipswich woods during the fall time of the year. Most all of us seem to have autumn memories that keep us warm all winter long and this is one for me.

On this day I was walking the afternoon path at the Ipswich River wildlife sanctuary that is near to my home. I had a  black-capped chickadee alight on my fingers looking for some free seeds and  heard the knocking of a downy woodpecker tap, tap, tapping on a thick branch overhead.

Black capped chickadee on fingers

Black capped chickadee on fingers

Then as the sun dropped low in the sky I came through the woods to where the sun broke through the boughs of the trees and I was awash with sunlight…

Walking the afternoon path by Jeff Folger

The late afternoon autumn sun filters through the trees. it pierces the evergreen needles and spills on to the ground at my feet. Puddles of yellow sunshine flow around the feet of the trees and bushes like a stream of water, shimmering. The sun grows weaker each day as the season progresses towards winter.

sun streaks in on the walking path

walking the afternoon path in autumn Purchase this on Fine Art America

The maple and oak leaves are thick upon the ground. Too soon the snow will cover it all up with a blanket of white. After the trees have slept for a while the cycle of life will repeat itself. Spring will return to shake off the winter and bring life back to the forest. So walk the autumn afternoon path while you may, for while it will be here, for all to short a time, it will always return.

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Walking the Afternoon Path — 2 Comments

  1. Howdy Jeff – Just love your image of sunlight coming thru the trees, inspiring.

    • Well Mike, thank you. I spent some time working on this one to make it more special. It is with an artists eye that I created this one. It wasn’t misty enough for the light beams to be seen by the camera so I “helped them a bit”.
      But I was very happy with the results.

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