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I’m amazed at how often I’ve heard this over the years. It was very popular in Oklahoma and it usually meant we were expecting a tornado with a car dropping into your back yard. In Saudi Arabia, it meant we were getting a dust storm followed by HOT weather…

Here in New England when we say wait 5 minutes, it may be more like 15 minutes but it seems like you expect the weather to be one way and suddenly you get something unexpected.

wait five minutes to see what the New England weather will bring

wait five minutes to see what the New England weather will bring

Such as this late autumn day in Salem and then you get a few inches of snow to make it interesting.

Only perfect weather…

I have on many occasions received requests from folks because they don’t want to come here unless the weather is guaranteed to be perfect. Ok, not that many really expect this but enough do that it bears saying again. I don’t predict the weather and what we actually get is up to Mother Nature.

I will instead comment on what the fall has the potential for. This year we have the “potential” for slightly above average temps which means a slight delay in the full bright colors with the “potential” for equal chances of above, below or average rainfall… That is as of today and it CAN change between now and October.

Preparation is key

I don’t address this too often but bringing the right clothing is as important as picking the right dates. Bringing clothing that layers well and not bringing,one heavy leather coat that is your only choice to wear, no matter how warm or cold it gets.

Bringing a rain shell that keeps you dry. It’s not warm but if you have a fleece jacket with the rain shell over it, you stay warm in the cool temps and if it rains… Here is a link for a men’s jacket that folds up small with taped seems and is also windproof and another from Columbia that is a Waterproof seam-sealed jacket. Neither will break the bank but when teamed with a light fleece pull over or jacket, will keep you toasty in most everything Mother Nature will throw at us in October.

What problems have you had with not being prepared…

For me it’s usually more along the realm of not enough batteries for my camera or I left a certain lens at home or worse yet, I turn on my camera and it say no card and I find I left all my compact flash cards at home!! Don’t laugh I know there are a few of us who did that.

But if you have a story to tell, leave a comment and tell us your problem and what you did to fix it…

Comment to win!!!

tulips are up

tulips are up

I’m going to carry the comment to win one more week. If you read my March update, click to read it), you can leave a comment and get a slightly late 2016 autumn calendar!

snowy salem

snowy salem

Well that is all for today, I hope you are having a terrific spring… My tulips are up along with my bleeding hearts (about 6 inches above ground) and that means the “wait 5 minutes for the weather to change (as you can see above) hit last night with 3 inches of snow. 🙂  You do what you can to prepare or in my case you start a fire and ride out the snow…

(OR make sugar on snow!!!) That is the New England way of making lemonade when you are handed lemons… We just turn the snow around and make sugar on snow! Need the recipe? let me know…

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