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Comment to win, winner! — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I enjoy your blog very much! A friend and I became leaf peepers last fall. We visited New England for the first time in our lives (we are in our late 60’s) with a tour last October and had a wonderful time! We visited all the New England states and spent some extra time on our own in Boston. The fall colors were absolutely beautiful and it was fun to see the historical sites in Boston that we studied in school and have always heard about.

    We read your posts last year to get an idea what to expect on our visit, and I still enjoy reading your posts to remember our good times in your part of the country. Thank you for the beautiful photos and descriptions in your blog!

  2. Hi again Jeff, I love reading your blog. I get excited when I see a new email pop up from you. The last 2 years we have taken the New England vacations in the fall and have seen all 6 states. I want to come back so badly this October but hubbie is wanting to visit the west and see something different. We will see who wins. You have been so helpful to me these past 2 year. Keep up the excellent work on the blog and the beautiful pictures. You are the best.

  3. We will be flying into Portland this fall. It is our first Leaf peeping trip so we will be making an educated guess on timing and place to begin. We appreciate any and all the help we can get.

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