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Delorme Gazetteer review

Gazetteer map book for New Hampshire and Vermont

Gazetteer map book for New Hampshire and Vermont

Welcome foliage friends wherever you may be. This week I’m doing a simple article about the new (it was new in 2015) Delorme Gazetteer for New Hampshire and Vermont. Anybody who has been reading my blog for any length of time know that I highly recommend the Delorme gazetteers series of map books. (Note, I do NOT get paid every time I mention their books, I do get a few pennies if you click the Amazon link and purchase one through Amazon) 🙂

I hate to say that I’ve skipped going to brick and mortars but I don’t have time after work to get out and see what is new at Barnes & Noble. I found the new book combined New Hampshire and Vermont maps was only $17.95 on Amazon, which is what you normally pay for one Gazetteer.

Covered Bridges

The first thing I looked for was to see if they had an updated listing of covered bridge locations in both states. My old books which date back to 2007-ish had a full listing of covered bridges in Vermont but none listed in New Hampshire. I was hoping that there would now be a listing for NH.

I was wrong they got rid of all covered bridge listings in a chart in the front. I especially miss being able to check Mark off in my Gazetteer, the different covered bridges that we found (I’m not even halfway through based on my list)

As far as I can tell there is no special listing under index, historical or “family outings” for covered bridges. This is one of my negatives for the new book as I was hoping it would have a better listing of things that I look for on my foliage runs.

You will have to find your covered bridge is one of two ways. First go to the map page where you are parked and look for the covered bridge symbol. Or you can open to a page where you want to go and scan that page for the covered bridge symbol. I went to page 48 which shows me the Northfield covered bridges in Vermont and due to the size and contrast of the covered bridges, they stand out easily. My only complaint is that they only show four of the five Northfield covered bridges. (I think this is because they are too close together).

Other changes to the Gazetteer

The first big change is coloration. As you can see below, the colors are much lighter and it’s a lot easier to read the text on roads mountains and rivers.The contrast between the black text and the lighter colored geography makes things stand out in easier to read compared to the older dark green of my previous gazetteers.

Gazetteer map book for Vermont and New Hampshire

color comparison old on top,new on bottom

Wildlife viewing and Maple sugar houses

we lost our Vermont Maple sugarhouse listing which wasn’t very thorough as there are literally hundreds of sugar houses between Vermont and New Hampshire. So instead of trying to keep up a list that changed from year to year, they eliminated it. (Makes sense)

They also removed the wildlife viewing that is in the Vermont Gazetteer. so while the Lamoille County nature center in Morrisville Vermont is in the old Vermont Gazetteer, you will only find that the Lamoille River is listed under the fishing index and not that there is a nature center available.

next I notice that the cold hollow cider mill which is listed under “attractions” in the old Vermont Gazetteer, I couldn’t see listed in the 2015 book. I did find Hazens Notch in both books but Lisa’s favorite sections which are historic sites and museums, has been removed and put under “family outings”. And while this is fine for New Hampshire which gets three columns on one page but only Vermont gets one column plus part of the next page. In my opinion this could be 2 to 3 pages for each state in order to give us a really good idea of all the wonderful historic things that families could be doing in New Hampshire and Vermont.

Spring at the Stony covered bridge

Spring at the Stony covered bridge

I give the new Gazetteer a passing grade but it could’ve been so much better if they would’ve kept the things that make our jobs of finding interesting locations, easier. You may want to keep your old Gazetteer so you can keep checking off those covered bridges in the checklist or you could pull that page and tape the checklist to the inside of the new book.

The new book is infinitely easier to read and scan for covered bridges and other symbols of interest. I also think having the New Hampshire and Vermont maps in one book while making it thicker does make it more convenient when you have one of those days where you’re going back and forth between New Hampshire and Vermont.

I hope this helps you with a map buying decision. I also have several books listed on my website

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Delorme Gazetteer review — 2 Comments

  1. Loved your post on the road maps. I personally don’t use that particular one, but when I make my next trip back up there I think I’ll buy it there one to see if it makes it easier to find bridges and historical sites. I love places like Sturbridge and Mystic Sea Port. So much history and just fun to go and see.
    Thank you for such a great article again.

    • Let me know what you think. You can also use Ed Barna’s covered bridges of Vermont to help locate the bridges also…

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