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May, Comment to win! — 32 Comments

  1. I would love to win! You know I am such a fan! Can’t wait for your pics for this year’s foliage!

  2. You are quite the expert in Fall Foilage in New England, Jeff Foilage! That name is rather catchy, where your original name makes me think of coffee (I bet you’ve never heard that one) lol. Your pages are lots of fun to read, and your layout is full of eye candy.

    • I’m not sure what the confirm notice was, if you were signing up for blog notifications then you just need to add Jeff (dot) to your safe e-mail receivers so that I don’t go to spam. If you are looking for confirmation of saw the kind use the e-mail above and let me know what you were looking for.


  3. Hi Jeff, your blog is the most informative of the ones I read when planning foliage trips. You have the true “I’ve been there” info ! Look forward to this fall and thank you.

  4. Is it odd that i am already thinking about fall foliage in May??

  5. I absolutely love the fall colors in the picture above! What a great view too

  6. Hi Jeff, Have been reading you post for a few years great info. I’m originally from the NY City area and relocated to Florida about 40 years ago and have missed the autumn seasons. I finally got the chance albeit a fast trip in mid October 2015 through Upstate NY, Vermont, New Hampshire, Mass. and Conn. this past season. Had a great time and saw many colors..Thank You Jeff for the info

  7. Like the the previoua 3 yrs, our countdown has officially started for our annual Fall Foliage trip to celebrate our Anniversary. We just booked it last weekend! So I dont find it coincidental we see this post from our favorite Fall Foliage photographer and blogger. I already loaded up my 2016 online folder with plenty of insights from your previous posts that would be helpful to our journey and explorations this year in New England. So appreciate the knowledge and recommendations you pass along!

  8. Gosh I thought I replied. But guess not. Anyway love your photos and I am planning our road trip in October to see many of the places you have posted photos of.

  9. Jeff,
    I live in North Carolina and enjoy your blog. Please enter me in this month’s contest.

  10. I just subscribed to your blog. Have never been East and coming for the first time this fall. After doing research, your blog gave me the most info. Look forward to reading each new blogpost you do!


  11. My husband and I are planning a trip to New England during the “fall colors” season this fall! It’s been on our bucket list for years and we’ve been saving for it for over a year now! We can’t wait! I was so happy when I stumbled upon your site. It’s been very helpful. Thanks for putting it together. We will be coming out there at the end of Sept. through the beginning of Oct. this year and we can’t wait! We live in Oregon.

  12. Hi Jeff, Your ‘New England fall foliage’ blog, and your wonderful photography covering the entire scope of our singularly spectacular autumn season is the stuff of legend. Except, it isn’t because it’s real and you bring it to life in an inspiring, informative and exciting ‘read’ throughout the year leading up to the grand event itself. And, this year brings special anticipation as I will be sharing it with childhood friends (we’re all in our 70’s) who grew up together in North Dakota, but who now are spread across the country in Kentucky, Minnesota,California.and Arizona and, I live in New Hampshire!
    Our gathering in Jackson this year in the month of October is long awaited and a gazillion photos will be taken to mark
    the occasion I know. I have shared your blog site with all of them so their ‘education’ prepares them for the wonders
    and beauty – and surprises – this incomparable season in New England can bring – and are now familiarized with “if you don’t like the weather here, wait a minute”! Thank you for spreading the word and images of our uniquely awesome gift – Autumn In New England!

    ps – get going with that book!

  13. I’m the one with all the questions… And you have sure answered them. Looking forward to our road trip October 1-15 2016.
    I keep my map handy and I’m always marking the covered bridge and scenic roads you mention.
    I’m sure I will be making great memories.
    Thanks for sharing all the good photo stops

  14. Hey Jeff, my wife and I are planning a fall trip from DC up to Bar Harbor, over to VT then back down. Cannot wait! New England colors are just so much more brilliant than our Colorado leaves mountains (but they are beautiful too!).

  15. Like the layers in your photo, added dimension to image, and clouds really top it off.

  16. Hi again Jeff, I love reading your blog. I get excited when I see a new email pop up from you. The last 2 years we have taken the New England vacations in the fall and have seen all 6 states. I want to come back so badly this October but hubbie is wanting to visit the west and see something different. We will see who wins. 🙂 You have been so helpful to me these past 2 year. Keep up the excellent work on the blog and the beautiful pictures. You are the best.

  17. Your photos are beautiful.I am looking forward to fall foliage updates. We are planning a trip to NE this fall with a group from our church.

  18. Jeff, I always look forward to your emails and the photos you post. I live in Arkansas and last year was my first time in New Englad during the fall. We came up for almost 2 weeks and celebrated our 26th anniversary. I learned of your blog & you gave us a lot of advice of places to go. We saw some gorgeous colors & fell in love with new England. The only negative part about our trip was we didn’t have more time. We loved it so much that we are planning a trip back up there in October this year. We didn’t get to visit the northern parts of Vermont & New Hampshire so that’s on our list this year. I would love to come to your gallery in Massachusetts. I have gone online to see your work & it would be difficult to pick a favorite but I would love to be in the contest & have the chance to win an 11×14 canvas print in November. Have a good day! I’m counting down the weeks & days to October.

  19. Hi Jeff, enjoy your post. If I win ( or when I win ) will I be choosing from your FAA gallery? Thx

    • Actually the winner this month gets a t-shirt with Scituate lighthouse… or they can have a 2016 fall foliage calendar (but getting late on that…) 🙂

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