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2016 Foliage Update for June

Welcome to your 2016 foliage update for the month of June. (It’s only 89 days till the first day of autumn!)

I’ve been looking over the new NOAA climate prediction site (find it here) and while we are heading towards La Niña (75% chance) it looks like we’ll still see a warm autumn. What this means…brightly colored New England fall foliage in northern New Hampshire with foliage update

Plain talk 2016 foliage update

I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out what exactly La Niña is going to do for/to us or what El Niño has done to us as far as the upcoming 2016 foliage season. (might be why I’m mostly bald at this time) 🙂 Right now it looks like we’ll be warmer than average and drier than average or at least not overly wet in autumn.


I usually hit the Kancamagus Highway around 18 September to get a feel for what the fall color is doing. Usually at this time of September we have only about 5 to 10% color along route 112 through the white mountains. If I were a betting man and you all know that I like to take a guess at what we’re going to see, I think that 5 to 10% along the Kanc will be closer to 22-25 September.

I think we’ll be seeing about a 5 day delay of bright colors but unless something bad happens they WILL! arrive. Here are a couple of thoughts on NH, VT and ME for expected dates.

In northern New Hampshire

It’s a very long haul to get up above the White mountains so I tend to wait for 1 Oct. I find Route 2 can be very pretty by this time and I will look at Routes 3 and 302 and 16 as well. I might also head from there to Maine near Rangeley Lake to see what it looks like out that way.

In Vermont

I think it’ll be around 1 October before the Northeast kingdom starts getting really good color and if you’re looking for the fall color at the Jenne farm in Woodstock Vermont then I don’t think it’ll be arriving there any earlier than 10-15 October. (almost normal but look for cooler temps to speed up the process!)

Maine fall colors

I think Maine will have good fall color North of Greenville by 1 October but it will be slower to arrive South of Greenville Maine. I have a friend up at the cozy Moose cabins in Greenville Maine and she and her son keep me advised on what the fall colors are doing in her neighborhood. So when she tells me that Greenville is turning, I’ll let you know.

Oct 9th 2010 south of Augusta Maine

Oct 9th 2010 south of Augusta Maine

Are you a hard-core leaf peeper or more Laissezfaire?

Loon mountain is in Lincoln New Hampshire

views from the top of Loon

Depending on how you classify yourself will decide how happy you will be. those folks who show up and are happy with most any fall color amounts they find then they are going to be pretty happy this fall. For the professional photographer or hard-core leaf paper looking for the mythical “peak” fall foliage then nothing I say here will make them happy.

The reason that hard-core leaf peepers are seldom happy, is that they are looking for all the trees to turn at the same time. It’s true that this happens once in a while but generally I find one or more trees jump early, then a week or so later the rest join in.

I think this is the “norm”

90% of the time I see a spread in the start of the color, where:

  • a few trees are bare
  • a bunch of trees are just coming into color
  • a few are at “peak”
  • and another bunch are at a very pleasant, just past “peak”
#Vistaphotography #JeffFolger, #JeffFoliage, New England fall foliage stretching as far as the eye can see in Rangeley Lake Maine

Maine foliage locations

Basically if you arrive in September, between  18th and the 30th, you’ll be catching the early color where the majority of the trees are just turning.

The benefit of catching the trees at this time is if we get windy days mixed with a little rain, it may not bring down the leaves. After the leaves have reached their “peak” of fall color (or past peak), they tend to have a weaker connection to the tree and are more prone to fall to the ground.

Past performance does not predict future dates of great fall color

Just because you showed up two years ago and found great color on 3 October, in Stowe Vermont, it does not mean that this year on 3 October, it will be repeated.

Everything I post here is general guidance only and also my opinion. Every single year since I arrived in New England, I’ve been surprised many times as to when and where I find the fall color.

It’s true that I have been looking at it for 15 years and I like to think I have a pretty good grasp of wind and where to look. In the end though, mother nature keeps the schedule to her self and never shows it to me.. 🙂

I’m not sure what my overall average is but since no one has complained lately, I can’t be doing too bad and mother nature hasn’t made anyone too angry with my fall foliage forecasts.

Tips for beating mother nature at the fall foliage game

Yes these are link to other of my articles but maybe you haven’t read all my articles and these might be helpful.

All of these and many more can be found up on the menu line under Foliage articles. From the pull down you will be able to find a ton of ideas and my thoughts on these subjects.

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2016 Foliage Update for June — 13 Comments

  1. Thank you very much and we will for sure be visiting the covered bridges. I have just been overwhelmed with what’s on the internet and since we have never been in the area I just get lost in trying to figure where everything is and what to do. Guess I better find a good map. Thanks again, it nice to know there are people like you that are willing to help …….I am sure I will be asking more questions (if you don’t mind),

  2. Sorry I am on a computer that I am not use to and I am unsure it’s working correctly…I sent my other message after

  3. I have found out today that we will be coming on Oct 15th. I am as we speak looking at staying somewhere close to flume gorge, white mountain, we would like to see some of the sights here. I understand its near Lincoln NH. Will this good time to also see the colors and is this a nice area? Also do you have any recommendations on a nice place to stay. Thanks for your help

    • Look down Route 18 away from the Gorge and you may find some motels. Lincoln is very commercialized and there are lots of motels, hotels and Loon Mountain resort. If Lincoln is full then you will have to start checking the back roads a little.

      As to a good time for this area… 🙂 If I’m right and things are delayed, then you’ll be in the right spot.. BUT! if I’m wrong then you will be driving to the south each day to catch up with the fall colors.. How far south? Hard to say but worst case would be under an hour.

      Route 18 also takes you to route 17 and then a short jump to Polly’s Pancake house (AWSOME and not to be missed)

      Is this a nice area??? are you insane??? it’s a wonderful area!!! If you do hike into the Flume don’t forget the Flume Gorge covered bridge.

      and the Sentinel Pine Covered Bridge

      I hope this helps somewhat

  4. Thank You for the information. Due to our jobs we now know that we will be there Oct 15th. I am as we speak looking for a place to stay. I am looking at something close to flumes gorge…we would like to see this along with some other in the White Mountains. I understand its basically Lincoln NH. Will this be a good time and area and do you have any recommendations on a nice place to stay

  5. We are planning to come to New England in October of 2016 and we were planning on going to stay at the White Mountains on 10/8 thru 10/11 but have found that a lot of the rooms are booked and rather expensive during this period, so we have considered waiting a week and coming 10/15 thru 10/18 and then going to the Boston area for a day or two before we have to return home. Your input and advice would be greatly appreciated if this time frame would be good? Thanks

    • What you might look at is heading over to VT in St Johnsbury or near that area (for the Oct 8-11th) But Columbus Day weekend is when every one will be looking for rooms also. Basically book now for 2017…
      The week after will or should be just south of the White Mountains and into the Lakes region. If you are reading my Tamworth series, this is in that “South of White Mtns” region. Also a trip around Lake Winnipesaukee can be very nice as well and there are lots of farms and places to explore. You can also head across into Massachusetts and explore Salem and the towns of Eastern Mass. Boston will just starting to get some color but it doesn’t usually get good until Nov but makes up for it with history…

  6. We are planning on visiting Vt/NH this year for the first time. I have a home booked for Oct. 2nd – Oct. 8th but it looks like we may need to reschedule. You advise us to come the week before or we will have to wait until after Oct. 15th. Thanks in advance for an advise.

    • Pam it depends on where you are reserving the home. If you are up north, you are fine (White mountains NH or Green mountains in VT) Also you should be fine in the area around Greenville Maine… Also you will be ok if you are a bit further south…

      But if you are in Massachusetts or Rhode Island or Connecticut then you will be traveling many extra miles to get up into any serious fall colors…
      There will be a little color further south but there will be a lot more (if we get some much needed rain)

      I hope this helps…

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