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Comment winner for June!!! — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for the advice, Jeff! We have to go to Boston at some point to see a friend but our main focus, of course, is seeing the fall colors. We are landing in Portland, Maine so we’ll plan on doing Northern Maine, across into NH, then Vermont – Boston and then back into Maine….how does that sound?

    • With that requirement, then I would say it will be a beautiful trip… Even if you leave the brightest colors behind, each town has great views to offer. And there are always a few trees turning early and setting them against the green is a great contrast.

  2. Looking forward to a great fall season here….already planning my adventures. Hoping for perfect weather conditions so we can have a very colorful fall.

  3. Jeff, my husband and I just bought our plane tickets to come out your way in the fall! We are very excited. It’s been on our bucket list for years and it’s finally happening! Now we just have to plan our itinerary! We will be there from Sept. 25-Oct. 4. We are flying into Portland, Maine and then hope to drive down through all the New England states and back up to Portland when we fly back. Any “must see” ideas from you would be much appreciated!!!

    • With those dates you will want to drive north up into Maine and across into NH and then Vermont and back into Maine and then Portland and fly home.
      Start looking at that as your direction to go and then we can make more specific ideas.
      If you want to do MA/RI or CT, then you will be leaving the majority of the fall colors behind… But still very pretty countryside…

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