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Today we’re taking another look at Tamworth NH

First! You may be wondering what the heck a Cenotaph is? And what does that have to do with fall foliage. You might also ask, What is the difference between a tombstone and a Cenotaph?

Cenotaph of Samuel Hidden in Tamworth New Hampshire.

Cenotaph, Tamworth NH

A tombstone is where someone is buried and A Cenotaph is a memorial to commemorate someone who isn’t buried there. The Witch Trials memorial in Salem Massachusetts is an example of Cenotaphs because the victims of the witch trials are not buried there. Outside the memorial is the Old Burying ground and the headstone for Simon Forrester is there and he also resides there, so that is not a Cenotaph.

And you thought you would learn only fall foliage related things… 🙂

Cenotaph in Tamworth New Hampshire

If I wrote about all the spots that I found on the day I took these shots then I would have an article that would hit 2,000 to 4,000 words and that would be waaay toooo long. So over then next few weeks we’ll cover from Tamworth town center to hills above lake Chocorua and back down to the lake.

First you will set your destination for Tamworth (south of Chocorua a mile or so) and you will look for the intersection of route 16 and 113. I know there is a pond just past this by 100 feet and to be honest that will be another article…

So you will head west on 113 but jump off and stay on Page Hill road for 2.6 miles till it intersects with 113A. I want you to go straight across and now you are on Cleveland Hill Road. You have several options here since there are several small stores to explore.

Downtown Tamworth, explore if you have time

Cenotaph of Samuel Hidden in Tamworth New Hampshire.To be honest you will leave the “Downtown” behind and in a little while (I know it’s not very exact sounding but I just don’t remember how far it was. and on the right you will come upon the Cenotaph for Samuel Hidden who was a Pastor in these parts in the mid 1800s.

I don’t know the full history but you can read his memoir if you are interested here. I didn’t know it was here and I just had to stop. How many memorials do you find on top of an enormous boulder with steps carved from granite and placed so we all can climb to the top and read his cenotaph.

I hope you find things like this interesting because to me this makes my travels in New England something special to share with all of you.

My next article will be about that pond you passed on your way here. If you explore the pond you may find this hidden gem… Are you going to take a little stroll along the bank to find this gem?

Tamworth pond

Tamworth pond

See you then! Happy foliage hunting!

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Hidden Cenotaph, in plain sight! — 7 Comments

  1. I’ve been here! Its called Ordination Rock. I didn’t know what a cenotaph was so thank you for that:) I posted a photo of this to my flickr account and someone left me this link with a lot of information about it and Tamworth in general if you are interested Just thought I’d share!

  2. I travel to this area, mostly in the summer, and confess that I am sad to see any cenotaph involving the witch trials, as I descend from the hanging judge. But if it’s too hot at the Madison bean hole supper, I’ll look for these.

  3. Well, you learn something new everyday! I have to admit I never heard of a cenotaph until now. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely check out the memorial to Samuel Hidden this October.

  4. Thanks, Jeff! My wife and I live in Tampa, but we head up to VT or the White Mountains every Oct – we look forward to reading your post all year long – they always contain some “gems” that send us scurrying to our maps and give us something new to consider incorporating into our next visit. Enjoy your summer!

  5. Nice article Jeff, I never knew even what a Cenotaph was let alone there was one in Tamworth, it’s on my list when I head back up to my place in September. Tamworth Pond is awesome, the sunrise usually hits the dam perfectly as I got some great shots this past winter.

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