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It’s time for the June fall foliage comment to win!

I’ve been working on the June foliage forecast update and if we get a bit more rain it will look pretty good. In a week and a half I will publish it so keep tuned!

Autumn morning at the Cornish Windsor covered bridge and comment to win

Autumn morning at the Cornish Windsor covered bridge

In May the winner was Mike Di Stefano and he took home a Scituate lighthouse t-shirt and I plan to give another one away this month also. I think I have all sizes from adult small to XXLG. Its a very nice cotton t-shirt so wear it with pride.

Most of my long time readers know how this goes but if you just happened to find this fall foliage contest page, then read the instructions at the bottom. They are pretty simple, just leave a comment on this page at the bottom in the comments. (Facebook or elsewhere doesn’t count, has to be this page)51B106AA-F3A5-F8E9-53328D9F7D8E9912

New Job as NPS Ranger

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been cranking out the articles, I might as well let you know that I had to get a job… Yes a job…!’m a summer seasonal National Park Ranger in Salem and while it’s my dream job I also have much less time to write for the blog. So if you have a burning question or a thought for an article, leave a comment and I will see what I can do to cover it.

Comment to win and how it works

All you have to do is comment on this post and pretty much say or ask anything. You may post multiple times but I only count you once. So while I love to hear from you, I only load you in the spreadsheet once. If you don’t win, please try again next month!

Then a week later I will pick a random number assigned to each of your names and I will post another announcement post with the winner. (it usually goes Wednesday to Wednesday)

Bonus! Read this part!!

I only allow one winner per year and this November I will pick one of the winners to give a 8×10 canvas gallery wrap from my online gallery. You get to pick the image and then I will send you both a discount code and a gift certificate that will cover the price of purchase and shipping it to you. You can of course up size it and use the certificate as a down payment towards a larger print!

Before hand we’ll talk and I’ll find out how much shipping is to get it to you and then you’ll get a code that is only good for my gallery to purchase from. (Don’t worry we’ll talk and I’ll make it clear) 🙂

Either way you can proudly mount your prize on the wall or give it as a gift for the Holidays that follow the next month. 🙂

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June fall foliage comment to win! — 15 Comments

  1. I hope you have time to get some great pictures pictures in the park this summer.

  2. Cornish Windsor Bridge, one of the first covered bridges we found when we started making our way to the White Mts over 30 years ago. As you’ve suggested many times, take a random exit off the interstate you never know what awaits!

  3. I’ve missed your articles, but understand the need to pay the bills all year round. I can’t wait until we get closer to fall to see what the season will hold for New England and the foliage.
    Keep truckin,
    Danni Armstrong

  4. Love that your our fave Fall Foliage blogger and Park Ranger to boot now!

  5. Jeff – Good luck with your new job and the book you are about to write. I am looking forward to using it for future fall trips. Thanks. Mary

  6. I always look forward to your updates & post & photos. I came to New England last fall for the first time ever & fell in love with it. I’m planning on coming back this year in October so I’m counting down the days. I would love to win & have the opportunity to be eligible for one of your Canvas prints later this year. I love your website and have shared it with many of my friends & family.

  7. My wife and I received your calendar and are loving every months pic! We can’t wait for our fall trip!

  8. Jeff,

    I do enjoy your blog. Hope you enjoy your seasonal job.

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