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Fall reflections on the Chocorua River

Welcome back foliage fans, last week I was talking about the dam in the Chocorua River and some of the shots you can get there. This week we’re going to work our way upstream 100yds… Yup, that’s it, a hundred yards.

Fall reflection on the Chocorua river in Tamworth county New Hampshire

Fall reflection on the Chocorua river

As I was saying last week, you head west on 113 and you shouldn’t hit the gas too hard since within a hundred yards (maybe less) you will be pulling over again (welcome to my world, hit the gas, hit the brake, hit the gas, well you get the picture…)

Any way you will see a guard rail on the right and if you are there at the right time, you will see fall colors running up and down stream through the trees. In looking upstream towards the Lake Chocorua River went off around the bend to wind it’s way past more fall colors.

It’s still only 8:47 in the morning so the sun is still pretty low in the sky and it’s coming from the direction of the Dam downriver.

Actual versus HDR (High Dynamic Resolution)

Some of you will say why can’t I get mine to look like Jeff’s? Well When I’m shooting in Autumn and reporting I tend to show you unprocessed images, except for minor changes. I do tend to shoot 3 shot brackets and this means the camera shoot 3 shots. One slightly over exposed and one under exposed and one averaged. Then I blend them together and this presents them with greater contrast than a single shot usually shows.

lots of fall reflections

Looking up the Chocorua river

The reason I do this is because the best things you can do to your fall pictures is raise the contrast which will deepen the blacks and this will also make the colors pop more. The setting for the first image only raised the saturation 3%. If I do my shots right, I don’t feel any need to raise the saturation.

Alien landscapes and my view of over-saturation

So if you have software that you process your images in and you think if a little saturation makes them look good then A LOT of saturation will make them so much better. It won’t… You will get what I call the alien landscape effect with purples and tangerine colors that we have never seen on this planet. If you think any of mine are over done, say so and I will take a look at my processing on it. Here is a before and after.

HDR changes tonality in images

You will notice a big difference between the two, primarily the HDR is evened out for the tones so some of the dark areas are not so dark. In the “before” image on the left, the yellows of the bushes is brighter. Some days I like one over the other. Somedays I like both… But I will tell you this, I ALWAYS process my images to be artistically well done. In late Sept through Nov, I only try to post them to give you the most accurate representation of what I’m seeing in any given area.

I didn’t see this in the afternoon but I believe with the sun coming in from the left, most of these shots would not be as good and too dark. I would go to the lake (Chocorua or little pond) to photograph in the afternoon.

Finding this spot on the map

Look for spot “H” and then go just a little further and you will find this spot. Next article will take us up into the hills of the Hemingway Forest and some great views of Mount Chocorua.

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