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Fowlers Mill road

Well Foliage fans we’re going to yet again explore the map around Tamworth. This is just to show you how much you can find in a very small area, the last three articles have been all about Tamworth New Hampshire. And I’m not done yet!

I hope you realize that the past several articles (and next few) are not over days or even years but all in a single day. You always want me to tell you the best routes to travel. Well the best scenic drives are the ones where I get out of the car and explore.

I started this day in Eaton NH at Crystal lake and then I stopped in Tamworth and explored the hills around the feet of Mount Chocorua. Some days you get nothing but hints of color. This was not one of those days! I was very lucky to find some new back roads that I had never been on before. I’m sharing them here with you so print out the map at the bottom.

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New Hampshire fall foliage is making its arrival…


Scenic views of Mount Chocorua

We will continue from Chocorua River (last article) and continue along Route 113. Basically, follow it like you were heading for that Cenotaph  (two weeks ago) and instead  of going straight, hang a right at that intersection and follow Route 113 till you hit Fowlers Mill road. (It’s the “D” on the map)

The route up was nice with color here and there but no real views because of two many trees. I saw on the map,  this Fowlers Mill road and wondered if there was a mill there currently .

If there was a mill, I don’t know where it is. The road turned into a dirt road and I don’t worry about unpaved roads, even in my sedan. I was climbing in elevation and wondered where this was going?

Reaching open ground

I had the trees suddenly clear out on my right and I said, ok, open field s are nice but nothing spectacular and my eyes dropped to my side view mirror and I slammed on my brakes. 🙂

Looking back on Fowlers Mill road

View of Mount Chocorua off Fowlers mill road

View of Mount Chocorua

Some days we all need the reminder that the scenic view we’re looking for is behind us. I’m just as guilty of concentrating on what is in front of me or just around the next corner that I sometimes forget to check my six.

To set up the shot I stood on the stones to the right and waited for the near edge of the treeline to get illuminated while Mount Chocorua and it’s range of hills were in shade, coincided.

I then made some different shots with different compositions and continued my drive. (The shot above was in my 2015 fall foliage calendar… Thoughts?

Another view of Mount Chocorua

One thing I want you to also think about. I don’t know this for a fact but I’m very afraid that in these two images, the trees were cleared for a reason. I “believe” that someone may be planning homes for these areas… I know, I feel the same way. Soon the views will be ruined by monster homes…

fall colors around Tamworth New Hampshire off Fowlers Mill road

Mount Chocorua in autumn

Anyway I went a bit farther and another view of Mount Chocorua presented itself along Fowlers Mill road. This time on the other side with a multi-layered image. I had individual trees and a small stand of birch trees in the foreground leading to low hills in the mid-ground leading the eye to Mount Chocorua in the back, plus a lovely sky with dark clouds.

Dark and ominous sky can work for you

This whole day I was playing catch the sun spots as the clouds raced overhead. I was sitting much of this morning waiting for a beam of sunlight to illuminate Mount Chocorua and create an interesting pattern on the fall colors along the feet of the mountain.

Continuing down Fowlers Mill Road

Now as I continued on I’m running into more and more homes set back from the road and I’m coming down in elevation. My GPS says that Fowlers Mill road has changed to Chocorua Lake Road.

Through the trees I can see the lake below and realize that I’m coming down the road that splits Lake Chocorua from Little Lake. It’s from this spot that I’ve photographed Mount Chocorua for many years but this is the first time I’ve been up the road to see what is up this road besides big homes.

Chocorua Lake road divides Lake Chocorua from Little Lake

View Of Mount Chocorua In Fall Foliage. View this in my Fine Art Gallery

Our next visit

Well this ends our story but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the book! Please remember, I started out early this morning from Salem and currently it’s only 9:32AM on this day in 2015 and I have a lot of my scenic drive to tell you about… So we will continue our day of 14 October 2015 in a week or so. I’ve added the two locations as seen above on the Google map below. (at “E “and “F”)

Comment to win is coming up on Tuesday

Check back on Tuesday the 19th of July for my next Comment to win…

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Fowlers Mill road — 3 Comments

  1. I have to tell you I’m like a squirrel hiding away your blogs in my email folders waiting for winter…only I’m waiting for Fall to discover these little nuggets once I return to New England again. I’ll open them again when I plan trips in the future. Truly gems I pile away to rediscover anew later. Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Jeff, I’m so glad for this series of articles. As often as I stay nearby (N Conway) and drive through the area you’re talking about, I’ve never really been able to get a handle on the Tamworth area. Hopefully your map and descriptions will help. Thank you! But first let’s survive the 90-degree heat….

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