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Exploring a view of Mount Chocorua

YES! another article from the same day last October 14th, 2015. This day is just one surprising vista after another. If you are just joining me on this exploration through central NH and Mount Chocorua, then please hit the links to these articles from earlier on this morning to get caught up.
Hidden Cenotaph in plain sight
Scenic drive to explore Tamworth NH
Chocorua river fall reflections
Fowlers mill road

Chocorua Lake road divides Lake Chocorua from Little Lake

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These four articles comprise much of my morning and it kept on giving for a fair portion of my day.

I know some of you will look at all the pictures and start to hate me for having such a great day. I have to admit it was a perfect storm for fall colors this day. Much of it may have been due to the colors being delayed so long. The leaves held off for about two weeks and then came on like gang busters. It could also have ended badly with the leaves giving up and falling to the ground in shades of brown. 🙁

My favorite view of Mount Chocorua

For those who purchased my calendar of 12 months of Fall foliage you saw my view from under a birch tree that looked past a cedar shingled barn to Mount Chocorua in the distance. This (below) is my new favorite view of Chocorua which used to be the view that everybody always sees from the bridge on Lake Chocorua. (seen above)

A view of Mount Chocorua through golden birch branches View of Mount Chocorua from Cleveland road

View of Mount Chocorua from Cleveland road – purchase here

I found this quote from another blog that states, “Mt. Chocorua actually stands in the town of Albany, but “Tamworth owns the view” as the guidebook says.”  If anyone has this guide book, let me know where to pick it up!

Starting over again at Lake Chocorua

Well since we last left this at the Lake view of Mount Chocorua I started this one there. Where we’re going to end up is where the second picture shows the birch, the barn and Mount Chocorua. Check the map below and we are starting a point A and will be ending at point E.

Route from Chocorua lake to Barn with view of Mount Chocorua

Route from Chocorua lake to Barn with view of Mount Chocorua

First yes this is a rehash of the last article’s route except when you get to “downtown” Tamworth, you will go straight (like the first article), towards the Cenotaph of Samuel Hidden. Now you will pass this and go about 2.5 miles and get to what I call Cleveland Hill road farm. (43°51’13” N 71°19’35” W)

PLEASE, do not cross over the stone wall for what you feel is a better picture. I took all my images from the road side of the stone wall and unless you have permission, you will be trespassing. I will disavow any knowledge of you and this tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds…

Cloudy weather is ok by me

I arrived at 10:18 AM and shot for about an hour. The morning was partly sunny but by now the holes in the clouds letting the sun through were few. I continued to shoot and near the end of my stay the sun highlighted patches of Mount Chocorua. Also please note I’m not shooting at dawn or sunset but during the mid-day hours and I believe making some very nice images.

I worked my way up from a few shots of the front porch in the image (very rustic) to further up the road to getting a view of the barn with a huge pine tree and Mount Chocorua standing majestically in the distance… In theory, if this was a really clear sky day then you might also have Mount Washington beyond that but we won’t know for sure on that.

Purchasing these images

Each of the photographs is up on my fine art website ( and if you are so moved, they are available for sale (with distribution centers around the world) just click the link in the description and you will be taken to my website. There you can add a matte and frame of your choice. Even if you are in another country, they will fufill your order from a nearby fulfillment center and the shipping will be much cheaper than coming from the US.

Questions? let me know.

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