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Last Stop Center Sandwich NH

Well If you have been following along this past month I have been writing about a single day in October of 2015. This day is drawing to a close and I stopped in Center Sandwich after getting a sandwich in North Sandwich (see last article on the Durgin covered bridge).

What may be amazing for you, dear leaf peeper, is that I started these articles at 8:03AM on the 14th of October in Tamworth and Chocorua and now it’s only 12:13PM in Center Sandwich. If you take my advice and explore these little back roads and visit the small towns you will be amazed at what you find.

This will end out this long day. I’m beginning to get tired as I began this day around 3:30AM, getting on the road in Salem and then travelling 2 hours to get to the Chocorua area. Actually I got to Crystal lake and the little white church reflection and that will be next weeks article… 🙂

Getting to Center Sandwich

So I came down 113 to just past where church street heads off to the right. At this point 113 is also Maple Street and on the right is a dirt parking lot and a large white building, into which I pulled in and parked. The white building is a carriage or buggy Museum and when I was trying to find this spot on Google maps I couldn’t find the Museum.

It appears that they built the museum sometime between 2008 (when Google’s street view drivers last went through town) and when I showed up in 2015. The town hall is next door and between the town hall and the church is a small pond. Feel free to wander around the park behind the carriage Museum and see what interesting compositions you can come up with. Here is one of mine:Quimby Park in center sandwich by Jeff Folger.

Thus ends my day-long trip from Chocorua to Tamworth and then over to Sandwich New Hampshire. Six articles plus this one makes seven. AND! I didn’t tell you about the little white church and the mountain view route that brought me past a real nice church view and a couple of barns on my way to Chocorua!

I also haven’t talked about the firetruck and tractor museum that I found upon leaving Sandwich on my way home… This was one single, amazing day!

My secret to getting my shots, revealed…

I want you to realize this because it’s important.. Outside of knowing where the church was and lake Chocorua and the Durgin Covered Bridge, None of the other things were planned. I just follow my own advice and hit the back roads that I see in the Gazetteer. Is the road taking me in the right direction? Yes? ok, then I’m good. I really don’t have this big planned agenda that will lead me to killer shots.

I just get off the road and follow the map to see where it takes me… Sometimes I get bad roads but mostly I blunder through in my old man sedan (no 4×4 or even ground clearance) so if I can do it in the family car, so can you.

Escape today

Next week, What came before, The church, the fog and another church…

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Exploring Center Sandwich in autumn — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Jeff

    I’m planning my fall foliage trip for mid october once my twin daugther will come with me and one of them can’t take a vacation before october 15th.
    I know this will take us a little bit south from the gorgeous places you have photographed all these years, but will it be too late?
    I’m not talking about preditictions, but would love to know what is your feeling about this year’s best colors week…
    Will it be the first week of october as usual?

    Thanks a lot

    • Right now the general consensus is that the warm weather will be with us through October which will slow the progression. So the 15th should be fine for the southern White Mtns of NH and the Green Mtns of VT. Over in Maine it may happen a bit earlier so more central (Sabago and Rangeley lakes) may be good as of the 15th but more likely a bit south.

      The Joker is the temps IF we get good cold evenings in Sept then it will start up fast and run quick. 2012 was like this year and then as now we didn’t get much snow and we were 3″-4″ light on rain. It got kick started by the cold night time temps getting down into the 30s across New England.
      Pick a nice central location and explore high and low and just enjoy your time with the twin daughters.

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