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A little white church in the mist

A friend asked recently asked me where my image of this little white church in the mist was taken. I think I may have written about this a few years ago but I thought back to last fall when I went up there to Ossipee New Hampshire at dawn and waited for the sun to climb above the hills in the east.

A reflection not to be found

The reflection I and other photographers were hoping for was not happening this morning, Just enough breeze to scatter the mist and stir up the water killed those thoughts. But There were some nice clouds over the western hill, above the church.

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New Hampshire fall foliage fall color over the little white church

I had to combine several images to get the dramatic sky and retain the colors on the hillside. This maybe why I started in June telling you about Tamworth and Chocorua that lie a few miles to the other side of that hill… Well a few miles over that-a-way…

Here is a link to my little white church article from 2012 and what you can get when the weather cooperates. I was sort of happy (but not really) and I headed back towards Tamworth but I had an urge to take the mountain road over the hill which is to the right of this picture.

Mountain road mist and barns

rustic barn on a dirt road in autumnAs I always tell you, you never know what will be around the next turn until you take it. I was not in the best mood as I climbed this dirt road in my white sedan. (not suggested after a big rain since it is steep and dirt) so I crested the top and this barn comes into view. It sat near the road with lots of fall colors surrounding it.

I switched to a wide angle because it was right on the dirt road and I really couldn’t get far enough away. I now felt a little better and continued down the road.

Mountain Rd NH above the little white church

Mountain Rd NH

I came down a hill into a small dell (although I didn’t see a farmer in this dell) :-)…

and through a thin cloud of white fog and out the other side with the sun to my back. Fortune smiled on me as I looked in the rear view mirror and I slammed the brakes!

Loving the misty morning

The sun was streaming over the far hills and through the trees. This sort of light is always very hard to predict since once the sun comes up it usually burns away in a few minutes.

I was lucky to arrive just as the sun began to stream through the morning mist. I could see it fading as I stood there but I was heading to Chocorua and the lake was calling.

Of course many of you already know that this is the beginning of my day on 14 October 2015. If you are new to my site here is the first article on a hidden Cenotaph. Don’t ask me why I started there rather than here at the beginning of the day…

Other stops along your way

Along my way once I left the dirt road I found the Silver lake railroad at Rosewood landing (or nearby) on the north end of the lake. And because I can’t remember you will have to explore to find this other church peeking through the trees. I just know I was standing next to a cemetery.

The rest of the day is history

You can pick up the rest of this day in my June article on a Hidden Cenotaph and follow my exploration around Tamworth and Chocorua New Hampshire.

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  1. Hello Jeff,

    Your photo’s are amazing! I was hoping to get in touch with you regarding a photo you took in Lexington. Could you contact me when you have a moment? I also submitted a message through the form provided. Thank you!

    Megan J. Zammuto
    Economic Development Coordinator
    Town of Lexington
    1625 Massachusetts Avenue
    Lexington, MA 02420
    Phone: 781-698-4568

  2. Absolutely, astonishing photography! My friend and I are thinking about traveling from AL to view the fall foilage in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Any suggestions on which 7 days to plan for the beautiful experience. We have both recently retired and I have never been to the New England area.I need tips for routes, lodging, & stress free activites. Want to see beautiful plsces! This is on my bucketlist ! Lol

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