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New Hampshire, fall foliage and a Mercury-Redstone rocket

Welcome leaf peepers and fall foliage lovers the world over. You may be wondering what the heck I’m talking about??? I tell you all the time to prepare to explore and be like a child and open to all the possibilities. Well Several years back when Lisa and I were driving up into New Hampshire’s more northern areas, we came upon Warren New Hampshire. This small town was showing decent fall color in but not great but what we saw made us stop all the same.

Mercury-redstone rocket in New Hampshire's Warren New Hampshire.

Mercury-redstone rocket in Warren New Hampshire.

The eagle has landed

We are driving through the town and there is a Mercury-Redstone rocket newt to this New Hampshire church. I was only 2 years old when the first Mercury mission flew Alan Shepard into a sub-orbital flight lasting 15 minutes before returning back to the earth.

Locating Warren New Hampshire

Just head up I-93 and when you get to Plymouth NH and route 25, take that exit and head west towards Rumney NH. You can follow it up till it breaks with 25A so continue heading North into Warren. I don’t think this warrants a map since I would hope you all have bought your New Hampshire Gazetteers!

Here is another image from Google maps of the Rocket and church.

Warren New Hampshire

Warren New Hampshire

The picture was captured during Sept 2009 and as you can see the tree near the church was well on it’s way to turning. I wonder how it will look in two weeks?

Coming this week!

I’m watching the big, no make that really big tropical storms brewing off the coast of Florida. The question is if we get hit now in early September with a lot of rain and wind, can that hurt us?

That is what I thinking about… What are you thinking about? leave a note in the comments… 🙂

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Our New Hampshire fall foliage is out of this world! — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Jeff, that picture evokes lovely memories because that Rt 25 is my usual way of getting between the Fairlee VT exit off I-91 into the White Mtns (Rts 116, 118 where I always shoot that overlook en route ultimately to N Conway). So that rocket is a “hello” to me and then on the way out (unless I’m taking a different route, e.g., stopping on the coast) I say “Goodbye, NH, see you next time.” Thank you for posting that picture. If I get to the Whites this year I think that instead of chalking up loads of mileage driving all over the place I may focus (heh…) on a few places fairly nearby (nr N Conway) and try my best to do them well. That’s why I’ve been interested in saving your posts on the Tamworth area.

    • I guess my work is done since all that we want to do with our photography is to do exactly that,make and share memories. Evoking memories in our viewers, I’d say mission accomplished.

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