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Fall foliage report

Most people are reading this and depending on their source of fall foliage report news, wondering, where the fall colors are? This image is not current! But the one at the bottom is!

Pomfret Vermont fall foliage report

Pomfret Vermont in 2015 on 16 October

I’m telling people that for the most part they are well north still. I’m seeing pictures from north of the White Mountains in places like Dixville Notch and Errol New Hampshire where the colors are looking very nice.

Where are my fall colors?

Last week I said and honestly felt that by the first the colors would be down into the White Mountains (maybe not peak but showing)  and they are… but they are not prevalent everywhere or anywhere near peak. Here is an image submitted by Mark Phillips
As you can see from his Lisbon NH image the main color is still green (this is NW of the Whites).

I have in the past gotten used to the fall colors being down in the northern White mountains by the 1st of October but as Jim Salge says who is Yankee’s fall foliage blogger said this “This is still way early. We still have weeks until things peak in central / so New England usually“. I also tend to agree with him as far as central New Hampshire being the Lakes region but the White mountains have tended to be “predictably” Nice around the 1st of October.

This just in from the East Branch Pemigewasset Valley NH near Route 302 NH

Chris Whiton Photography, just sent this in and he says that I-93 from Lincoln NH to Franconia Notch is very vibrant even if not peak, looks very nice. This is straight from the camera so contrast and a few other things have not been adjusted but I think we can say it is on it’s way. When the rest of the greens catch up… 🙂

photo from henrys ledge near the east branch of the Pemmigewasset by

photo from henrys ledge near the east branch of the Pemmigewasset by

And this

New England fall Foliage report

Another photos as of 29 Sept 2016 by

It’s rainy/overcast what do I do?

Well I have been telling folks for many years. Don’t come for just the fall colors. Come for the history and harvest festivals and village town events. And going between these events/places enjoy the fall colors! My fall foliage report is also seeing out for the next 15 days mostly cloudy days with periods of rain and about 3 days of sunshine.

I don’t want you all cancelling your reservations because I have made so many images on cloudy days when it was spitting rain (not a hard rain) and you all have been going ohh and ahh over them that you should stick around for that kind of weather as well. The image about in Pomfret VT was a dry but very overcast day with the sun peeking out every once in a while.

Festivals, rain or shine

I caught the Peacham fall festival last year and while the colors were not anywhere near peak, I found that they had the blacksmiths shop open and the anvil was loud with the ringing of the hammer making coat hooks and the like. (It only opens on this one day) And if you are up in the NEK today I hope you get this as this is the one day for this year that the Peacham festival is on! Details here for the rest of the NEK fall festival days.

Fall foliage report

Vermont is reporting moderate fall colors along the spine of the Green Mountains and up in the NEK. I haven’t heard any strong color in the NEK so let me know if you find any.

New Hampshire has stopped posting updates so I’ll say that you should take drives on route 302, route 2, route 3 and route 26 (Dixville Notch). I won’t guarantee any peak color but you should see some color this weekend.

Maine is reporting 30% in their fall foliage report which is mostly north of Rangeley Lake but a photographer friend who got a cell signal says Katahdin (Baxter State Park) is still not showing any great color yet.

New York is reporting that they have moderate colors in their fall foliage report. The entire state is showing on their I love NY website but only in the upper elevations of the Adirondacks are they reporting moderate color.

2017 Fall Foliage Calendar

I hope this helps and if you can’t make it out this weekend you can stop into my website and purchase a Covered bridge/Fall foliage calendar for only $15.00 plus S/H .

Also between today and October 3rd you can take an extra 20% off by putting in the code SAVETODAY to save today. (Yes it has to be all in caps.

Events this weekend

Over on New England fall events I see that there are several events for 1 October

Apple Days at Old Sturbridge Village

Oct 1 2016, 9:30am-5:00pm

Cape Cod Cranberry Day

Oct 1 2016, 10:00am-4:00pm

Pumpkin Festival – Charmingfare Farm

Oct 2 2016, 11:00am-3:00pm

NH Food Truck Festival

Oct 2 2016, 12:00pm-6:00pm

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