This is my most valuable lesson for planning a fall foliage trip!

This goes for most trips so feel free to use it during the rest of the year…

Mother Nature fouls up almost all fall foliage planning!

I bet you thought you would have all warm sunny days and cool nights and nothing but intoxicating autumn colors as far as the eye can see. Well I’ve been doing this for quite a while now and this should be an Olympic event. One that I train for all year long.

I can see your faces right now, marked with confusion. “You mean I don’t just get into the car and it’s all around me?” Well, sometimes it is but most often I’m left wondering where the heck are the fall colors? They should be right here! (Worse yet, I said so in my blog!).

Some days you just have to keep looking and what if it rains? The clouds are low and you can feel the rain when you look out the window and you turn to go back to bed. Well here is my story

Fall foliage planning takes more effort

I was leaving at 3:30AM and the weather report wasn’t encouraging, mostly cloudy with possible breaks in the clouds in the afternoon. Well I hit the road and I head way up I-93 into the White mountains. I get off at Lincoln on Route 112 and I stop for gas and coffee. I come out of the quickstop station and look at the mountains in the early dawn light, yup, crap…

In stead of heading up the Kanc I head west towards Woodstock and the Beaver pond. If you need directions then get your Gazetteer out and locate it (or hit the search up in the right hand corner (red magnifying glass) and type in beaver pond.

Still mirror like fall foliage reflection

Still mirror like fall foliage reflection

Anyway I get there and I’m all by myself. I’m the only person in the small parking lot and there isn’t a whisper of breeze on the pond. The mirror like reflection catches the colors of the tress in a soft muted copy. The clouds are low over Kinsman Notch and they are crawling over the edges of the rim of the bowl where the beaver pond resides.

Clouds and rain can be a photographers friends

The near side of the pond is as dark as the evergreens reflected in the water but the far edge of the pond has softer reflections that echo the rising hills above the water. A soft mist hangs in the air above the pond and the higher you look the more obscured the view is. Foggy foliage morning

Last rule not to be ignored either!

TURN AROUND!!!  I’m not kidding, I know I get so focused on what is in front of me that I usually miss what is right behind me. In this case, these are the sugar in the sugar hills. To my eyes I see an entire hill peeking out from under a blanket of white cloud with a hillside entirely in red sugar maples. I didn’t find a good view of it to photograph it, but just to see this made my heart sing for joy!

Sugar hill dressed in red fall foliage

Sugar hill dressed in red fall foliage

So when you get handed lemons by Mother Nature, Then you need to make lemonade, (I know an old one but it really does apply here). Also these chances appear and disappear. I was standing by my car wondering If I should continue shooting when a breeze comes in from the east and the mirror like reflection is gone and then the rain starts, so I jump into my car.

I drove up to sugar hill and most of the rest of the days pictures are just so-so as you can see in this last one. The rain ended (temporarily) and I found this wet dirt road. I’ll end the story here and if you want to hear more about this day be sure to leave a comment and request more. I don’t want to bore everyone…

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A valuable lesson in fall foliage planning — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for the stories and encouragement. My husband and I are going to Maine on 9/24/16 for 10 days. We are looking forward to visiting. We are coming from Atlanta, GA, but grew up in Indiana where fall is a very beautiful time of year. Looking forward to the trip.

  2. Never bored! Keep ’em coming Jeff! Love the knowledge I gather fom your travels and experience…even if it’s overcast and rainy and 330am for ya started out!

  3. Thanks, Jeff. I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL and have been planning a trip since June. I’m an amateur photographer. I land in Portland, ME midnight 9/30 and return from Albany, NY the evening of 10/2. It’ll be a very busy weekend, but I’m keeping all options open in search of Autumn colors.

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