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Here is what everyone wants to know, is there going to be color? Next week will be my first drive up north so I’m sending you my inputs from friends and photographers around New England. Also the Comment to win winner is announced at the bottom so check out that and see if you won!

leaving Errol New Hampshire along Route 16.

Sept 2014 Errol New Hampshire along Route 16.

New England Foliage Report

Just a quick and short update on the colors starting to show up in Northern New England. Maine’s official fall foliage website went active this week with their first report and everything is green in all 7 zones. You can go to their site and sign up for their reports or just come here as I tend to repeat much of their stuff.

On the Ground foliage Reports

First, up in Caribou Maine, Angelina sent in these images and before you get to excited look at the last one. You can see this is the only tree along this street that is turning.

Over in Vermont I have a report from Linda Baird-White of Vermont Perspectives from earlier today near Tunbridge Vermont (on VT110).

If you are wondering what is setting off the colors (and about time if you ask me) is that the temps are dropping up north (perfectly normal also). John sent me these from his blog and weather station (NEKWX in the Northeast Kingdom and his Island Pond weather station had frost last night and the temps over night as reported by the NOAA station at Burlington VT tell the tale.

And Chris Whitton Photography Sent in these shots from the North Fork, East Branch Pemigewasset valley New Hampshire.

My Read on the Foliage

Except for the drought areas the right areas are starting to turn and this week we will hopefully see more turning. We are seeing a little color in the White mountains, Northern Maine, and Vermont… It’s starting!!!

Foliage winner

The foliage winner for September is..Angelina Quintanilla of Maine.

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New England Foliage Report 16 Sept — 5 Comments

  1. We will be in Boston wanting to go to Vermont and New Hampshire in mid October 2016 (leaving Texas on Oct 14) for our first fall foliage trip. we were wondering what areas we would see the most foliage this year. I’m reading that the leaves are turning early this year and should stay in southern Vermont possibly Connecticut. we want to get the most out of this trip. We’re from steamy Houston and have a non existent fall season. We really can’t decide where we should go. Thank you to whoever can give us some good advice!!

    • This year we’re on a historically normal schedule and by 14 Oct I would expect you to want to be in Western Massachusetts. This way you can travel north into Vermont or south into western CT. Stockbridge MA is a great choice and was the home of Norman Rockwell. The Red Lion is probably all booked up but you may find some place near by. Check my thrifty lodging page to see what they show. I did a quick search and had to go out to 10 miles of Stockbridge and I saw prices between $278 down to $65 per night…
      I would also look at the Litchfield hills of Western CT with lots of pastoral views

  2. Thank you for the update. I will be leaving for Boston on Tuesday and spending the next 4 weeks traveling all around New England. I am happy to see the colors starting. I was worried I started my trip too early but looks spot on for moderate to peak color. Thanks again for all your hard work.

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