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New England’s fall foliage affected by drought — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for your reply !! my plan is something like beIow –
    Day 1: start from Phily and will reach Rutland , VT via Bennington and Manchester .
    Day 2 : start from Rutland , VT and will reach Pittsfield , MA via Greenfield MA.
    Day 3 : start from Pittsfield, MA back to Phily via Kent , CT.
    I am willing visit Vermont for its beautiful color so planning to re-schedule my trip around 5th-8th Oct.

  2. Hi Jeff , first of all your page is awesome. There are lot of information to know and plan accordingly for fall foliage trip. I am planning to visit southern VT and western MA during Oct 13-15. Do you feel that these dates are too late for peak foliage due to draught? Thanks in advance!!

    • Just try to stay in western MA. This may be an early and short season but time will tell. We’re seeing some early color on stressed trees and to be honest many trees are stressed… I think there will be good viewing those dates but how far south do you need to go is the question.

  3. Thanks for this report Jeff. I came here today knowing there would be something. I know where I live we are in the red. I was wondering if it might turn here quickly and be gone quickly. I am starting to think about my travels north to the Great North Woods and such as I do every year. Should I be looking at earlier dates? I am thinking of a drive up there the last week of September. Not sure if I should try to go sooner. I am guessing our best bets may b e the northern areas of NH and Maine this year. I always look to you for advice. 🙂

  4. We will arrive in Boston sept 24,then up to Acadia,Berkshires,green mountains and Falmouth. Leaving oct 10. Ik do hope we will be able to see some nice foliage,but mother earth is boss!

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