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  1. Hi Jeff, we’re desert rats heading for our first visit to New England in October. Your web site has been great in helping us plan our route and stops. Our problem is how to fit in all the places we want to visit in the 10 days we have. I guess there are worse problems to have! Lol! Thanks for all the great info! 😀

  2. Hey Jeff – First of all THANK YOU very much for providing so much details on New England fall foliage. Your work is not only amazing but It is also inspiring and always helps me to find out new locations that I have never been before. No wonder, why people call you Jeff Foliage.

  3. Thanks Jeff, last year we drove up Route 16 from North Conway to Stark. It was rainy & cloudy so we didn’t get to see the White Mountains really good but everything else we saw was just breathtaking & we stopped in Gorham & had our first brick oven pizza at Mountain Fire Pizza & we got some great shots even with the rain. I look forward to our trip through the White Mountain range this year. We will also be in Smugglers Notch area in Vermont and of course we HAVE to go back to the Jenne Farm. So many places to see and never enough time. Enjoy your travels & give us lots of your gorgeous pics to look at!

  4. I am bringing my first adult group to New England October 1. Your blog keeps adding to what I want to include! Thanks for the help.

  5. I love your blog and your photos. Coming up from Arkansas Oct 5th for a week. Looking forward to being there in New England area. I would love to win this month on your blog and a chance to win on of your beautiful photos.

  6. Hey Jeff, I love your blog and your photos make my day. When I look at them it takes me back to our first vacation in New Engand last October 2015. It is absolutely gorgeous up there and I appreciate all you do to bring us all the updates on how things are going up that way. We loved it so much that we are coming back again this year (leaving on October 5 th from Arkansas). I would love to win and I would love to come & visit your gallery. Have safe travels. I look forward to your next post & keeping my fingers crossed for some good color while we’re there but if it’s not, I know we will still see some beautiful country up there. Planning to go through the White Mountains this year. Which route is the most scenic? Upper or lower route from Franconia to North Conway? Thanks for your advice.

    • Well Kathy, I would go up 302 and then take Jefferson Notch road to Gorham and then come back down Route 16, You can do it in a day but if you really take you time you could make it a two day affair…

  7. I’m so glad I found your blog prior to our New England fall foliage trip!! We will be visiting the Northeast in October. Thanks for all your helpful information! It will help make our trip exactly what we are hoping for!!! We are super excited to be 2016 Leaf Peepers!

  8. Jeff, I’ve been following you blog for about a year, since I first got the idea of a fall foliage tour. I’ll be heading out to Boston Oct 5th and I get two weeks up there. It’ll be my first time in New England and I’ve got a lot of places I want to see in addition to the fall colors.

    PS. The black font on the blue background is really hard to read!

  9. Thank you for all you do!! Your photos are amazing, and I appreciate your updates on your part of the country’s beautiful fall foliage

  10. Love following you and your trips! Making my first trip up in October from Texas! I finally retired from teaching after 35 years and can make this fall trip! I’ve been watching your posts for several years in anticipation of making this trip. Thanks for all the great info!

  11. I ordered & received your 2017 Covered Bridges Calendar also.
    Can not wait for our trip to New England in October.
    Hang in there multi-colored leaves — do not fall too soon!
    Jeff: thank you for your blog keeping us all up to date on New England Fall Foliage and happenings there.
    What is the best restaurant for lobster?

    • Best Restaurant for Lobster? Hmmm I like Victoria Station in Salem and the Barnacle in Marblehead Also Turners seafood in Salem There are so many places and…
      Here is what Yankee Magazine says…
      12 Best Lobster Shacks in New England
      A summer visit to New England isn’t complete without a proper lobster shack experience. For inspiration, here are the 12 best lobster shacks in New England!
      As summer approaches, lobster shacks along New England’s coast start popping open, like flowers in bloom, for the short-yet-busy season. Connecticut-based travel writer Mike Urban, author of the book Lobster Shacks: A Road-Trip Guide to New England’s Best Lobster Joints (Countryman Press, 2016), dishes his choices for the 12 best lobster shacks in New England.
      Five Islands Lobster Co.
      Located on a pier at the end of Route 127, Five Islands Lobster serves up some of the best cold-water, hard-shell lobster you’ll find anywhere. Throw in its award-winning fried clams and the shack’s magnificent view of Sheepscot Bay, and you’ll find it hard to leave. Georgetown, ME. 207-371-2990;

      Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar
      Touristy though it may seem, Arnold’s is the place to go for succulently steamed lobster on the Cape. Owner Nate Nickerson III keeps the lines moving while serving more than a thousand customers on most summer days: lobster rolls, of course, but also crab cakes topped with guacamole and summer salsa. Eastham, MA. 508-255-2575;
      Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier
      This delightful waterside eatery, worlds away from the outlet-mall crowds of nearby Kittery, sits on a 200-foot-wide planked pier astride a broad tidal creek. With its colorfully painted picnic tables and a bird’s-eye view of continuously passing watercraft, Chauncey Creek is a great place to BYOB and tuck into meaty, fresh lobsters imported daily from Canada’s cold waters. Kittery Point, ME. 207-439-1030;

      Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough
      Abbott’s cooks its lobsters via the low-steaming method, in massive cast-iron vaults, to seal in all the crustaceans’ natural flavor. Dine next to the scenic harbor on a dock where striped bass feed on chowder crackers below. Abbott’s is also famous for its hot, buttery lobster roll–the version that’s a Connecticut original. Noank, CT. 860-536-7719;

      You can read the rest of their article here

  12. We’re coming to New England for the first time Oct. 7-10. When I was a kid in New Orleans, I used to listen to Windham Hill Records to help soothe me through troubled times, so I’ve had the “dream” of visiting the Windham Hill Inn in West Townshend since 1985, haha!! I was also a fan of “Newhart,” and the book “Father Fox’s Pennyrhymes.” They were all part of my New England fantasy. A couple of years ago I learned to make cheese at home from the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company. So this year we’re finally going to make the New England dream a reality, and have been following your site hoping the “will of the leaves” (and the weather) corresponds to our leaf-changing fantasy. But either way, we’re excited to make it happen and make my childhood dream of a “simpler life” a reality! : )

  13. Good morning Jeff! My wife and are soooo excited for our upcoming trip. We’ll be driving from DC to Laconia, NH and then drive over into VT and over to Maine over a few days in smaller road trips. Your pictures are just icing on the cake to stoke our excitement. Thanks.
    Eric & Holly Robel
    Denver, CO

  14. Hi Jeff! My husband and I leave next week to visit New England and we can’t wait! We have noticed a few leaves are starting to turn here in Oregon so we hope that is the case there in New England! We’ve been dreaming of this trip for 15 years and can’t believe it’s finally time to take it. We’ll leave here on the 24th. Bring on Fall!!!! 🙂

  15. Hi Jeff! You take such beautiful pictures! The photos really capture the beauty and culture of New England. I love fall and it brings me much pleasure to read your blog and see the beautiful pictures you take. Thanks!

  16. I am loving your blog. We are leaving for our first New England Fall trip next week for a month long trip. Starting in Maine and going to NH, VT out to Niagara Falls back to Berkshire area then last two nights at Foxwoods in CT (boyfriend loves poker). About 10 days into trip we will be staying in Sugar Hill, NH so I am so happy you are covering that area. I am hoping to have wonderful colors and nice crisp weather. We live in desert area with over 100 degree weather. Thank you for your updates on foliage.

    • Well I guarantee we won’t have 100 degree weather but cool and crisp… that is being harder to work on, mother nature is proving difficult in that area.

  17. Hi Jeff, You have made the New England colors a must see for all of us so we are packing our car to make the trip!

  18. It still feels like summer here in Delaware, and I cannot wait for fall! Think I will decorate for it today!

  19. Jeff, you have helped us for the last 2 years to plan our New England vacation. Without you, we wouldn’t have experienced all of the things we have and made the memories and lets not forget the awesome pictures I have. I love NE and am so envious of you living there this time of year. Thanks for all that you do!!

  20. Have been using your blog and beautiful photos to get geared up for my first ever trip to VT next month. Thank you for making the effort!!

  21. I am so excited – I will have my first trip to New England in a few days! Your blog has been so helpful. I’m keeping a list of all the places we want to see. To do it all will probably require another trip next year.

  22. Hi Jeff! I have been enjoying keeping up with your entries for our upcoming vacation. We are doing 4 days in Mass and 5 days in Maine. Leaving on Oct 6 so we will be able to see the Haunted Happenings parade! 🙂 haha I hope you pick me!!

  23. Hi Jeff! this is Lisa from Twitter @JourneyProducti I ordered & received your 2017 Covered Bridges Calendar! It’s gorgeous! Love the photos you chose! Thanks! And thanks always for all the RTs!

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